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  1. I should have big more aggressively on that really nice World's Finest Murphy Anderson Hawkman/Hawkgirl splash -- that's about as a nice a double Hawk page from the Bronze Age as I've seen. ah well ...
  2. I knew it would be way out of my price range, but I was watching the Romita Fireside painting auction to see where it ended. Kinda shocked it reached that number, but then again, the covers to those books rarely pop up. love that piece, it hits all the right nostalgic buttons for me.
  3. Todd would be the first person to give credit to Larsen for doing more actual work on his run -- but his point of pride with Spawn is that he CREATED the character who has had a longer run than any other independent creator-owned book. Whether he did the writing, penciling, inking or any combination of those three, Todd was always involved in the direction of the book. He doesn't claim to have done more on the book than Larson on SD or Sim on Cerebus ... but it's his creation. His franchise. and it's been far and away the most enduring work of the original Image founders. Aside: I've always been astounded by Larsen's dedication to SD. In 2019, that book was selling less than 5K copies a month, per Comichron. Maybe the 250th milestone has boosted sales like Spawn #300 did ... but Erik is clearly not in it for the money. Maybe he's comfortable knowing he's got a mountain of great comic art he could sell if he ever needs to
  4. Hi, Anyone know which collector has the OA to this Spider-Man Hostess ad? This was put up on Heritage years ago, Reserve didn't meet, and it's been off the grid ever since. Would love to track this down.
  5. That's awesome that you got to meet John. He's on my short list of artists that I wish I had met.
  6. HA! I wish. He's shown some of it on his Insta already, but when we were filming at his office and home, I asked him to dig out any old art he may have had -- for "filming purposes." I knew he had all the key early Spawn art, but then he shows up with a beat-up, half-torn art portfolio. And inside there were a couple of Spidey covers, splashes, a Hulk cover, a Batman/Spawn cover ... TONS of great stuff. none of it in protective sleeves. It was simultaneously thrilling and horrifying, hahaha!
  7. I think it's more 60-40 in terms of digital vs pencil/ink output for Todd. I've talked to him about it -- quite a bit, to the point that I've gotten him to share some fun OA stories with me. He simply doesn't need/want/care to sell his art. guy has plenty of money and he doesn't live extravagantly AT ALL. Digital simply allows him to correct his mistakes faster, but I must say, and I'm biased because I'm a Todd fan, his skills don't seem to have slipped much. While we were making our documentary on him, I saw him inking pages from Capullo for issue #300 in the middle of lunch, and it's rather amazing to see how he can work like that and still do a kick-butt job.
  8. Hi folks, Has anyone here seen the OA to this page by Ross Andru from Amazing Spider-Man #143 ... kind of surprised I haven't seen this elsewhere, or in the collection of some of the big webhead collectors.
  9. Just a friendly BUMP to put this back on people's radar. C'mon, no one has any spidey/MJ pages to sell???
  10. Hi everyone, anyone know how to contact Tim Sale, or his art rep (if he has one)? please PM if you can help connect. thanks, mike
  11. Hi folks, looking to add aN OA page or two featuring everyone’s favorite fictional redhead, Mary Jane! Any era would work - even Clone Saga pages lmk mike
  12. Anthony's dad was Jimmy 'the Greek' Snyder, one of the most influential people in sports gambling history. It makes sense he would have this cover in his collection...