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  1. That Brainiac piece is some next-level insanity. Jim is absolutely killing it with these ... calling them 'sketches' almost seems to be a disservice to the incredible detail he's putting into these.
  2. That's awesome! Bill is a true gentleman, and so are you for doing these auctions.
  3. Hi folks, I'm working on a video feature on Kirby's Fourth World and I wanted to include a few scans of OA from those books. I'm looking for a couple of nice splashes and/or panel pages from any of the 3 main titles - New Gods, Forever People, Mister Miracle. If any Kirby collectors would like to provide a scan of their art, it would be greatly appreciated. we'll also credit you . DM me if you can assist. Thanks!
  4. 1000% THIS. I'll never understand why some people feel the need to all over someone for their artistic preferences. It's nobody's $ but the buyer's. If he's happy with the commissioned piece -- and every single one who posted a Jim Lee commission in this thread sure seemed thrilled -- why throw a wet blanket on it? SMH
  5. not surprised to hear this. Mike B. has always been incredibly easy to work with on OA deals.
  6. Hi folks, Selling my Gil Kane page 1 splash to Batman #208, "The Women in Batman's Life." Jack Abel inks Great looking splash with full figures of Batman & Robin, just a really nice example of Silver Age Batman OA. Art is in nice shape. Asking $5K OBO. Feel free to PM with questions ... Thanks for looking, Mike
  7. My only Darwyn art -- a Flash/Superman race homage commission he did during the New Frontier days (there's a prelim to a NF page on the back). looking at this just brings a smile to my face.
  8. considering how awesome these three pages are, you have one of the greatest batting averages of any collector in OA history!
  9. I rarely get commissions, but decided to get one from Ron Frenz. I had him recreate a classic John Romita Captain America image, and it turned out GREAT! Ron penciled, inked and colored the piece + added the lettering. It's gorgeous. Fair pricing and incredibly fast turnaround. I also want to tip my cap to Scott Kress from Catskill Comics for a great job of keeping me informed every step of the way. Very glad I ordered this, and will definitely ask for another Frenz piece in the future!
  10. I recall seeing Becharra having a very early Marvel GI Joe cover at his booth at a Con in the past year or so. Believe it was issue #2.
  11. sorry guys, I've let the tech team at SYFY know about it so they can figure out what's keeping it blocked from international viewers.
  12. Thanks! I hadn't thought about the dust issue ... I can tell you it was immaculate. But given how John took great pains to lay out the room a certain way, I'd wager he's not one to slack on keeping the place ultra-tidy
  13. UPDATE: I am told this has now been 'unlocked' and can be viewed in all territories. If there is anyone on here from outside the U.S. please check this when you have a chance.