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  1. Here's my video unboxing the 10-book set from release. I don't have the foil covers. But thought these looked cool: If this is not allowed, please delete. Just thought yall might be interested in seeing what they all look like if you haven't yet.
  2. IDW X-Files #1 (2016) 1:10 variant - 2 Available - $5 - I'll take both
  3. I almost always pay immediately. There have been a couple of times where I needed a day or two to get the payment sent (odd reason usually). In those cases, I email the seller and just give a heads up that it will be a couple of days. I would expect the same courtesy if I were selling. That's only reasonable. The email from the seller didn't seem rude to me. Seemed like a busy person just wanting to know if he can count on that money coming in.
  4. Great deal and excellent shipping. Hope to deal with again.