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  1. Here's my video unboxing the 10-book set from release. I don't have the foil covers. But thought these looked cool: If this is not allowed, please delete. Just thought yall might be interested in seeing what they all look like if you haven't yet.
  2. IDW X-Files #1 (2016) 1:10 variant - 2 Available - $5 - I'll take both
  3. I almost always pay immediately. There have been a couple of times where I needed a day or two to get the payment sent (odd reason usually). In those cases, I email the seller and just give a heads up that it will be a couple of days. I would expect the same courtesy if I were selling. That's only reasonable. The email from the seller didn't seem rude to me. Seemed like a busy person just wanting to know if he can count on that money coming in.
  4. Great deal and excellent shipping. Hope to deal with again.
  5. Autographs...but really only the ones I get in person. Action figures (McFarlane TWD, Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends, few others). Have collected Case knives and NASCAR diecast cars, but both of those have cooled to me.
  6. If this actually works, I may have to crack my 9.4 and make it a 0.5! haha
  7. ...and could it have been sold for over $4 million if it had been in mylar?
  8. Good show to me. Fun part is knowing all the stuff that the characters don't know. I think it will get going fast.
  9. I really liked the first Amazing Spider-Man. The 2nd one could've been a lot better. A lot less Electro...a lot more Rhino. It seemed liked the Rhino story was just an afterthought. And just as that part was heating up...the movie just ended. Left me confused. But I'm one of the few that thought Green Lantern was at least entertaining. An epic compared to some movies (FF, Iron Man 2, etc...). I'm just a little different.
  10. Got mine...standard ticket. I had also convinced things were lining up for me for the gold haha.
  11. Fast shipping...excellent packaging...good deal! Thanks!