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  1. Great variety! You don't see Kingpin too often commissioned.
  2. My favorite comic shop (quite a hike to get there but worth it), has always been a kid friendly comic shop. Here is the proof. Even though he has had to change services due to the virus, he is still thinking of the kids. Comics on the Green in Scranton Pennsylvania has a unique request, and has asked to share the message. As I don't do facebook, I hope you guys could share the knowledge as it were. UPDATE! Due to overwhelming response, you can mail your cards to our address listed here as well. Our customers are the best! Hey gang! We have a unique request that doesn't cost a thing and will help out a little boy. One of our customers has an autistic son who LOVES business cards. That's right! He likes to look at them, put them on the floor and spread them out, and as all of us here can understand, just bask in the fun of being a collector. He lost them all recently, and we want to help him build another collection. We're hoping our customers have all kinds of business cards lying around from various places, and can just drop some off at our shop during your next visit. We have plenty of our own store cards to give, so we're looking for a nice variety from other places. We'll be doing this the next week or two, and whether it's one card or 10, it will be appreciated. Please share this post too! Thanks, and we'll seeya soon! The young man got his first shipment and Comics on the Green hopes to send more out.
  3. Was about to say the same thing. When I shook his hand I didn't want to overpower the grip and he just smiled and gave a VERY firm grip of a handshake and a small smile as he did it. R.I.P. Joe
  4. Another wonderful Layton sketch for your collection congratulations!
  5. I have the same message about no submissions in the last 8 months. I didn't send a message, but figure it is something that will be resolved. I don't think we have anything to worry about. It's not like the Newton Rings have taken over the website, or the vaults of CGC.
  6. Thank you very much, Scooby will always be my signature character! So far in this series idea from Joe Staton; I have Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, and Daphne. Scooby, Velma, and Daphne are signed by one of their voice talents. Had this been a normal con season, Dan would have gotten the voice of Shaggy added to the Shaggy sketch, and Freddie Prinze Jr. on the other corner of the upcoming Fred sketch. Oh well, I guess the Infinity Series will have another five years of activity still. (This would have been the first opportunity in 4 years for Matthew Lillard. He doesn't do a lot of cons, and when he does, they don't always have CGC presence.) I am hopeful to get Fred completed at Baltimore this year. The first Scooby Infinity was at Baltimore and a 9.8 and I hope that Fred will stay a 9.8. I'm not hyper antsy about grades or drops usually, but the Mad books are hard for a 9.8 or to get a clean unscuffed cover in general. Not sure if it is due to being a magazine, or it was the first time Mad published a blank cover. Plus the first sketch was a 9.8 so it would be nice to start and finish on the same note. @DELTA 62
  7. Good luck to you as well! 5 of my top 10 bucket list actors/actresses will be at Steel City.
  8. Third times the charm maybe? Newest date is August 14th-16th, 2020.
  9. Sorry to hear, it wasn't to your liking. @RayJr I wondered how prints come out slabbed. I just liked the fact they have different print size slabs, because you can get larger paper sketches now.
  10. SS 8 1/2 by 11 photo. On the back has the date it was developed.
  11. Not sure if a topic exists for this, (or maybe I am the only one that does photos.) CGC SS Adam Savage on 3/1/20 thanks to @Agents Of Slabs The person that got me interested in science. I hope to meet Mr. Savage in person one day.
  12. Thanks to @Par2ch this will become the last in the Scooby Doo Infinity reading mad magazine set. Signed by Frank Welker original voice of Fred. One day, will be a sketch of Fred reading mad magazine infinity by Joe Staton.
  13. If you allow from Voldemort too (some conventions didn't have a CGC witness or at least a facilitator.....) Joe Staton Yellow Slabs: 17 (11 Scooby Sketches, 5 Remark Scooby, 1 Remark Kilowog) Paper Sketches Raw: ( 5 Scooby, 1 Teddy as Green Lantern/a E-man) Sketch Covers Raw: 1 Scooby Raw books: 100+ (Trying to have Joe sign my entire run of Scooby books. He is willing to sign them all but prefers chunks at a time.) Original Art Pages: 31 (1 Rejected Scooby Cover, 2 Published Scooby Covers, 28 Scooby Pages)
  14. USA Philatelic #20 CGC SS 9.2 (Only copy on the census either yellow or blue.) Signed by Peter Robbins original voice of Charlie Brown. Thanks to @Par2ch
  15. Sesame Street Magazine #200 CGC SS 6.0 (Only copy in either SS or blue label.) BIG thanks to @Rich_Henn Signed by Carrol Spinney 11/3/19 his final show on the final day. RIP Spinney. I have been waiting to post this here, as this current post from me is #200.