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  1. Just my two cents, but perhaps they are counting it as abstract art. I wish I knew that CGC recognized this. I passed on a Scooby die cut cover a few months ago because I thought it would be a green hybrid book.
  2. Thank you, I'd love to add Jamie too, but I don't think he does conventions since Mythbusters ended....
  3. I had these two commission ideas at the beginning of 2020 for comic cons this year where the actors/cartoon voice talents would attend. I still want to get Alice Cooper and Adam Savage to sign their respective Scooby Covers. When the world is save again. Done by Matthew Parton
  4. Bucket List Grail Piece back in hand. When I started sketch cover ideas back in 2015 I had a dream list. East Coast Comic Con 2016 or 2017 I wanted George Perez to do a Scooby Infinity Gauntlet but that was the show he sadly had to cancel due to his health scare. Flash forward to Heroes Con 2018 @Rich_Henn was able to get Joe Staton to bring my idea to life. Then East Coast Comic Con 2019 I kept missing the line for Perez to sign this. I thought it wasn't to be. Then, Private signings and facilitator help! Dan from @Par2ch was able to add Steve Lydic colors and got George Perez through CGC. Somethings are worth the wait. Might add Ron Lim and Jim Starlin on the back one day when world is normal again.
  5. I usually try and only slab sketch covers, signed books, double covers, or pricey books and leave the rest raw.
  6. Definitely been awhile, but here goes. #'s 320-326 Scooby Doo Team-Up Volume 6 TPB: Collects issues #'s 31-36 Really wish they still had this series going. Scooby and the gang team up with Atom, Atom Ant, The Legion of Super Heroes, Batgirl/Huntress, Yogi Bear, and Angel O' Day/Sam Simeon. Scooby Doo #105 (2010 Series): I wish they still had two new stories each month and not one reprint from a older series (especially since they only publish a new copy every two months now.) 674.......
  7. Forgot this one was eligible for here too. Scooby Doo mash up from Kraven's Last Hunt art by Greg Woronchak. Signed and thumbs up sketch by Mike Zeck. Colored and signed by Steve Lydic. CGC SS, I really appreciate the fact CGC now slabs prints, it allows for bigger encapsulated dimensions for paper art.
  8. Thank you, it has been six years and two countries in the making.
  9. I've posted this on another topic but figure since it has a Kevin Eastman, Steve Lavigne, Cotty Kilbanks, and Jim Lawson sketch as part of the jam, I'd add it here as well.