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  1. Really like the back cover scene, reminds me of an old Scooby scene. The episode escapes me at the moment.
  2. About 98% of the time when I go for a sketch, it is a mash-up with a certain Great Dane, or it needs humor. The yearbook mash was from my first ever comic convention Baltimore.
  3. I like your style, and your signature is COOL! I'd register as a cgc artist and perhaps you might want to add on the back cover Sketch cover #1 and have them document it on the label too. I know of at least one artist that documents their sketch covers that way and I think it adds to the history of the piece especially if you really get into it.
  4. When I did do USPS I was charged $32. When I chose the other services, it is a close combined total there. Would have thought they have it listed to begin with the shipping? Who knows.
  5. For the past year and a half I have had this happen for EVERY order about 15 or 14 first time then the remainder a month or two later. Only one book at a time I figured UPS and Fedex upped shipping and the cgc forms haven't reflected it yet.....
  6. I have had this sketch for nearly a decade now, having purchased it off of e-bay. Trouble is, Dale Eaglesham never signed it. Anyone out here in sketch land know if he is doing a private signing or is represented by someone. I am one of the rare souls not on facebook.
  7. Thanks Delta, I don't see grader's notes but I assume it is because of artist line marks on the back cover or some type of unseen nick. In a few months I'll probably have Lydic do his rainbow magic. I have a few that will probably be making their way to him this year for color since I'm not actively going to be planning any comic cons this year either so I might as well do some cosmetic work on a few candidates. I know that sometimes the trip from Canada to CGC can get rough when he mails items. Not his fault of course but might be one of the factors.
  8. Congrats! My grail list has a Snoopy and a Garfield original on it.
  9. Greg Woronchak x2 #1 Velma and Daphne cosplaying as dynamic duo. #2 Mashup Scooby with Shaggy, Batman, Alien, and The Shadow. On ths fence if I should add Steve Lydic colors on the mashup one.
  10. My last package, Fedex delivered from cgc to the wrong address. The kind person who got it in error the next day delivered it to me.
  11. @A-DONIS You have a fantastic Bob Layton collection! I've always wanted to commission him for a Scooby Version of Iron Man but figured it wouldn't be his thing since I have never seen him do a commission that had a cartoon element/style to it that wasn't true Marvel.
  12. I would love to get a Peter Laird SS book too. I think if CGC were to ever get him or him and Kevin Eastman together for a private CGC signing it would break their website from overload.