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  1. Another from my friend Matthew Parton.
  2. Terrificon 2019 Thanks to @Agents Of Slabs, for picking up the sketch from Matthew Parton and adding the voice talents for Spyro the Dragon Jess Harnell, Sonny Cocoa Puffs Larry Kenney, and Raphael Ninja Turtle Robert Paulsen. I told Matt that I wanted a Scooby mashup with those characters and to have fun. He knocked it out of the park again.
  3. Thank you, I have wanted a Captain Caveman for years. Sadly, I have been burned myself from him... more than once. In 2015, I set up through a facilitator at a con a sketch Scooby Doo driving Ghostbuggy from Real Ghostbusters.....I am still out 150 dollars and a cover, at this point I figure it is a lost cause. In 2016 I pre-booked him six months before a con via e-mail (thinking he was still working on the last sketch) to do a head sketch on a jam piece he said great and quoted me a price for Prime Evil. I told him I was only there one day and would be driving 4 straight hours to get to him. and 4 straight hours home same day. Get there he immediately remembered and said, "Great, i'm swamped give it to me tonight, I'll do it at my hotel and have it back tomorrow." I told him I wasn't available, reminding him of our emails (which I printed out) and he offered to mail it, as I had a con the next weekend I declined. The Captain Caveman he had for sale at his actual table so I was able to purchase it. I bought VIP tickets for this past con, got there two hours before the con opened, tried e-mailing him ahead (no response). I was the first person in the con and at his table, he told me he was too swamped to do the sketch but I could, give it to him for overnight sketching. Having been burned before, well twice actually, I declined the offer. Now after five years, I have no idea who to get to finish my jam. 80'S villains that were created in the 1980's. Wanted Prime Evil, but now that I have a Kevin Eastman Krang and a Joe Rubenstein sketch, I am not letting this leave overnight. Once sketched, I want Steve Lydic to morph the televisions into 1980's tv's.
  4. Joe Staton remark of a Scooby Head Sketch.
  5. Joe Staton remark of Kilowog on the first appearance of Kilowog in Green Lantern #201.
  6. Only one in the registry for signature series, Scooby Doo Recalled Edition for an inappropriate V for Vendetta Ad. Remark by Joe Staton
  7. Only one in the registry for signature series, Scooby Doo Recalled Edition for an inappropriate V for Vendetta Ad. Remark by Joe Staton
  8. Garden State Comic Fest Tom Cook sketch of Captain Caveman on original Hanna-Barbera Letterhead. Really like the fact CGC now does prints, it allows for slightly larger sketches to be sealed!
  9. Garden State Comic Fest Joe Staton Scooby Doo attempting to unmask Kilowog.
  10. Another sketch by Matthew Parton. Thank you @Agents Of Slabs for picking it up at convention and adding the voice talents of Rob Paulsen, Raphael, Jess Harnell (one of the voices of Spyro), and Larry Kenney the voice of Sunny on the back. Currently, at CGC.
  11. Done by Matthew Parton a Scooby Doo mashup that would be pretty cool to see. It is also signed by Tom Cook the animator of Skeletor, the voice actor of He-Man and Skeletor Alan Oppenheimer, and by voice talent of Red Beard's Ghost Michael Bell. Currently, at CGC.
  12. A unique twist of Infinity Gauntlet facilitated through @Rich_Henn Scooby Doo by Joe Staton thank you Rich.
  13. This one, I preferred to get framed. E-bay home commission by Jason Larouche then brought to a private signing of Stan Lee through Trinity Comics. R.I.P. Stan
  14. Normally, I post on Caf Art but I always enjoy viewing the wonderful sketch covers on this thread. So, I figured it is time to add a few covers. Thank you Tim Shinn and Par2ch. Home commission by Tim Shinn that he graciously brought to a convention, where it was picked up by @Par2ch who also added the signatures. J.M. DeMatteis, Keith Griffen and Jason Isaacs the actor of Lucius Malfoy.