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  1. You forgot to put the issue # you are looking for.
  2. @Matt G Hey Matt, No worries on the ad books...totally understand. But regarding the Canadian Price Variants, I was under the impression they should/would have their own slots? Meaning I could have the regular version registered as well as the variant version. Hello @CBass, This is not a "complete with variants" set so I followed the previous structure in place which is to add the books to the existing slots.
  3. I’d love to see any CGC’d Iron Mans and the FF13
  4. Can we please create slots for the Canadian Price Variants for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures series(1988 Mini Series & 1989 Ongoing Series) Set: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Book(s): There are ALOT of Canadian Price Variants for these 2 series. 1988 Series: #1-#3 1989 Series: #1-#72 (I'm not sure if CGC has graded a CPV for every number, or if there is a way to tell, but can you at least add #23 CPV as I just got 1 back. Cert# 2109758003) Slots above created. Also, can we add these TMNT themed novelty books? Set: TMNT - One Shots & Mini Series Books: Amazing Heroes #45 (1984) Fantagraphics Books. This book is coveted by TMNT collectors because it has 1 of the first ads for the TMNT #1 issue. (I just received a copy back, Cert# 2535198001) Comics Journal #89 (1984) Fantagraphics Books. Very similar to the book above, as it contains 1 of the earliest ads for the TMNT #1 issue. (I have to copies currently at CCS) Independent Comic Book Sampler #2 (1988) Geoff Miller. Another sought after book by TMNT collectors because it has a classic Eastman cover. (I just received a copy back, Cert# 2535198003) Thanks! Unfortunately, these are only advertisements for another book and are not technically appearances in the story line. These are not eligible for the competitive registry but you can add them to your custom sets.
  5. Regarding the Comic Set, "TMNT - One Shots & Mini-Series" This book title seems to have recently disappeared. Or, its' been moved and I can't find it. Please advise.
  6. I have one of these....CGC 9.8(blue label) Please pm if this is what you are looking for
  7. I have a nice white page 7.5 I’ve been wanting to upgrade. If I can find a white 8.0, I’m sure we can deal.
  8. Hit up Rob. I just left his place and he has alot more that arent pictured.