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  1. I swear I just saw a 2.0 on Facebook somewhere for 8k. Trying to remember and find the group/page it was in.
  2. Cowabunga fellow Shellheads! At the advice of @Icculus308win, I thought I'd share a couple fun little pics with y'all. The 9.0 is mine, The 9.4 is @Kalel38's and the big boy 9.8 is a buddies of mine here in Vegas. When he got the 9.8 back from CGC, I wanted to take my 1988 figures over and have a little fun with all of them. Happy Hunting Dudes
  3. just sign in and search “teenage mutant ninja turtles”.
  4. I'm hoping the fine people of CGC can give me some insight. I'd like to know all options available to me, for encapsulating & authenticating these 2 pieces. Iron Man newspaper from the ending of Iron Man 1: I've been told, this was made/reproduced from the actual negatives Marvel used for the prop in the movie. The paper looks and feels just like a real newspaper. The back is blank. It was signed by Stan on July 2nd, 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. Time Magazine: Pretty much the same scenario as the paper. It was made/reproduced from the negatives Marvel used for
  5. Looking for some help....I have 4 books that I don't know if they need to be added to sets or sets created for them. If they can't be can a user accumulate Registry points for books that don't have sets(or can't be put into competitive sets)? Thanks so much! Hello @CBass, I created a slot in Captain America (Complete) for the first book. Unfortunately, the other 3 do not have a home at this time. All four books are part of smaller, one-off sets which are not eligible for their own sets or the artist sets have not been requested yet. The Iron Man books may be be
  6. Bob Layton Iron Man Commission 11x17 on bristol board Has a very "Demon in a bottle" theme; referencing Iron Man #128. No rips, creases or tears Small amount of tape residue on back. Laytons' current rate is $450+ for a piece like this, with a 4-8 week turnaround time. No HOS or Probation Members. Paypal preferred Payment due within 48 hours of claiming Paypal fees are included in price Domestic USPS Priority Shipping with Signature Confirmation Included For your convenience, Here are my KUDOS First unconditional i
  7. Tales of Suspense #48 CGC 8.5 1st app of Iron Mans classic and iconic Red & Gold armor (Also, everyone's favorite villain, Mister Doll!) Insanely hard to find White Pages! Perfect Centering & Wrap! Very little soiling on the background colors. Sharp corners, tight spine. Really is a sharp copy. Pressing history is unknown. Was reholdered middle of last year. No HOS or Probation Members. No returns on CGC's Paypal preferred Payment due within 48 hours of claiming Paypal fees are included in price Domestic USPS Priority Shipping wi
  8. You forgot to put the issue # you are looking for.