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  1. Hit up Rob. I just left his place and he has alot more that arent pictured.
  2. Torpedo Comics here in Vegas has a nice 8.5
  3. Metrop has a 1.5 Greg Reece has a 4.5
  4. I think we briefly talked about these before...but I just got them back from CGC.
  5. Just looking for some confirmation.....but the Copper version is more sought after, over the brass version...right?
  6. Does anyone know the complete list of books that had the Sentinel of Liberty ads?
  7. Seasons Greetings Good Sir! These aren't exactly what you are looking for, but I figure it can't hurt. Plus, all of my ToS's are perfectly centered white pagers. -Chris-
  8. Amazing looking set! I've never seen them interlocked and displayed all together before! Best of luck with the sale!
  9. Amazing Fantasy 15 Cover SOLD Payment made by Paypal or bank wire with references. USPS Priority included. Fully insured. Can work out Express Overnight if preferred. Unfortunately, no returns on this item, unless it arrives in a condition not matching the scans. (Scans were taken just before this post was made and before being packed up). My KUDOS for your convenience Onto the piece! This cover came from an original owner. I am no grading expert, nor a restoration expert. That being said, I took a LED black-light to the pages, and nothing seemed to illuminate/glow. I'm here to answer any questions or concerns. Please PM me with any offers. First unconditional wins, based on timestamp. Excelsior! Chris
  10. Looking for a 9.6/9.8 candidate...NM at absolute worse. Open to CGC'd copies as well. Please PM me scans, grade guesstimate and asking price. If this is thread is still open...I'm still looking.
  11. until
  12. Cap 1 origin pages with amateur restoration. Been extremely casually considering letting these go.
  13. Not exactly what you are looking for...but I have the first 8 pages(4 physical)....which are the origin pages. They are loose and have amateur resto. Been debating throwing them up for sale and testing some waters.
  14. Great price for a classic Iron Man cover with super fast shipping. No problems from this Boardie at all!
  16. I just came across a Bubble Gun in one of my boxes the other night. Know nothing about it and can't remember who signed it. Not sure if its' what you need
  17. I agree as well. A nice round "9" (or higher!) makes me sleep so much better at night...on this book and silver age stuff. Stick with it man! I don't like selling my books outright and then trying to upgrade, because I fear I might not find be able to find a better copy. After a few dozen tries, I finally found the right person and the right deal. My book, plus cash, for the upgrade. Be persistent and stay patient!