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  1. I fell into the Godzilla run maybe by accident. After completing the Devil Dinosaur run it seemed like a cool title to build a set of, collect what you love and all that. I was completely god smacked by the bids that came out of the auction. Thanks for all the discussion. CB
  2. Thanks for getting in on the conversation everyone. I had hoped a boardie was participating in the auction. As for the shilling ? How do you prove something like that ? However I don’t think that was the case as the winning bids were last second and enormous as opposed to incremental increases. i did manage to win #14 and #18 which I didn’t expect based on the earlier issues.
  3. Hey gang, So I have been casually putting together the 24 issue Godzilla run and thought I would clean up on eBay tonight. Some seller had 6 issues up for sale all CGC 9.8 , perfect right ? I will even go over GPA by a wide margin to ensure that I can grab a large chunk of the run at once. NOPE. I got hammered by other bidders driving the prices of these $75-$100 books into the $200+ range. just really surprised by this , any thoughts ? Thanks, CB
  4. Bowenfire

    Sad News

    I would like to offer my shared condolences as well. Thank you.
  5. Almost everything has been sold, everything above this post deeply discounted. Going to post a few more items tonight before closing up shop they will be priced as marked. Thanks to everyone.
  6. Dave helped me find a book on my want list and we had an easy deal done before you could say SNIKT !!! It arrived on my doorstep today. Thanks Dave, CB