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  1. All proceeds going straight to Bob Caffrey
  2. Help a friend and witness -Go fund me link added!

    Here's the linky:
  3. Help a friend and witness -Go fund me link added!

    Going to post a Tony Moore sketch on eBay shortly with 100% of the proceeds going to Bob.
  4. Happy Birthday MutantKeys!

    Thanks guys!!!!!
  5. I miss comix4fun...

  6. RIP Lebowski, TJ Powell

    Very sad news
  7. Comic Book Investing

    Since we have a few dummies here...
  8. Comic Book Investing

  9. Happy Birthday MutantKeys!

    Thanks, guys!!!!
  10. Is this really a Curator Pedigree ?

    Of what year?
  11. Since the old arc is done with I figured I would start a new infinite thread. Here's the cover to #54