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  1. A professional press would do it wonders. Look at Hero restoration, I prefer them they do an great job.
  2. Cerebus #1. A lot have sold this year. Not many out there for sale now. I see a price bump coming soon.
  3. I kept issues 1-5, had a local buyer bought issues 6-18, and the raw issues. The others are on ebay.
  4. BTW there is another Albedo 2 up for auction at comiclink. Wonder what it will go for?
  5. I owned six over time. I still have a copy I am keeping till I find a better copy. As they are hard to come by, but money talks if someone offered me enough it would be gone. But it would have to be quite a bit to get me to sell it. I started out with a raw copy like 14 years ago which came back as a 5.5, and worked my way up a grade or two till my current copy 8.5 WP. I had three 8.5 copies up till this year, sold two and kept my White Pages copy.
  6. That is what I thought! lol. I thought I was dropping some serious cash with a $400 bid. Guess not!
  7. Strong sales for All Cerebus. I didn't win a damn one. lol.
  8. I agree. Now it is even harder to find anything above a 6.0 now. I really don't know why for the sudden push.
  9. Cerebus seems to be selling a lot quicker then usual.
  10. No problem! lol. Still amazing the prices they went for.
  11. Yeah, I thought they went for over value. I own these books right now, just wanted to upgrade. But not paying these prices.
  12. Well my bids are due tomorrow lets see what happens.
  13. Prices are going strong it seems. I haven't been able to get a good deal for a couple of months now.
  14. Whoever is bidding against me on Comic Link, please stop! Things are getting expensive. LOL. I'm kidding, but I am in a bidding war with a few books.