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  1. Went From: Grader Notes: very light color lift left top of front cover very light crease right bottom of front cover very light crease top of back cover To: Grader Notes: large scratch right center of back cover breaks color light wear spine breaks color
  2. Nice!!!!! I thought a 6.5 so it worked out for ya.
  3. I just wonder how it got a 9.2? Or is it just me? Should it still be a 9.2?|parentrq%3A55cc683316d0a4b7fd1f7c29ffa7d69e|iid%3A1
  4. Hard book to find and looking to upgrade my 9.4. Even willing to trade my 9.4 with cash if someone is looking to downgrade their copy. Thanks.
  5. I would have to say Thor #225 first Firelord. I feel it is very undervalued.
  6. FattyDaddyComics bought the book before and found restoration, and returned it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unfortunately, the book was slightly restored (color-touched on the spine), so I returned it. Truly disappointing - but I did confirm that it was a genuine copy!
  7. I noticed he didn't mention anything about the restoration in his listing. Wonder what the price would be if he did mention it???
  8. That book is back!!!!
  9. That book is back!!!!