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  1. Nice book! Looking forward to the rest
  2. Thank you for the kind words - I can't take the grail of first 9.8 SS, as there was one prior to have the book signed (it's still on the registry). My wife and I did think about long and hard about taking it with us on the trip but ultimately we chose to do it as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity I'll have to get a proper picture of it soon as the scans don't do it justice!
  3. I hadn't submitted anything to CGC before so it was a bit of a learning curve (not too steep, thankfully). But yes, we were very conscious everywhere we went that we made sure the book was close to us at all times! You are correct - you shouldn't receive a result if you searched the census on the old CGC number. The old blue label was submitted with the book so that the item isn't duplicated in their system. I have to agree - being close to where last 9.8's selling point I wouldn't expect much more movement (if at all). The value of 9.6s and 9.8s have steadily increased in the last few years but there's been a fair jump in price for the 9.6 in this particular auction, sooooooo ... anything could happen? I feel the book is still undervalued so it's good to see it climbing in this instance.
  4. I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but CGC # 0226054001 (#1 9.8 1st Print) is no more, so it can be removed from the register. However ... it's with great pleasure (and relief) I present the upgrade done to it: now known as CGC # 1579577001: a #1 9.8 SS 1st Print. There is a bit of a story to this wonderful book, as my wife and I travelled from Australia to North America with it in the middle of this year it went with us everywhere we went. We first visited Vancouver, Canada: to Whistler, Victoria Island and other places around the city. We then travelled to New York City where it's been ridden around Central Park, gazed across Manhattan Island atop the Empire State building, paid its respects at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and even caught a ride on the Staten Island ferry. It even had a sneaky visit to The Secret Stash out at New Jersey to meet the Comic Book Men guys! After NYC we went to Orlando where it had a tour around the Kennedy Space Center and thankfully was kept under lock and key with the hotel whilst we checked out Universal Studios for a few days. From there it was off to Las Vegas where it flew over the Grand Canyon in plane and helicopter as well as a quick boat ride at the bottom of the canyon. It even had a tour of the Shelby Museum as well! We then drive across Nevada into California and toured around Los Angeles, visited Universal and around town - we even did part of the Walk of Fame (surely the turtles deserve their own star, right? ) The last adventure was south, straight to San Diego Comic Con. We broke this bad boy out of its slab at the CGC desk, cautiously walked through the crowds and managed to have Kevin sign it at the IDW stand - he was a little nervous seeing it out of the slab once he saw the old blue label grade! After another nervous walk to submit it to CGC after being witnessed, we enjoyed the rest of SDCC and then flew home on the last night of the con. Those hurdles were nothing compared to the 2 week wait for grading - I'm surprised I have fingernails still, it was such a nervous wait! Thankfully, the book kept it's grade and arrived safely home back in Australia. The trip to Canada / US was amazing and so too the story in getting the book signed. The scan doesn't do the book justice - one day I'll use another, more cleaner, scanner to get a better picture of the book but for now below's a picture of our beauty for the time being. We love it to bits!
  5. I think so too ... I just hope the buyer knows beforehand what the previous pricing is.
  6. Looks like someone's trying to flip the master prints that sold on HA (in May this year) for a tidy profit ... #1 (Sold for $3,824.00) - new asking price $32,999.00: #2 (Sold for $1,314.50) - new asking price $27,999.00: Yeah. Good luck with that, Collectors Comics.
  7. Any way to block Ebay sellers that are douchebags like this one? Urgh ....
  8. That's a cool book, nice work on being able to obtain it
  9. Going through this sale thread feels like walking through a museum! Amazing books - grats to Adam and the new book owners
  10. Such sad news. Won't ever get the chance to visit the states and drop by to say g'day to Steve and the gang. Nice print though, just a bit sad thinking about the closure.