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  1. Wonderful pics! This one makes me cringe a bit when I see that ladder leaning up against the wall books. I guess they didn't have ladder mitts back then.
  2. Well, you're doing a lot better than me. I've never had a copy, nor a lot of the JD stuff you post.
  3. Great choices at a glance, yes, but more than half the comics sold weren't superhero. No funny animal, teen humor, western, or crime books?? Where's Donald Duck? Where's Archie? When you consider all genres, the question gets much tougher.
  4. This is great! And there are so many classic series in sight that I didn't even know were collected like this, including those Dell Tarzan and Flash Gordon books, as well as Casper, Richie Rich, and others. I guess I need to pay more attention to some of these wonderful editions. Happy reading!!
  5. 3.5 on an indispensable early SA Marvel!
  6. 1.0 likely, but I could see it in a 1.5 holder for this nice, early piece of comic history!
  7. 2.5 to 3.0 on a book with great "pop!"