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  1. I came across this in the August 1948 issue of Esquire. I’m sure Cole fans will recognize this pose. I wish I had the comic to go along with it!
  2. I think that's a spectacular haul! I'd be excited over this pick-up. A lot of great art and stories there, even those Tor's peeking out bottom left...
  3. Have you been working on your pool game during the quarantine?
  4. I believe only the first sixteen had globe endpapers, and as Surfing Alien mentioned in his reply, the numbers listed in a given edition should correspond within one or two to the equivalent (nn) number, just like a Classic Illustrated comic's HRN (or highest recorded number) helps determine if it's a first edition.
  5. Recent pick-ups from an antique mall, all sensibly priced under $10. The Sherlock Holmes Classics Illustrated isn’t a first edition, but the Tom Brown’s School Days is. It’s evident from this small grouping just how much Dell liked yellow backgrounds!
  6. That's a nice number two! I have a number one, but none of the other first five Popular's. I think they're easily tougher than the first several Avon or Dell's.
  7. I went for the fair maidens as well, but the earlier Pocket books don’t have the Belarski and Bergey babes like Popular Library does. They take a more mature, symbolic turn at times, with some of the covers reminding me more of WWII posters and other graphics of the era. And then there was Dell, a whole other deal altogether...