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  1. I think the objection was to the fact they weren't "Morgan" dollars per se.' Those were a particular design in the later 1800's. As you pointed out they are more properly "Liberty" dollars (or bowed Liberty IIRC). At least that's the way I took the original objection to mean... Me? I'd rather have the Church Action 1 than an 1804 dollar, as I imagine many here would. They're surprisingly close in value (assuming that the Church copy would net in that 5 million or higher ballpark). The 1804 might be more like the Detective 27, as I think the 1794 date is more the rage these days. That's probably your Action 1 of coins, but who knows.
  2. I did the same.Not great as an investment strategy, but it stretched a limited budget into a wider collecting umbrella. Certainly if I was buying PCH instead of chasing old pinball machines for years, I'd be a LOT better off...
  3. Beyond cool, and in great shape all. Impressive as always, Robot Man. I've only encountered the Snow White in the wild at a very reasonable price. Any other time I've seen them the dealers knew (or suspected) they had something special.
  4. Yeah, that's about as clean as you can get, AND on a really desirable title. So many of those early D-series Ace books seem so hard to find. I see as many D-9 Decoy as the other first twenty combined.
  5. Nice finds. Those Startlings with Captain Future in them are always cool. I love the black-and-white illustrations with Grag the robot and the Brain in them.
  6. Man, Four Color has got to be the coolest run ever. Sure, Detective or Action is worth more. Planet gives you all those great covers. I would likely take a complete run of Marvel Mystery over any of them, but darn... There is just SO much variety and depth throughout the entirety of the Four Color run - all the great cartoon classics and syndicated characters on the front end, and the all wonderful TV and movie tie-ins later on. It's a treasure chest overview of American pop culture. Moon Mullins, Tom Corbett, Mickey Mouse, Roy Rogers, Donald Duck, 77 Sunset Strip, Bugs Bunny, Mother Goose, Flash Gordon, Peanuts, Felix the Cat, Bullwinkle, D_ck Tracy, Frosty the Snowman, Little Orphan Annie, the Twilight Zone, Snow White, Rickey Nelson, Popeye, the Three Stooges, Raggedy Ann, Mister Magoo, and literally hundreds more!!!
  7. Those spines look so nice like that. All of mine are in plastic bags these days...
  8. Those are two of my long-time favorites! All of the early Bugs are epic adventures and the Porky covers from that era are just so cartooney-perfect!!!
  9. Since I don't see any low-grade Looney Tunes in there, I'm thinking this is a notch or three above the average pile of "random stuff!"
  10. I was not. I just saw the result when I did a search on "pulp" items sold on the Bay, sorted by price.