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  1. Favorite western comic or favorite western show? A local station here in Chicagoland airs quite a few western re-runs, especially on the weekends, including all the classics and a few that flew a bit under the radar like Trackdown. I've been watching the old TV episodes of Wanted: Dead Or Alive a few a week and they hold up fairly well.
  2. Well, Motion Picture Funnies Weekly no. 1 comes to mind - once a top five book tied with Superman 1 in value (at a time when Whiz 2(1) and Detective 27 were about the same!). The elephant in the room must be the Donald Duck books like Donald Tells About Kites and the March of Comics issues (4, 20, etc.), all top twenty books that have fallen out of favor. The rarer Boy Explorers 2 made the cut-off for part of the 70's on the top 50 lists, which if I recall correctly, started in Overstreet number 7. Before that, the books were broken out only by title, and that was a few preceding edition
  3. Definitely something to consider in your capacity as an oddsmaker!
  4. Will we see this book offered again soon in a new holder (which this new owner hopes has a number that is perhaps the square of 3)? Or is this book in the hands of someone who will love and cherish it forever? Anyone laying odds??
  5. Marvel 70th Anniversary Collection - $3 Slight fold on the corner. Cartoon History of the United States - $4 Take these two please -
  6. I see a variety of wise and realistic approaches outlined so far. I have a price aversion to anything over a $100, so as you might guess, I've been priced out of the SA Marvel semi-key loop for years now. I won't stop buying comics just because a few crypto-zombies or sports-card heavyweights have parked their car on my lawn, however. I'll just migrate over to under-appreciated categories. I love oddball 40's and 50's books like Dell, Atlas, Novelty - even those junky westerns and funny animals - and I get a kick out of random 12c cover price Charlton and Harveys still, so there's always
  7. Action 1 and it's not even close. I just cannot ignore the comparative importance of the two. Superman is the spark that ignited the powder keg that became the Golden Age, and his tale is utterly fantastic; Batman has proven to be very popular, but he's utterly derivative and basically a knock-off from the pulps. There are dozens of characters I like more than either Superman or Batman - like the Thing or the Spectre, for instance - but I'm not pretending Fantastic Four 1 or More Fun 52 would win out because I've come to prefer those characters over Superman. If you're trying to ma
  8. Take Outlaw Kid 11 and 15, and Ringo Kid 15 per PM - Thanks!!
  9. Man, I can't think of solid examples of Colletta inking Swan. Point me in the right wrong direction? Swan...
  10. They do seem to be tough on stains, so I agree with the 4.5 to 5.0 range so far expressed. It will be a great-presenting book if you do indeed get it slabbed.
  11. 2.0, with a shot at 2.5. Super cool book in ANY condition!!
  12. I was never a hater. I was an FF guy, so once he hit his stride with Sinnott's inks, I couldn't help but be all in. Thor was my second favorite book, and it took me a while to get used to Colletta inks once I was accustomed to those wonderful Sinnott inks. What took even more getting used to were the Royer and Evanier inks over at DC...