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  1. PopKulture

    PGM FF 52

    I was at a 7.0 before I saw the result. That piece looks more like a production chip than handling damage, and the rest of the book is clean!
  2. PopKulture

    PGM ASM 46

    7.5 to 8.0 - a great Spidey!
  3. PopKulture

    PGM Fantastic Four 1

    A magnificent presenting (Restored) 6.5. Such an important book in the history of comics...
  4. Generous grade, but a great book! The creasing does look diminished after the press n slab. Congrats!!
  5. PopKulture

    PGM Astonishing Tales 25

    6.5 - a nice bronze key!
  6. PopKulture

    Showcase 60

    6.5 to 7.0 - a nice presenting copy for sure!
  7. PopKulture

    Grade is in! - Blonde Phantom 13

    That did get hammered. Boy, is that a nice presenting 5.0!
  8. PopKulture

    PGM ST 110

    I'm at a 2.5 because of the staining. The 1/2 triangle or 1/4 inch square seems tighter than CGC standards. A great presenter for the grade and an uber key!
  9. PopKulture

    PGM Amazing Spider-man #7

    I'm at 2.5, but could see it getting a 3.0 - awesome book!
  10. 4.0, and a nice presenter at that.