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  1. Somewhere I have some 1950's receipts from a periodical distributor here in Illinois and everything had number of copies ordered written in pencil for every magazine and comic. I presume it was either the proprietor or the delivery driver that penciled in the numbers. In this case, it appeared not to be random.
  2. Heritage Aug 2019 Art $4 Heritage Aug 2019 Platinum $4 Heritage Nov 2019 $4 Heritage Nov 2019 Platinum $4 Heritage Nov 2019 Art $4 V for Vendetta $5 Incredible Hulk $5 (paper loss at spine)
  3. I'm wondering that as well. Aren't the grading standards supposed to be the same for Action 1 and New Mutants 98?
  4. Don't rub it in too much for those insufficiently_thoughtful_persons among us that look out to see a fresh blanket of snow and ice today...
  5. I posted a few drawings from high school some pages ago - these are in that same vein. I suppose they are the sort of thing one might expect from a surly, brooding Black Sabbath-tee-shirt-wearing teenage boy:
  6. Sage advice. There are certain books that you'll encounter so seldom in any grade that you have to be content with a decent presenter to hold you over. In the days before the Bay, these were all so very difficult books:
  7. I agree: it never gets old! The Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite early Pocket Books.
  8. And what stroll down nostalgic Christmas Lane would be complete without a Coca-Cola Santa?