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  1. Some of the very best Marvel Picture Frame covers as well as some outstanding art by legendary GA Subby artist Bill Everett.
  2. I love the music thread because who doesn't listen to music when they're chillin' on the Boards? I always thought it should be at the top with a sticky. Instead it's hard to find. I've discovered a lot of new music in this thread....
  3. I really like them. Subby #7 is a fave. ASM #262 even MTU 128! FF #33 is a legit classic as well.
  4. He is. Every time I poke my head in here I see a Greggy post or two like this. It's unfair.
  5. Oh my goodness. Those are some beauties. That Campbell Sheena is gorgeous.
  6. eh/meh It's a change that's for sure. Looking to get back to the coast soon. In the meantime just trying to get acclimated
  7. Very cool. You always have sweet sales
  8. Agreed. And the written word is different from talking on the phone. Without cadence and inflection things can be interpreted differently thru an email or DM. Throw in a night of drinking and poor grammar and spelling and you can easily get an email from a decent & normal person that comes across like it was written by some crazy lurker stalker who may or may not have a chicken in his house.
  9. I love the 1974 and 1975 Marvel stickers produced by TOPPS. They had cheesy captions on them - they were great. And the backs were puzzle pieces that formed either FF #100 or Conan #1 after you used the stickers. You can find loose singles and unopened packs on eBay. I bought a few unopened packs for $15 each at SDCC in 2018 from a card seller. Info on these sets can be found HERE My favorites:
  10. You'd be surprised. I had a stack of them at one point and they used to sell pretty well on eBay. Not for huge amounts but they definitely carried value.
  11. Greggy is the guy who continually kicks my butt in Words with Friends. He currently has a 11-1 record against me and I keep coming back for more.