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  1. Even if I'm 100% completely wrong what's your friggin' problem you little troll? What's with the antagonistic BS? Why wouldn't you simply state a fact if I'm wrong in a polite manner. "How could you possibly write something so incorrect..." Geez, are you completely lacking in social graces? Lame. People come to this board because of their love of comics. Not so they can be antagonized by some armchair comic historian. Right or wrong you're acting like an .
  2. Miller went first and did Ronin. Then Perez went to DC and drew Crisis on Infinite Earth's - that was in early 85. Man of Steel didn't come until after Crisis so Byrne was last. But Miller was never really on one side or the other. For instance he wrote 7 issues of Daredevil in 1986 ("Born Again") as well as the The Dark Knight Returns for DC.
  3. 1) Incredible Hulk #378 by Peter David. Rhino gets a job as a department store Santa. Grey Hulk shows up. Fisticuffs, hilarity and one-liners ensue. 2) Amazing Spider-Man #36 by J Michael Straczynski & JR JR. 911 Tribute issue. 3) Incredible Hulk #368 by Peter David and Sam Keith. Hulk vs My Hyde. Realllly good..... 4) Captain America #367 by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer. Magneto goes Nazi hunting after the Red Skull. 5) Justice League (1987) #24 Bu Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire. In the aftermath of Invasion, the League has everyone over for a party/recruitment drive. 6) Wolverine & the X-Men #19 by Jason Aaron Pencils and Nick Bradshaw. The staff needs a new teacher at the school so Kitty Pryde interviews everyone. I won't spoil who shows up for interviews. 7) Wolverine & the X-Men #17 by Jason Aaron and Mike Allred. Why is Doop at the school? OMG this story is so laugh out loud funny.
  4. Yep, guy sucks. I had problems with him paying before but he paid just before the NPB time limit was up. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and took him off my blocked bidder list. And bid retractors and non-paying bidders have been on a rampage lately.
  5. By all rights they should be. I loved that series. Such a cool cast of characters. I doubt they'd make it into the movie though....not enough time. And now that I think of it I think they'd be better served on Marvel/Disney streaming much like Doom Patrol has been. That will give you much more time to focus on the characters.
  6. Well, not many that's for sure. They simply don't have the money and/or they are concerned with other less material things like their iPhone, Fortnite, GTA, HipHop and browsing p*rnsites. Their allowance allows those things or they're free but they can't be buying key books. They don't want them yet anyway....most are just looking to get to 2nd base. All I could afford at 13 was a measly Hulk #181 in NM+ or DD #158 when I desperately wanted FF #1, ASM #1, AF #15, Hulk #1 & TOS #39. My big spender at $75.00 was GSX #1. No, it wasn't until I was 28 or so that I could afford keys even with the big price jump they went through in the early 1990's. So hopefully these kids seeing Captain Marvel will want that 9.8 #1 when they've entered the workforce and they can afford it. Owning the movies won't be cool. Anyone can do that. But having a 9.8 is a different story and one that will still be appreciating at a decent, if unspectacular rate. As to why there are fewer dealers at SDCC? It's simply too expensive. That's where the big $$$ are. There are lots of people out there who would love to set up there but they don't have that kind of money upfront. I'd love to see a graph of how much it has been to set up at SDCC from 1970 to present. I think around 2008 is where it really starts to climb.
  7. I dunno. Westerns were HUGE from approx. 1935 thru 1975 or so but they never died....and in the last 10 years I've seen perhaps 7-8 newer Westerns and I've really liked all of them. I don't see that genre going away anytime soon. With the MCU I think it comes down to the ideas and the execution of the idea. As long as Marvel/Disney continues to bring in fresh blood and place them in well written movies people will flock to them. Marvel has a huge catalog of characters and stories just ready to be developed for the screen and the Disney Channel. Plus they have good writers coming up with their own unique stories - Thor Ragnarok and GOTG are great examples - they may be based on existing Marvel characters but the directors and writers put their own unique spin on things and focused on character before everything else - I just don't see this dying anytime soon. It's unprecedented how well Marvel has handled the MCU. New Avengers Vol 1 is tailor made for someone to develop it and add their own spin on it. 80% of those characters are already in the MCU now. Now if they would only listen to me and develop Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts and Jeff Parker's Agents of Atlas for the screen.
  8. Just an amazing achievement. Congratulations on amassing the most amazing set of one of my favorite Marvel books of all time. NOT an easy feat by any means.....most if not all would have given up but you did it. Just fantabulous. Love how you broke it down with pics and stories behind the books. Almost felt like I was watching one of the VH1 "Behind the Music" episodes. And I do think you should work on the Monster of Frankenstein series
  9. Hot Damn! I remember searching hard through backstock trying to find one that was good enough to submit since there weren't any. I was in Ventura at Ralph's Comic Corner and had free reign of his inventory and he had a LOT of TOD's. I remember scouring through #41's trying to find a worthy one and this was it! Thanks for the blast from the past EP! Footnote: props to @joeypost as he pressed this one too along with a double cover #9 that came back 9.6.
  10. He said scourge As a verb, scourge means to cause suffering. Not surprisingly, it comes from the old French word meaning "to whip." A dictatorship could scourge and oppress its citizens, and an infectious disease could scourge an entire community. When you see scourge, think "suffering." Would you care to respond? @Get Marwood & I
  11. "Mister, we're trying to help the homeless here....."
  12. You don't need a sticker. The book has been flagged. I worked at a Brittano's.......I should know. Mister, we're trying to help the homeless here so take your poopy book out of here before I jump over the counter and punch you in the brain.