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  1. Hi Gang! I've been working for Arsenal Comics for over 3 months now and things are coming together nicely. We moved into a new warehouse today and we have quite the eclectic mix of stuff up this week including a Evil Ernie #1, Usagi Yojimbo #1 (1st and 2nd prints), Harbinger #1, Justice League #3 Test Logo Variant, Wolverine #88, Strange Tales #98, 99, 100, a few X-Men, some books, variants and all sorts of cool stuff in our store too. Take a gander (and a goose) here: Arsenal Comics & Games
  2. Just reclaimed a nice copy that was missing from my PC for too long:
  3. One of my favorite Ploog covers. He was hitting it out of the park every month here in WBN. This one is top notch.
  4. Just received this one. Love, love, love this cover.
  5. True. But as far as story is concerned, has Gunn failed to deliver? Dawn of the Dead. Slither. Super. GOTG 1 & 2. I know some people don't like GOTG 2 but I thought storywise it was well done and while there was a lot going on it was all wrapped together under theme of family and how everyone needs family - whether it is by blood or otherwise.
  6. Oooh, that's good. So tempted to use Must resist.
  7. No. But I buy 175 ft for $20.00 on Amazon so thank you - I'll go looking for the one you get right now
  8. Okay..... Well, this is the company I work for. Arsenal Comics & Games. eBay User Id: arsenalcomics I graded these books, oversaw the listers who created these listings and oversee the shipping department. Nobody is pulling any funny stuff but I have sent out numerous invoices to 0 feedback bidders lately. That's not how I choose to live my life or conduct business. So you can call dubious if you like but the last two months has been one wild ride of stuff selling for crazy money and things like Steranko Strange Tales issues selling for just $6.00. But please, I'm here if you have an