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  1. Awesome thread Mr Cake! With all of these Buscema Thor covers it's like walking a museum floor. Each and every one of them was gold.
  2. I'm behind but catching up quick. On Season 2, Episode 6. Love this show. The only thing missing is Elisabeth Shue
  3. I can't resist underwater covers as a general rule but once you throw in Piranha Jones it's a deal closer
  4. And no escape from getting massive acclaim for the coolest gift ever
  5. I've made contact with most everyone who claimed my Raffle Prizes but who grabbed the New Avengers Ultimate Collection Vol 1 & 2? I'm lazy right now. Can someone help a Brother out?
  6. Many thanks and blessings to Chris a.k.a. theCapraAegagrus who I cannot seem to shout out to with a '@' because I think he changed his name to Angel of Death? Or am I going bonkers? In any event I can't thank him enough for this awesome - no, really awesome - Holiday Gift. This goes straight to the top of my reading tower (it isn't even a 'reading pile' anymore it's grown so high). It's perfect and fits quite nicely with my collection of thrills and chills! Thanks again Chris!
  7. Thanks to @The Sledder @HollyJollyOne and @Crops068 for putting on these wonderful events! It most definitely helped put a little goodness into my year and a smile on my face.
  8. My pleasure my friend! Glad you enjoy them! Happy Holidays to your and your loved ones
  9. For the longest time I never understood why the title was "The Long Sleep." I mean....they're waking up. They're not sleeping. Yes, they look a little grouchy but they are definitely not sleeping.