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  1. He said scourge As a verb, scourge means to cause suffering. Not surprisingly, it comes from the old French word meaning "to whip." A dictatorship could scourge and oppress its citizens, and an infectious disease could scourge an entire community. When you see scourge, think "suffering." Would you care to respond? @Get Marwood & I
  2. "Mister, we're trying to help the homeless here....."
  3. You don't need a sticker. The book has been flagged. I worked at a Brittano's.......I should know. Mister, we're trying to help the homeless here so take your poopy book out of here before I jump over the counter and punch you in the brain.
  4. Regardless of anything related to the "signatures" the label states that the Conservation includes: cover cleaned" which IMO is the most important thing about the book that I don't see in GPA. My general feel is that even if we all knew 100% that the signatures were authentic we still have a book that's gone through the car wash. I'm thinking purple/yellow hybrid? Signatures (probably) are real but the book is restored correct? I mean, does the label insinuate that a solvent was used in the cleaning? Because a a normal clean and press would get a blue grade right? And really, the fact that it has the signatures on page 16 and that 1 is in pen and the other is in marker seems to imply its legitimacy right? Or perhaps someone is trying to be sneaky KNOWING that we would think that. I shouldn't be this confused on a Sunday. I think the label should say "Book contains signatures which may or may not be Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on Page 16 but our general feeling is that it's probably legit....possibly. Also, book has been cleaned/washed in a process that may/may not have involved a solvent. And a chicken."
  5. Hello I put up a bunch of HG Copper and Modern goodies on eBay if anyone is interested. I've recently begun a battle with a storage shed and we'll see how it goes. For now there's plenty of cool stuff up: Kramerica = Miskatonic University on eBay
  6. Hi there. This was a post from back in 2011 so I'm sorry to say that it's no longer available. But Welcome to the Boards!
  7. Or perhaps my selective memory chose to completely disregard such info. And did that include the trading card that came with it?
  8. Marvels Annihilation Aliens vs Predator Vol 1 Kingdom Come Camelot 3000 Secret War (2005) The Infinity Gauntlet Watchmen
  9. Incredible Hulk #378 Special X-Mas issue by Peter David. Rhino gets a job as a department store Santa and then he and grey hulk rumble. I read it every year. It's hilarious.
  10. I say thee yay! Buyeth with confidence I do decree. A rich history of accurately graded four color choices doth accompany every transaction completed with this legendary seller of wares. Don't alloweth his presence in the forests of the Carolinas of the Northern Lands detour your purchases as they will be fine indeed! And accompanied by mead and maidens fair if I doth recollect correctly.