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  1. Oooh! I've got a good one. Ego on the cover of Marvel Spectacular #4 and Uncle Leo from Seinfeld!
  2. I'm going to be a buyer this time. If lizards2 has a booth I'm going to hang around there and try to nickel and dime him for all of his good stuff.
  3. I thought War of the Worlds was pretty good. I wouldn't consider it a remake though as Spielberg pretty much followed the book.
  4. Thanks Wayne I hope you're doing well. Stay safe and healthy my friend
  5. Remaining books lowered: Avengers #93 F/VF 7.0 'nuff said Neal Adams art $55.00 $48.00 Avengers #95 VF- 7.5 Neal Adams art $28.00 $25.00 Amazing Spider-Man #103 VF/VF- 7.5/8.0 $25.00 $22.00 Amazing Spider-Man #108 VF+ 8.5 $28.00 $23.00 Amazing Spider-Man #112 VF 8.0 $22.00 $18.00 New Gods #10 VF/NM 9.0 $23.00 $20.00
  6. And that's going to do it my friends. This might be the shortest thread I've had on these here boards. Thanks for lookin' and to everyone for their pickups!
  7. SOLD I obtained a little help from the eagle eyed peeps in the PGM forum with this one. You can view their comments HERE. It averaged out at 7.5/8.0. I'm calling it 7.5. Amazing Spider-Man #122 VF- 7.5 $130.00 The front cover presents as a strong VF/NM or weak NM-. It's really nice. The back cover though exhibits chipping at the bottom as well as a faint bend in the upper left.
  8. Amazing Spider-Man #103 VF/VF- 7.5/8.0 $25.00 There is a light bend in the URFC that may not be visible from the pic. Measures ¾” by ¼”
  9. SOLD Amazing Spider-Man #98 VF 8.0 $52.00 This one is improvable
  10. SOLD Amazing Spider-Man #96 VF- 7.5 $45.00 This copy would thank you for a press
  11. SOLD X-Men #94 FINE+ 6.5 ‘nuff said $280.00 This copy can also be improved - nicely I'll add. Just a bunch of ncb stuff that should go away in the right hands.
  12. SOLD Green Lantern #87 F/VF 7.0 1st John Stewart, Neal Adams art $200.00 This one is improvable as well
  13. SOLD Avengers #96 VF 8.0 Classic Adams cover, Neal Adams art $38.00