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  1. I'm into the birds of prey page...….. I like that page... Is it high dollar or affordable? Thanks! John May
  2. I have a lot of this stuff but...……. no covers and none complete! Interested? I have a lot of these...…. John May
  3. You sure it's not page 22 and that there are more loose out there? Red skull strikes!
  4. Still Looking to complete my cap one...... Need covers - Mystic five back is ok first three wraps...… two centerfolds...….. page four I have cash! Thanks! John
  5. June 7 1940 The character of Daisy Duck first appeared in the Disney cartoon Mr. Duck Steps Out.• The comedy-horror film The Ghost Breakers starring Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard had its world premiere in Detroit.• Born: Tom Jones, singer, in Treforest, Wales; Nancy Sinatra, singer and actress, in Jersey City, New Jersey And the stamper strikes. Well know villain from the early comic collecting days.......
  6. I sell lots of Atlas westerns. I have about twenty nice ones here I haven't listed yet if anyone is interested? This a decent batch not torn up and reasonably solid! Thanks! John
  7. Yes I need the first three wraps and the two center wraps and 3 various pages it looks like! That could be a tall order? Finders fee? Any help greatly appreciated - John
  8. Yeah! OK here is my next question...….. Can anyone here help me obtain pages...…. 1-5,15-18,23,30-32? And a Cover of any sort...…?!!!!!!!! Thanks! John
  9. I have a Question! If a person owns 19 of the 32 interior pages loose...…….. Are they a member of the club?!