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  1. Adding dozens of Coverless Incomplete Timely Comics on eBay at makeanoffercomics a few are up for .99 starts this week and every week coming up I am going to pick a few more to start at .99 I am totally flexible on pricing so please do not hesitate to make a reasonable offer if you see anything you need for your collection If nothing else check out the pictures of all the interior splash pages. It is quite a display when you go through it. Timely rules I appreciate your time and business - John May
  2. Still needing and I have cash Front Cover and a centerfold for Captain America Comics #1 Thanks!
  3. What happened to centerfold!πŸ˜€ Nice pages I love them!
  4. There is an actual calculable chance cgc would miss it if I used your wrap!πŸ˜‚ Please let me know of any coverless or centerfold! Thanks
  5. Hi I need the centerfold to Cap 1 It's the last piece I need. Do you know of one available?πŸ˜€ Thanks! John
  6. My search continues. Since my last stop in things have gone well. Now............. I only need a centerfold!πŸ€” If there is anyone out there with a line on a centerfold please let me know!πŸ˜€ Thanks Red Skull
  7. Bump - getting closer to a complete cap one Now need centerfold and Front Cover
  8. its in perfect shape! exactly what I need!
  9. I just got the fourth wrap! And I got a back cover! Anyone…… 1st three wraps - 2 centerfolds and a front cover Is the tooth fairy out there? Thanks!
  10. I'm into the birds of prey page...….. I like that page... Is it high dollar or affordable? Thanks! John May