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  1. Great pics! This is a great comic show where there are tons of comics for all types of comic collectors. The wife and I loved going to BCC but it just started to price us out. Not because the price of comics was too high, it was when we realized that for parking and admission to the convention we would have to pay $100 before setting foot on the convention floor took away from our spending money on comics.
  2. Anything above 9.0 except for 10. I do not mind the fractional amounts except they do not use is consistently for grades below 9.0.
  3. Love Addams's work and have every book. He paved the way for Gahan Wilson and French cartoonist Claude Serre One thing about those New Yorker cartoonists, you could take any one of their books and be happy with the humor inside. If you so desire you could rip out pages in the books and hang them framed on your wall.
  4. I still get pulls from my LCS but they are never from Marvel or DC unless they are written by a select few writers. I grew bored of Marvel when the Ultimate stuff came out. Geoff Johns wrote so much I just grabbed the TPB. One of the things my friends were talking about recently is about how there was a over saturation of comics that all needed to follow some event story line and you needed to have vested interest for many months or over a year for multiple books instead of just one book. Not to mention the fact that you don't really get those 3-5 book stories anymore.
  5. It's too bad about the prices. I was about to joke that they were in pesos but it still comes to $1k US. These are some nice intro copies of some good issues for the collector on a budget.
  6. I would guess a library edition. Usually you can check inside the book and see the different ISBN #s based on the different printings.
  7. I think it is because she put out mini comics but never a true comic book unlike Jeff Smith. There are a ton of people there who are extremely talented and put out graphic novels but never dabbled in comic books.
  8. @FlyingDonut @chrisco37 Raina is signing tomorrow from 1-2 pm. There are lots of other kid friendly stuff too.
  9. I'm there. Well not anymore had to take the little one back for a nap. I will be back later.
  10. I think there is another aspect to add in to this. What if it was $5,000 for a comic but you know you could flip it easily and get double your money back.
  11. Wait, Spawn isn't hot anymore?!?
  12. Maybe he doesn't realize how many Stan Lee signed comics he could buy after selling it.
  13. I did it all the time when I would come across the MAD magazine paperbacks and they would change the cover art.