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  1. Any one out there with any runs of Marvel Tales or other drekky 70"s reprint Marvels?
  2. Nothing crazy here.....looking to complete a run of bronze marvels and I am woefully lacking in the reprint department. Issues we are talking about are approx 25 through 115 - Minimum grade I'm looking for is F/F+ but would prefer books in the VF/NM range. I'm thinking 3.00 each for VF books...slightly more for better copies - slightly less for Fine copies. Let me know what you have available and what you are looking to get. Would also be interested in silvers and understandably the price would rise. Thanks J
  3. take both - prob should have mentioned above take both on all the others
  4. Hi Mollie!! Can we add the 50's Atlas Lorna Jungle Girl/Queen Set thanks j