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  1. Reminds me of a conversation I had with my girlfriend about why all the women MMA fighters go with cornrows/braids
  2. that shirt is not at all flattering....unless you are a professional athlete lycra is not your friend
  3. Fantastic Story Magazine Sept classic Alex Schomburg SciFi Cover Fine white pgs $65
  4. Uncle Scrooge 170 Uncle Scrooge 171 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 473 Uncle Scrooge 165 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 472
  5. Tomb of Darkness #16 VF/NM $18 Vault of Evil #12 VG/FN $3 water stain on back cover Frankenstein #14 VG/FN $3 Journey Into Mystery #6 FN/VF $3 Incredible Hulk #218 VF $2
  6. not sure if discount has already been taken...either way it's fine. Looking forward to seeing books tomorrow The Deadly hands of Kung Fu #5--Gorgeous 8.5 Copy--Asking $10 $8 The Deadly hands of Kung Fu #8 Copy B--Gorgeous 7.5 Copy--Asking $7 $5 Planet of the Apes #14--Ripples on cover, need a press but solid 5.5--Asking $8 $6 Planet of the Apes #6 Copy A--Sharp 7.0 Copy---Asking $7 $5 Marvel Movie Premiere #1 1975 Very Sharp 8.5 Asking $5
  7. Love this cover....I have a 9.8 but don's want to dig it out to scan
  8. Makes sense...the spidey doesn't look very "McFarlane-esque". The webs are all McFarlane though.... May well be his first spidey art although published after 298
  9. If you are interested...I have a case of the standard size full backs. I ordered them by mistake and didn't want to pay to ship them back. I'd sell them for the half back price.....
  10. I grab these out of the dollar bin all of the time