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  1. I always think of this when I see this panel In case you don't get the joke
  2. Just curious if anyone knows how Ditko was able to support himself later in life? Much was made of the Kirby's family and moving forward the debate about work for hire/creator rights but not much is mentioned about Ditko. He still maintained his studio and lived in Manhattan which couldn't have been cheap especially for someone who hadn't had anything published since the 90's
  3. this has always bothered me...we've all seen books with the date written on it in grease pencil and this has less of an impact on grade than a touch of ink on the spine. Shouldn't all ink or writing on the cover be subject to a downgrade?
  4. Discount per PM Take - Fantastic Four 118 8.5 $20.00 Fantastic Four 145 9.0 $12.00 Fantastic Four 148 7.5 $8.00
  5. Anyone know if there will be a witness/facilitator at Youngstown July 6th/7th?
  6. ahh right....I try to forget that movie even happened
  7. He was in a movie?.....and I'm not being a smart alec either. Was he in the horrible FF movie that no one saw?