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  1. yes...that is correct...been a while since Ive posted for sale so I included the 101 and shouldn't have.
  2. sent you a PM ..have a 9.6 White Pages - I can do 600.00 plus shipping
  3. Just received the ToS39 that I purchased from Dave. The transaction was exceptional on every level. Communication was A+ - we spoke at length. Shipping was fast and bullet proof. Every detail was thought out and rest assured that any transaction with Dave will be professional and hassle free. A truly welcomed addition to the boards!
  4. I have a Conan 9.2 White ...beautifully centered. It looks like the 90 day is 519.00 with the last sale at 605.00 (which seems high) I can do 490.00 shipped USPS priority if interested, let me know..thanks Darrin
  5. It's been a while, but I'm throwing up my ASM #21 9.2 OW/W. The rules are hopefully still the newbies or pal only. Shipping is free and will be USPS Priority and well packaged. I will accept returns no questions asked within 15 days and I will pay return shipping (as long as the book is in the same condition as when I sent it). This book doesn't come up often in this grade or OW/W..the last two sales were a year ago at 936 and 837...Ebay has a couple at 1100 and 1200 . I will split last year's GPA and include shipping at a total of 875.00. Free shipping is continental US only...please PM me if you live outside the US before you make the purchase. The first "i'll take it" on the boards gets the book, regardless of any ongoing PM's. Another point of interest is this book was never pressed. It is from my personal collection. Not saying it's a 9.4 pressed , but check the notes if you like. Thanks for cell is 401-255-1790 if you have a serious question (as I will be in and out all day and will try to get back to you as quickly as possible). Text first so i dont assume it's a sales call and ignore it
  6. Just ordered both sets yesterday..first thing I asked was about packaging...he assured me it'd be bullet proof ..really hope they make it in 1 piece...he was great to work with...they look awesome.. NOW VENOM #1 GABRIELE DELL’OTTO COLOR B&W SECRET > VARIANTS NOW VENOM #1, 2 & 3 GABRIELE DELL’OTTO VIRGIN VARIANT > SET
  7. Those two books look exactly the same in Aszumilo's photo...the only difference looks like some photo shopping. What is the chance that you'd have two books with the exact same scrape (size, angles and location) on the red candy box and the two faint white lines above the tear are identical in both pics. just my opinion .
  8. I too would be happy to send you some reading materials ..just message me your address. We're dealing with peripheral neuropathy and my wife's father so if it's similar I certainly understand your frustration. Hopefully, a few books can help you find a little peace (as I love getting lost in mine). It'd be a pleasure and Merry Christmas.
  9. Not This week per say...but definitely my x-mas gift to myself I want to thank the exceptional people in this group that afforded me patience and the opportunity to grab all five of these books this year (especially the 3 on the right which were this month). They may not be some of the crazy stuff Ive seen on here but I've waited a very long time for them Merry Christmas to everyone and their families!! and thanks again.. Darrin ]photobucket[/url]
  10. I know Buzz...your boys made it clear Thank you though..he said he's buying it anyway and rolling the dice..even after I took pics of everyones advice and text it to him. At least he had the tools to make a sound decision and Robot: "my buddy" knows less than me so he asks me for advice...which is like asking my dog about my tax return...but I already bought my ASM1 CGC from adam this month so "my buddy" doesnt stand for "me pretending its not me" . Ive already said I don't know squat about grading or GPA.. just saying ....
  11. ...good points. Changing the subject now (since i'm just beating a dead ex-wife...oops..dead horse).... I just took my 9 yr old to stop and shop and while waiting in line..struck up a conversation with this elderly woman in front of me. After bashing technology for a while, I said I miss the days of sitting around reading comics instead of spending a mortgage on phones and internet. Her eyes light up and she says her late husband's claim to fame was his involvement in whiz comics and cpt. marvel jr back in the 40's . She went on for about 10 mins saying he gave interviews about it later in life and she was sending me the articles (she asked for my email - yes, I know she said she hates tech). She went on to say his best friend was Bill Ward. His name was Nate Chaplin I think. I've looked up both guys and found Ward, but not Chaplin...she said he had a stack of 1st issues right off the press and when he went to war (WW2 that is)..his brother traded them all. She was so excited to tell me this story. I thought it was really cool..even though I can't find him. She knew her basics though, because she said he worked on Captain America too and Bill did exotic covers. Just thought it was neat and figured I'd share..even if she was misinformed. but I guess Ill see when she sends article.