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  1. this is fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work in this..:)
  2. well good morning then and glad you got something out of it because she's going to be thrilled to have a place to start (which would not have happened without your help). if, by chance, you happen to come across one this year, please let me know and I'll grab it if its for sale . I'm sure she wouldn't mind waiting until his next birthday if that's what it takes. Thanks again!
  3. very cool AJD..thanks! Yes, the pic is from '56 she thinks...I'll pass your info along and I'm sure she'll be grateful Enjoy your night!
  4. So, there's a woman in my group looking to find any copy of this title for her father's 70th birthday (he is the boy in this photo) and she has no idea where to start. I figured if anyone knew about this book, it'd be someone in this group, otherwise it doesn't exist :). If anyone has any ideas as to what it is and how to find a copy, I'd appreciate a heads up so I can forward it to her. Thanks in advance for your time.
  5. Great book and certainly on my short list (especially at this price)..just don't have the cash ..glws
  6. Thanks RED...I wanted the Mystics..but way out of my range...can not let myself pass up a TEC 20 though..wife's gonna kill me
  7. think there's one on eBay ..a little over priced..but there (adventure 90)..I'd love one as well..good luck!
  8. Thanks @Pitboss...I reached out and we've been chatting. My book has the flaw he prefers to avoid, but it's all good. made a new collector friend