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  1. Hope I can make it! I’ve unfortunately had prior commitments the last two times there’s been a gathering in Houston. But I’ll def be at Son of Houston-Con next weekend.
  2. Aw man, bummed I just saw this. Next time count me in for sure!
  3. I'm missing his signing here in Houston this weekend, so I'll take one of these please! Any chance for a famous Rob! remarque? Thanks!
  4. Agreed, any really big transactions are wire transfers usually. Otherwise the sell is hit with big cc transaction fees, plus the risk the seller calls their credit card company later and protests the charge.
  5. Pretty awesome story Scott! I too really enjoyed watching the video of the panel. Well deserved!
  6. Soooo much great art. Thanks for sharing all these pics!!!
  7. I think there's one left. If so I'll take it plus Eastman signature and Sakai Usagi remark. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for sharing! Really kicking myself for not going to ACCC this year. Would love to meet Sam Keith one day.
  9. I don't know you at all, but this thread is a mess. It appears you're taking this all personally, and honestly this thread can't be good for business. I can't add much to what has already been said, because my personal experience appears to match many of the other board members who have already posted. I do look through your inventory when you post up new things. While most of it doesn't fit my collection, occasionally I see a page or two of interest. However, the prices are usually too high (in my opinion), and I don't feel comfortable making an offer because the price I'd be willing to pay is pretty low comparably to the asking price. That isn't to say what you have is worthless, but to me it's not worth as much as you're asking. There are just too many other pages in the market at the same price point I'd be more willing to spend that kind of money on. I like your artists, but what it comes down to is the inventory I've seen doesn't motivate me to spend. That's it, it's not personal at all. I'm not saying you should lower your prices, that's up to you and your artists. For instance, Greg Capullo has decided sell his pages at a really high price. Greg's appears to be ok with those pages moving slowly or not at all. But if you're asking how to get more pages to sell, the only option is to lower the price.
  10. Ugh... I guess I could get comfortable with the concept but these are pretty terrible sig placements
  11. Heard back last night as well. For the first time in like 4 years my number one choice wasn't available. Now I know how everyone else always feels
  12. Felix - another excellent podcast! Keep em coming Scott- really appreciated your take on the hobby and comic art in general. Loved hearing it from an artist's perspective.