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  1. Problem is, Harold, you still want them at cover price.
  2. I have not read all 14 pages of this thread, so forgive me if I cover anything that has already been discussed. Here is the panel from Action 23, where Superman has no clue who Luther is.... Here are the panels from Superman 4..... It appears DC "intended" for Superman to first "encounter" Luthor in Action 23. For now, I will let the experts (far more versed in these things than I am), to argue about which was released first and which should be the true "first appearance" of Luthor. *note for full disclosure - I am clearly bias anyway, as I am a bigger fan of Actions, than I am of Superman comics.
  3. Many people (including me) thinking of you, Bob, and hoping for your speedy recovery.
  4. Good question. The short answer is, "no". In fact, this book will be a duplicate for me (although an upgrade), however, who would complain about owning a duplicate to this book? Here is my other copy...
  5. Well done!!! Seems your whole family knows how to make for a Merry Christmas.
  6. There has to be more than 3 board members who received something comic related for Christmas.
  7. Strange RNS only took the 23. Wonder what makes that one more appealing. Lol.
  8. This is one of the books my wife gave me for Christmas....
  9. Tough issue to find. Great day for someone to pick up this awesome Christmas cover.
  10. Awesome pick up. I would be proud to own this copy. Congrats.