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  1. If books are priced at the correct price point (FMV), then it does not surprise me that MCS would be out of stock. If their business model is to sell as many books as possible (not hoard them), then they would price them fairly and move them quickly (thus often being out of stock until they can aquire more).
  2. Not to be technical, however, no one is going to call this a robbery OR at least no one who knows the definition of robbery. Robbery: The action of taking property unlawfully from a person or place by force or threat of force. No one was assaulted, threatened, or even aware of the theft taking place and as such no robbery occurred. IF this occurred as claimed, the correct term would be Burglary (entry into a building illegally with intent to commit a crime, especially theft). To be more specific, IF it occurred, I would think Burglary of a Motor Vehicle would be the correct cha
  3. I was a big fan of the first WW movie; considering it one of the better DC movies. I enjoyed the first 5 or so minutes of WW84. Then the scene changes, Diana is no longer on Themyscira, and the story line quickly turns to garbage (IMO). Maybe part of the disappointment comes from the fact that the first movie was so good and from the expectation that this movie would somehow measure up to its predcessor.
  4. First, let me assure you that you never have to worry about "bringing down the thread", just because you share something that is going on in your life. Your life is real; not the fiction of some comic book. Your life is important; far more so than talking about comics. Your life is valuable; more valuable than any comic book could ever be. You are a well respected and valued member of this community and I am thankful you feel comfortable enough here to share your current situation. This is a place where people should be able to share both the "highs" and "lows" of their REAL lives. I
  5. My brother bought me this for Christmas. It looks nicer in person, however, I am not great at taking photos (as you can see from the shadow on the left and the reflections elsewhere).
  6. Well, I don't know who picked up the 4 (great book), however, I know who received the 3 this Christmas morning.
  7. I know there is a thread for those who were in the "Holiday Gift Exchange", however, I did not see one for those who received comics from other friends or family. If Santa did place a comic or comic related gift under your tree or in your stocking (hopefully he did not roll up the holy grail and stuff it in your stocking), then feel free to post it here. Somehow (not sure how), I must have made it on the "nice" list this year (clearly a clerical error) and I received several books this morning, so I will start us off with one that I was very excited about....
  8. 31 Guesses. Mean Average - $1,162.85. Median Average - $1,215.87 331.57 350.00 540.22 643.14 753.50 788.26 823.14 872.61 1,000.01 1,058.91 1,083.92 1,111.11 1,139.64 1,151.50 1,197.06 1,215.87 1,217.09 1,223.57 1,234.56 1,250.56 1,313.13 1,333.00 1,373.00 1,374.23 1,379.88 1,444.44 1,578.71
  9. I would like to take a minute to thank Dr X for providing this fun thread and distraction during this time of year. It has been a difficult year for many, but people like Dr X give me hope for the future. My guess.......... Let's make it an even...... $1,700.00
  10. I hope I am not stepping on anyone's toes. I wanted to provide some stats as to the guesses thus far. I count 25 total guesses; as follows... 331.57 350.00 643.14 753.50 823.14 872.61 1,000.01 1,058.91 1,083.92 1,111.11 1,139.64 1,151.50 1,197.06 1,215.87 1,217.09 1,223.57 1,234.56 1,250.56 1,313.13 1,373.00 1,374.23 1,379.88 1,444.44
  11. 5.5 times 7.75 times 22 = 937.75 cubic feet. 937.75 divided by 27 = approximately 34.73 cubic yards
  12. I was going to hit the "like" button on this, but then decided it deserved far more. Well done and congratulations!!!