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  1. You have had numerous nice books. Some of which I really regret not buying.
  2. @kav does great work and is super nice about it. I mentioned that I thought my friend would like a recreation cover of the book I gave him and Kav immediately agreed to take on the challenge. He had it done in no time and did an amazing job.
  3. This is a great cover.. I purchased a copy of this book for a good friend of mine as a gift. Then a certain boardie (name can be seeen on the front tire) was kind enough to draw the below for me to also give my buddy.
  4. SIr, You have a fine collection (very fine). One that you spent a lot of time, effort, and money to acquire. I am going to assume that you did not acquire multiples of a singel book in order to keep others from owning one, but rather to upgrade or because you enjoy owning more than one copy. I don't believe you should be required to explain why you collect what you collect or justify your actions to anyone (excdpt maybe a spouse). I can understand the frustration of some collectors who feel as if one person owning more than one copy creates excess demand and drives the prices up, however, I wonder if those same people are as frustrated by the people who buy comics not for their own collections, but simply to flip them. Most everyone here on the boards llive in a free country, where we are allowed to buy, sell, or collect what we want (and often work hard for). In fact, since you are from the UK, I bring to the conversation a certain document that many here in the United States hold dear. It says in part, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that sll men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." If you find happiness in your collection then I applaud you for purseing that which brings you happiness. I am guessing in your pursuit you likely brought many dealers and sellers happiness with your purchases.
  5. I will add one more for now.... Again, please forgive the poor photography....
  6. Well, by popular demand, I will post this photo again. It is no where even close to the MOST copies I have a of a single book, however, it is a book that many people here seem to like (and a photo I have handy on my laptop). I may post something else later, if I get a chance to gather up some books and snap a photo (please note I am NOT a photographer and my cell phone does not take the best pictures).
  7. Here is the original thread.... Apparently the mods decided to delete the post that Catman76 made after my post in which he insulted me and called me names that I am not sure are allowed on this forum. I have a screen shot of it, however, I do not want to get in trouble with the mods for posting it (given the language he used to describe me - simply for owning more than one copy of a book).
  8. I would like to participate in this thread, however, the last time I posted a photo containing multiple copies of the same book, I offended some boardie (who I had never had any previous negative interaction with). The guy called me a variety of names (using language that I would not care to repeat) and the thread ended up getting locked. Apparently some people do not believe others should be allowed to collect what they like if what they like is multiple copies of the same book. So much for personal freedom.
  9. Over 100 masks sent out, more coming, helping board members, and now sending masks to school children who are in need. The time, effort, and cost put into this mixed with love for others is amazing. Just think how great this world could be if everyone (including myself) could love others even half as much as Sharon does. I have a long way to go, however, Sharon is an inspiration.