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  1. This is perhaps the coolest picture EVER posted on the boards!!!!! Great guy with two awesome books!
  2. Do you have any references??? Good to see you, Rick. Hope you are doing well, my friend. Great books!
  3. Yes, I remember that. As I recall he said something about living in a big house and misplacing the book.
  4. I am a little confused and request clarification.... When looking at the OP's post (and link to original thread), it shows the book was listed at 7:00 and the OP posted the "Take" at 7:01. Now we are hearing from both sides that the agreed upon price was $1,700. The seller stated the original list price was $1,850. So my question is, did the "buyer" take the book at $1,850 and then negotiate a deal for $1,700?? Did the buyer send a PM first offering $1,700, which was accepted by the "seller", and THEN post the "take"? (in which case more experienced board members usually post "Take per PM" or some such language. I am just a little confused on this point and would appreciate clarification from with the buyer @J2dac or seller @Professor Chaos Thank you!
  5. Darn it!!! Two days and didn't get to the ONE book I was waiting on...... Thanks for the heads up about the weekend Great thread as always. Congrats to all the fast guns that picked up great books so far.
  6. How did page quality "improve"? In Peter's photo it shows Light Tan to Off White. After that it got a straight "Off-White". Is that just a judgment call by CGC? I thought they had some sort of color chart that determined page quality.
  7. Apparently CGC either changed their grading or are not alwasy consistent. I have a complete comic, missing ONLY the front cover and it received an NG. Thank you for sharing your experience on this difficult topic.
  8. WOW! This is extremely helpful. Thank you! From what is printed, it looks like a comic with at least part of the front cover SHOULD be given an actual grade (probably 0.5) and NOT a simple NG. I copy and pasted the below from the link kindly provided by MarvelManiac..... NG – This label stands for "No Grade" and is assigned to comics that are either missing the entire cover, or one half or more of the interior pages, or both. It may also be assigned to comics that are only being verified as authentic, per CGC's discretion.
  9. Thank you for your thoughts on this. I appreciate you responding. Do you have a photo of a book with no front cover with a 0.5 grade on it? I would be intersted in seeing photos (if anyone has them) of CGC graded books in this range. For example, I have a nice single digit Action Comic with a complete back cover (and complete interior), but no front cover and it received an NG. I know CGC (or anybody else) does not always grade the same way, every day, but I would like to get a consensus on this, if possible. Thank you again. I appreicate you taking the time to respond.
  10. You seem like the type person that I would really enjoy spending an afternoon with and listening to how it was back when this was more of a hobby and less of a business. Yes, people still bought and sold books, however, I think there was more of a love for the books back then and less of a "I am only in it for the money" attitude, that I see from many (not all) people in the field today. Thanks for sharing your insights and remembrances of a "simpler" time. ****** BTW - Awesome book Richard - GLWTS
  11. I have seen books graded 0.5 with no back covers and books with partial covers also seem to be graded 0.5. It seems books with no front cover seem to be graded NG. So what about a book with no back cover and only a partial front cover; how would that grade? Perhaps it might be better asked - How much of the front cover could be missing (what percentage) and still earn a grade of 0.5 (assuming no back cover)? Any thoughts, opinions, or best yet photos of books in this range would be appreciated. Thank you!