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  1. Not sure who is updating the "Official List" today, however, it should be noted that I choose prize #59 (not #55 - as is listed - Prize 55 was taken by TheGeneral at pick 17). I just don't want there to be any confusion moving forward. Thank you.
  2. He needs to do SOMETHING. Can't let his defense and special teams do ALL the work.
  3. Prize #59: Pep Comics #100 CGC 5.0 - donated by MustEatBrains Please.
  4. It is football season and the Patriots are now 6 and 0
  5. Glad you took that well. Congrats on a great finish.
  6. Go back to bed, Kav. Your prize is being sent to Warner Brothers.
  7. Yes. Andy should have the lists. People assume that they sent their lists and may not be checking in, figuring they don't need to. We must wait for Andy.
  8. The PRIZE is in the joy of playing the game! Anything else is just gravy.
  9. Sorry to be the one to tell you this KAV, but all prizes are being shipped to Warner Brothers regardless of when you crawl out of bed.
  10. Sorry for taking so long to post here. Life gets too hectic at times. They say this is the prize thread for the winners, however, the real winners are the exceptional people who took the time to organize this annual event. My thanks first to them @thirdgreenham @sckao I also want to thank each of those who have donated prizes. Although I believe the fun of the contest is just in playing, I can see the extra benefit to "winning" something material as well. With that said, I would like to humbly offer up the following prize. It is nothing special, just a reader lot for someone way down on the prize list, so at least they do not walk away empty handed.... Prize - Low grade reader lot of 10 cent Action Comics....((includes #239, 243, 246, 267, 273, 275, 280 & 281)
  11. Lots of people claim things like, “BIGGEST MEGA SALE OF 2019”, but Brian truly delivered on his promise. WOW!!!!!!