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  1. I am not an English or math major, however, in my opinion (for what it is worth - which is likely not a whole lot).,... “I think I’m going to pull it...” does not equal ”I am going to pull it.” Situations like this always sadden me. Money is a cheap commodity (easily earned and easily lost), but a man’s word and thus his reputation are priceless.
  2. @agamoto @miraclemet Would either of you be willing to share a screen shot of the actual PMs involved so that board members can make a more informed "decision" in this dispute?
  3. Wonderful thread and really awesome of @SOTIcollector to do this for the community. Well done and great choices for winners. Congrats to @Cushing Fan and @KirbyJack
  4. I purchased a book from one of @whomerjay ‘s weekly auctions. The transaction could not have gone better. The book was well packaged, as described, and shipped quickly (at cost). In addition the communication was great. This is the kind of board member that makes this place awesome 😎.
  5. Does anyone know if this site / ap still exists and / or is working??
  6. Just seeing this thread now. Makes me sad. You are missed, Bomber.
  7. I like a LOT of great ideas already posted here. Perhaps, someone needs to start work on a Volume 2 and include a number of these fine suggestions. I would add one more chapter (to those already mentioned): Good Girl Art.
  8. Thanks Jon. I wasn't sure if I had won that book or if you had sneaked in before the close. It was fun. Congrats on your first double cover; those are so cool. I considered bidding on it, but decided to stick to just one book. Looking forward to next week's auction.
  9. I know and happen to like BOTH these board members, so my thoughts are not intended to insult either of these two fine individuals. I have placed in BOLD a few things to address.... 1) I do not believe Sharon had (or has) any buyer's remorse over buying this book. She loves Sensations and this book will likely be one of the top pieces in her collection. 2) Beautiful Church 9.4 - Richard is 100% correct that this book is ONE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL BOOK. Even with the scratch on the case, the book is stunning. 3) The Plastic is scratched, but the book inside is not damaged - I guess my best analogy would be that if I purchased a beautiful Ferrari, but when it came it had a large scratch on it, I would likely be unhappy. It would not be that there was anything wrong with the interior or the awesome engine; the vehicle would drive just as fast and handle just as well (regardless of the scratch), however, it just would not look "as nice". Perhaps I could take the car and have the scratch buffed out, however, I might also damage the paint more (not being skilled at buffing). I could pay to have the scratch buffed out, but why should I have to? If I purchased the Ferrari knowing it had a large scratch, then that is on me. If I purchased it and when it arrived it simply had a large scratch on it (that was not disclosed), then that is a different story. I am guessing this would cause anyone to be less than happy. I hope these two board members can "agree to disagree" and move forward as friends. They both have a lot to offer the boards and the hobby and I would hate for this incident to cause any lasting animosity between them.
  10. I know this thread is a bit old, however, I would like to ask the experts a question. What "exactly" does the term CFO mean? I know it means "Centerfold Out", but does that mean it is "Out" as in "detached" or "Out" as in "MIA - Missing in Action"? I believe the term refers to a completely missing centerfold, however, I would like to confirm that I am not mistaken in this belief. Thank you.