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  1. Why Pressing ISN'T Restoration

    Do we REALLY want to bring back this 14 year old battle (and thread)? Although I am sure the battle is actually far greater than 14 years old (the age of this thread) and actually continues on in other threads even today.
  2. [CLOSED] closed

    I am going to guess.....|0 OR maybe even this..... Either way, it would take a LOT of sales to cover!
  3. I don't think the boards give me enough likes to like all of Bedrock's book, so I will just post one BIG LIKE to them all. Way to go, Richard.
  4. [CLOSED] [CLOSED] Closed

    Of course when your wife tore your Church Action 1 in half and took her half with her, you might not be as happy with the deal.
  5. I don't think anyone has posted one of these on this thread yet....
  6. I am honestly sorry to hear that, Bob. You are a great friend to so many in this community and I wish you had been able to have a Merry Christmas. It is my hope that 2018 brings you many blessings.
  7. I think some of these are pretty exciting yellow covers... #58, 62 and #65. (sorry my photography skills are lacking)
  8. You can see at least one of each of those in my current sig line. Don't want to bore people to death. I have guests coming over shortly. If I get a chance later, perhaps I will pick something else out and shoot a photo. Could always throw up the Jo-Jo's, but that too may be too repetitive and boring.
  9. I am not sure this is considered a yellow cover, but I scanned it the other day and so I have it handy to post and the yellow on it does make it pop.....
  10. I don't have photos of most of my books, however, I did take a photo of this one that my wife gave me for Christmas.
  11. Sharon is not only an excellent seller, but an awesome person in general. Recently purchased a few books from her, for a friend's birthday gift. She not only included an extra, but even gift wrapped them. She is the BEST! The board and world are a far better place, because Sharon is here!
  12. I can't speak to the future value of anything, however, I do believe the rarer something is, the more likely it is to increase in value. Thus if all you care about is a cash out at the end of the day, then perhaps you should listen to the advise of many here and go high grade. I, on the other hand, am a collector and so I will go with Dave's advice. To me owning three nice books (lowest being a 7.0) is better than owning one 9.0 (of the same book). 7.0 is nothing to be ashamed of. Now, if FF #48 is your all time favorite book in the whole world, then maybe I could understand you trading in books you care less about in order to try and obtain that 9.0 - 9.2.