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  1. Hudson

    The "Early" Action Comics Club (#1-24)

    @circumstances Please allow me to say that your sig line is very impressive. All great books. I especially like your TEC 5!
  2. Hudson

    The "Early" Action Comics Club (#1-24)

    100 percent agree. I think 2 - 5 are definitely in limited supply and demand far outweighs supply. Action 2 is perhaps my favorite cover of all time Any slabbed copies I have of those books ( 2 - 5 ) are only because I purchased them already slabbed.
  3. Hudson

    The "Early" Action Comics Club (#1-24)

    I think CGC is great for selling. For those of us (seemingly dying breed) who simply collect (and actually read) comics, there is no great need to encapsulate. Perhaps when I die and my kids liquidate, you will see some of those CGC census numbers move up, since I am certain I can't take them with me.
  4. Hudson

    The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    I agree, Ben. It is after all the 2nd cover for Batman. As for me, I think HA's second Superman cover was much closer to a real 5.0.
  5. Hudson

    The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Although the missing piece does not bother me tremendously (when simply looking at the book), it would likely bother me a lot more if I dropped $95K to buy it. I also don't understand how a book with a piece that big missing still grades at 5.0 (but then again maybe I am the stupid one).
  6. Hudson

    E-Bay 15% off $50.00 Code PMAY4TH

    Just made three purchases. Added everything to my cart and entered the code at check out. Worked great AND I still earned eBay bucks. Thanks!
  7. Hudson

    Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    I would like to be next. What an awesome book. MM3 is such a classic and that is a super looking copy. I am very happy to see it in the hands of such a great boardie.
  8. Casey, I hope you had a great birthday. I am surprised a "buyer" would be upset that you tried your best to protect his purchase. I wonder if this same "buyer" follows people home from Home Depot, when they buy paint, to make sure they are not using the paint stirrer for any other purpose.
  9. I agree it seems a little high, but not like the last go around, when it hit $696. I auppose if I had a coverless copy, I might spend 400 for a nice cover. Heck, I have spent more than twice that on just a front cover before. Of course that wasn't for a JJ25.
  10. Well, it looks like this time the high bidder ($696) and second high bidder ($686) from the first auction, were not in the running this time around. The third highest bidder ($301) last time, stepped up and paid $404 this time.
  11. I see @Tri-ColorBrian already posted some nice Actions on the last page, but I thought I would post a few I have images of available.
  12. Hudson

    Is Mile High a reference to their prices?

    All good points @01TheDude I remember buying comics, mail order, back in the 70s. At that time, I often purchased books without a photo (since most mail order catalogs simply listed the title, issue, grade, and price. I also remember listing "alternatives" in case the books I really wanted were already sold. Then I remember waiting each day for a package to arrive and wondering which books I actually received (purchased). This was acceptable to me, at the time, as that was the way business was often conducted. There was no internet and I don't think anyone expected any mail order seller to photograph every book and put the photos in the catalog (that would have made for really thick catalogs and may have been cost prohibitive). The was the 1970's. This is 2018, and I think sellers need to get with the times. I had not heard the name Robert Bell in awhile. Thanks for the nostalgic look back.
  13. Hudson

    Superman Golden Age "Minor" Keys

    Although @Ghastly542454 already posted a beautiful copy of this book, I feel compelled to vote for the AC #101 as well...