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  1. This is perhaps one of the best and most thought out responses I have read on the boards in a while. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.
  2. Thanks for weighing in, Andrew and for letting us know about your experience on the GI Joe Facebook board. I can certainly understand you deciding that you just don't want to do business with some people (for legitimate reasons).
  3. Purchased some TECs from Sharon’s recent thread. They were offered at a great price and she shipped them EXTREMELY fast. Sharon is not only a great person to do business with, she is a wonderful person in every way possible.
  4. Although I find this entire conversation to be totally ridiculous, I can attest to two things... 1) KAV once asked me to photoshop something for him, and told me that he did not have the ability to do it himself. I told him I did not know how, but knew someone who could do it for me. He sent me a picture and asked me to show him on the Great Wall of China. He further asked me not to make it look "too real", as it was intended as a joke, not as a deception. 2) When I googled the word in question, what appears to be the exact thing KAV posted came up on my screen. Here is the link.... I don't have any dog in this fight and I really don't even know Mr. Gower (other than as someone who has posted on the boards for many years). I have never had a problem with either of these individuals, however, since I was mentioned in a post (above), I felt I should add my (for that is about all it is worth - and probably not that much).
  5. Maybe I should just start posting comics with train covers. I know I have an Action 13 kicking around somewhere, and probably a few others..
  6. Should I be offended that this thread has fallen so far off track????