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  1. ComicConnect Nov auction

    I only saw it because I clicked on Harold's link in this thread.
  2. ComicConnect Nov auction

    I wouldn't mind tucking that into my collection either, but I am rather certain it will be cost prohibitive.
  3. ComicConnect Nov auction

    Harold, I believe that book has had more than a little work done to it. Looks like it was printed yesterday.
  4. For me, Peter, I am just hoping to add more to my collection in 2018, then I did in 2017 (which was relatively slow for me). I definitely intend to BUY more than I SELL. Of course, for me that doesn't take much, as I am not a seller. I buy and collect. I hope you have a wonderful 2018 and maybe find a TEC 27 for your already awesome collection.
  5. I hate when that happens. You think a book is complete and then discover something like that. Still an awesome cover, however!
  6. Agreed!!! That is about as beat up and ragged as they come, however, twmjr1 simply said it needed to be complete. This book was not only complete, but "unrestored".
  7. It was a private sale. Not an auction. I can show you a photo if you want.
  8. A copy sold last year for $110K. Don't think that copy would sell for $200K today. IMO.
  9. I am thinking absolute lowest possible condition is at lest $125K (possibly $150K), but I could be way off. Would like Gator to weigh in on this as he has a good thumb on the market.
  10. It did not "meet reserve" I think it topped out at $177K (not positive)
  11. I remember those "long ago" days. I also remember back in the 80s when restoration was actually thought to increase the value of a book. I would be interested to know what the "unrestored" grade would have been on this book.
  12. I agree that an unrestored would clear 1.5M. Not to change the subject, but even the AF15 4.0 seemed to go a for a little less than I was expecting (but was not the great deal the AC1 was). I would have thought the AF15 would have brought another $1,000 or so. Then again there have been a LOT of those coming to market recently, so perhaps the supply is a little overweight right now.
  13. I would think AT LEAST 3X that price and probably more, IMO.