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  1. Issue 2 "High Rise Hijinx" Special edition, die-cut cover, stamped with a serial number from 1 to 3000, released June 1988. First edition released September 1988. Ben Edlund, Writer & Penciller; Max Banks, Inker; Bob Polio, Art Director; George Suarez, Editor & Publisher. Clark Oppenheimer reports, late, for his job at the newspaper. Meanwhile the Tick dons a tie and purse as a secret identity, Mr. Nedd. The Tick obtains a job as a crossword editor at the Weekly World Planet. While snooping in Clark's desk, he inadvertently reveals a message from Clark's father and builds his "fortress of fortitude." Clark takes the Tick aside and explains that he is the protector of the City, which the Tick disputes. The Tick is fired from the newspaper. On his way out, he leaves a gift for Clark by molding his car into an oversized ashtray. Clark, understandably upset by this development, attacks the Tick who defeats Clark by breaking his disguise (his glasses). The parallels between Clark Oppenheimer and Superman continue, when the Tick inadvertently unleashes a message from Clark's father, Ban-Al, and identifies him as Marlon Brando, who played Jor-El in the 1978 Superman movie. The 1st edition of The Tick 2 was released with a die-cut cover: a small square window revealing the Tick from the first page. A mistake in the production resulted in a rare number of issues (less than 200) without the diecut being released. Second edition released March 1989. Third edition released June 1989. Fourth edition released December 1989. Fifth edition released July 1991. Sixth edition released January 1995. Special Edition Reprise with same cover as the Special Edition with a second wrap cover and serially numbered 3001-8000, July 1996. Seventh, 10th anniversary edition, released August 1996. Eighth edition released March 1998.
  2. 47! Is the winning number! ...okay, now who was closest to that? @Takineko is proclaimed the Winner of this Contest! Takineko please IM me with an address where you will like to have your prize sent. Shipping will be delayed until after the current covid-19 pandemic has passed.
  3. And the winning number for this months Tick Free Giveaway.....is number 47! Will the contestant with the number closest to 47 please PM me with his or her mailing address. On a more somber note my wife and I wish to express our deepest hopes and prayers to everyone on this planet.
  4. SPECIAL ANNOUNCMENT: I intend to announce this months winner on April 1 as planned but in observation of the current Covid-19 Outbreak, I will be postponing the shipping of these items until it is deemed safe to do so through my local USPS.. I really hate to disappoint everyone but my wife and I are in the higher risk age group and we decided to postpone having to go to the post office. I will let everyone know when we will take off from this hiatus and I hope you and your families are taking all reasonable precautions to remain healthy and safe. Thanks to everyone who participated, keep your hopes high and we will all make it out together! Spooooooooooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!
  5. Go to The Tick Official Appreciation forum here at CGCBoards and make pick a number between 1 to 100. Winner to be announced on April 1, 2020. https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/168323-official-tick-appreciation-thread/?do=findComment&comment=11092802
  6. IT'S A TICK GIVEAWAY! RULES: Pick a number between 1 to 100. Open to ANYONE who appreciates The Tick. Just Quick Quote and write any number that pops in your head and the person who guesses closest to a pre-determined number will receive the item as described above to be delivered post free to wherever you wish. Good luck Tick fans and Spoooooonnnnn!!!! WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON APRIL 1, 2020. Desciption: The Tick Mighty Blue Justice! By Greg Hyland, The Tick Bendable Action Figure by Gordy Toys, and The Tick "I Am Mighty" T-Shirt.
  7. ahhh....this infamous red book experiment!
  8. hahaha...if I was having one of my dislectic moments, I would tend to agree!
  9. ...57! Is the winning number! ...okay, now who was closest to that? JBROWN is proclaimed the Winner of this Contest! JBROWN, please IM me with an address where you will like to have your prize sent. Thanks again everyone for Participating! I will be taking photos of our next competition in a wee bit!