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  1. i just think it's neat that the idea of The Tick, came about because of a role-playing game called Marvel Superheroes... "which wasn't a badly-designed game, but it also kind of took the veil off of superheroes, in a sense. You'd have to take all of their abilities and all of their strengths and weaknesses and kind of itemize them, and it began a process of breaking down superheroes and seeing what was mythic and clever about them, and also what was kind of naive, even sometimes dumb about them, which really started to get me into the direction of superhero parody, which is of course where The Tick began." Begun as a spec strip, Tick's true origin was as a joke during a role-playing game session amongst Ben's friends. Intrigued by the character that he jokingly made up, he began to think and draw him out as "an unstoppable, uncrushable, and somehow deeply disconnected goofball that fell from the sky." Not long after, the artist was beginning to feel confident in his work and drew some superhero samples with the hope of procuring some paying work. He showed them to art director Bob Polio and comic store owner/publisher George Suarez of NEC, who were impressed enough to call him back for a potential comic book they were developing. With college starting and the -script to the comic arriving super-late, Ben realistically pondered on the opportunity when Suarez asked him to create a book based on his Tick strip instead. Excited with this offer, he worked on the first issue and developed the character more during his freshman (and part of his sophomore) year at Massachusetts College of Art, where he wanted to study film.
  2. What's even neater is he decided to do a commission for me. This was drawn when he was a lad, and I'm really looking forward to what he comes up with as a season veteran!
  3. Wow...thats really cool since your number is actually lower than mine, if those things matter that is. Congrats!
  4. I snapped these up on eBay the other day, just because I like them. Upon closer inspection of these tiny morsels, I noticed they were done by Blaine, and after doing some Googling, I found that they were done by Patrick Blaine back in 1996, which was coincidentally the last year of The Tick Animated Series which ended on November 24, 1996.
  5. Oh wait...it just went up a thousand bucks! Yeah, and if you want a real graded comic CGC is the only way to go...imo. And thats not including the 20 percent commission they have to pay in addition to the base cost...which in this case is 10k above the 50k it's looking to sell for...30 minutes left!!!
  6. I wish prices were more like this! https://t.co/kUFIjAJfR5?amp=1 It's a 9.8 cgc copy of a number 1 Mad Magazine thats currently up on aucrion at Heritage Auctions. Current bid....$48,000.00 Not bad for a 1957 edition!
  7. According to the CGC Census Fair Market Value for The Tick No. 1 Special Edition Graded at 9.8 is listed at $2,150.00. But like anything, I suppose it's whatever the market will bear or whatever someone is willing to shell out for it. That's my 2 cents.
  8. I registered it onto The Registry, but they wouldn't let me put it on the right spot, but that's okay, I'm still thrilled about it. Oh, and they gave me a whopping "2" whole points for this real mccoy ashcan...and still...I'm very content. Cuz...we all know better... The only thing that would top this is someone...finding that illusive gosh darn No. 1 Ashcan that my good friend Brian lost somewhere on the road to his new house. I hope whoever found it comes to the CGC to share their good fortune, cause I would love to see what red marks George Suarez and Bob Polio did to Ben's first go at his first Tick Comic Book!
  9. So after finally getting my CGC Ashcan Special Edition No. 2 In-Office Proof Production Copy I received a humble score of 7.0. But of course! They actually used and marked up this copy to create the Original Tick Comic Book Special Edition No. 2. And now, the aging process for this bad boy has officially stopped and I couldn't be happier...welll...mostly.
  10. Hi Brian, I did more research and you were right. The CGC used to grade Collector Card Series. They were called SGC They are still in existence but they scizzimed off on their own. Now there are Three Collector Card Graders, PSA, Beckett, and SGC. I don't know which one to use. It looks like PSA has been around the longest but my loyalties rest with CGC so I might go with SGC and see how it goes. Thanks for responding mate! -Vic out.
  11. Hey, anyone know if I can get the GPK Nick Tick Collector Card CGC'd?
  12. Ugh...well...The Amazon Rep sounds like a insufficiently_thoughtful_person...scuze my French. Darn...I need to go to Michaels and frame something to make myself feel better....
  13. Sorry, that was premature...just got confirmation that the rumors were NOT True....sux!
  14. The Tick Season 3 is starting to be shot? Hell Yeah! Theyve come to their senses!? Miracles are possible?