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  1. We all helped to get the word out there on Twitter but thanks for letting us all know what the final verdict was. Oh Pooh! #SAVETHETICK.
  2. Okay! All done. Anyone here needs a copy of The Tick FCBD IM me with a mailing address and I'll send it to you!
  3. Well, when I said the no. 1 ashcan that pairs with mine...it's the actual production one, like mine. I haven't seen the red marks in the no. 1 but I know that I was bidding on it at the time, and I knew what it was, but alas I wasn't fast enough to bid on both of them at the same time. There are a few really rare Tick things out there that are just one of a kind, and spread out across the country...if not the world. Believe it or not, I bought some Tick related items from really remote areas in countries that you wouldn't have expected to have them. Pretty awesome! I should do an Indiana Jones type video showing what I mean sometime...on my list of things to do...in my spare time, hehehe.
  4. Ha! Too funny Brian! Congrats on your latest acquisition. The real secret is, do you know who owns The Golden Rod No. 1 ashcan that accompanies my number 2? Hmmmm?
  5. Go Tick and Arthur Go! 22 days 20 hours 40 minutes!
  6. Oh heck yeah! I was beginning to do wonder when they were going to release Season 2!
  7. I once bought a series of the Madman Comics and the guy who sold them to me had them in hard plastic covers similar to the cgc covers but you allows you to open them. Where he got them from is a mystery to me. Wo!....The Founder of The Tick Appreciation Thread! Transplant...I bow down to thee!
  8. Dang! There IS one in the Wild! Thanks for sharing!
  9. I heard all the cool kids are putting up their copies of The Tick from the NYCC 2018 on up...so here are mine! Spoooooooonnnnnn!!!
  10. Man...you guys on the East Coast have all the fun! Peter Laird is supposed to be there who is REALLY hard to get for autographing...and if I had my wishes...I'd ask him to sign my Independent Comic Book Sampler along side with Kevin Eastman. (((when are they going to invent a Star Trek Transporter so I can just beam over there?!!!))) Super Megafest Comic Con Fall Fanfest 2018 By New England Super Megafest (OTHER EVENTS) SAT, OCT 13 201810:30 AM—SUN, OCT 14 20185:00 PM
  11. Dang Dude!!! I only wish I could have made it to the NYCC! As of yet, I still need to add these to my collection if I can ever get my hands on them. Vic out.
  12. I tip my hat off to you sir! You are now the Grand Champion of The World for The Tick Comic Book Collection Registry. I now pass off the torch to you. Congratulations!
  13. Hi Molly, any luck so far? Victor Hi Molly, any luck so far? Victor