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  1. Right on. I have my eyeball on one that's CGC graded 9.6 and up on auction at Heritage Auction that sells on Sunday. The grade is higher than what I have in my Registry and I think my highest is 9.2 which they gave me a lousy score for. I think, they'll bumped me up a few hundred points if I can get it...of course my price limit is probably gonna be 250.00 max, things are a little tight around here being rent week and all. Nice score BTW.
  2. Okay, you aroused my curiosity. How much did you score on this gem?
  3. Dang! That was awesome! How long did that take you to put that together?
  4. The Tick and Chairface Chippendale Print by Matthew Skiff 2020 This is a Screenprint that is 18” x 24” and it was signed by Matthew Skiff and numbered No. 20 of a limited edition of 50. We were visiting Gallery 1988 on Melrose Avenue and I just knew that I had to have it! Ever get that feeling yourself? Matthew Skiff was premiered at the Gallery between June 17 thru July 9, 2016 with an Exhibit that was titled “Best Friends” celebrating couples like She-Ra and Hordak, Duke and Cobra Commander, Donatello and Baxter Stockman from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I remember catching a s
  5. Wouldn't that be AWESOME! Spooooooooooonnnnnn!!!!!
  6. No worries! I'm hoping to stir up some more interest in The Tick again by getting The Tick Free Giveaways going later on this year! Tune in later -- Same Tick-Time, Same Tick-Channel!"
  7. Looky, looky, what's up Snooky, I got this in the mail today! Its the metal cladded Dosier from the Supernumerary, one of my favorite Flag Five Members. What I wasn't ready for...was all the really cool stuff inside the dossier that they never really showed anywhere on the internet...until today! Anyone wanna see more or am I just boring y'all?
  8. Merry Christmas Everyone! Hoping for a Fantastic New Year in 2021! Spoooonnnnn!!! Baby Yoda Tick by Amy Vrooman and Buddha Tick by Chris Milnes aka MuckyChris.
  9. I just got this in the mail. It had the following description, but I think there were just a couple minor mistakes. "THE TICK: Flag 5 Memorial Large Flag This was from Season 1 in AEGIS headquarters. The only Flag 5 Memorial Large Flag available from the show. This item is 54 x 48 inches."
  10. Thanks Everyone for Participating in this Year's The Tick Free Giveaway. I am happy to announce that the winner of the Original Dinosaur Neil (Irwin) 3" PVC goes to Dangevin who posted his number of 29 on Discord which was closest to 27 which was the lucky number this year!
  11. ANNOUNCEMENT: The drawing for The Tick Giveaway shall take place at 7:00 PM tonight Pacific Daylight Time on Discord. (discord.gg/JWHCjDB) invitation link from Taki)