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  1. Question: If 1st Jane Foster as Thor is considered to be What If #10, why is 1st professor Hulk considered to be Hulk #377 and not What If #2? Is there a technicality that I'm not seeing? Thank you in advance for any replies.
  2. Hi... is this the book you're looking for? The book is unread, factory sealed. $160 shipped to any address in North America. I'll be shipping from Toronto. Thanks.
  3. How about my copy? Last sale $9k... will let it go for $11000 shipped, just to get ahead of the curve a little bit. Thanks.
  4. Hi... I've got these from your list: Omega Men 1-12 (I assume the first series with #3 Lobo appearance) Seven to Eternity 1-9 Kingdom Come 1-4 All have 9.8 potential, unread, purchased by me off the shelf... all first prints. Exception is Kingdom Come, which are NM but I doubt they can hit 9.8. Let me know what you're offering... if we're on the same page, I'll post pictures. I just don't wanna put in the work if we're too far apart. Thanks.
  5. I just completed a very smooth transaction with Ario. He paid when he said he would and made things quick and easy. He gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me. Thank you Ario!
  6. As per... pictures below, front and back:
  7. Okay cool. I'm usually very busy on the weekend but I'll try and post a photo later tonight. No need to buy if you don't like what you see. I also need to find out how much it will cost to ship to Indonesia... Let me get back to you later. Cheers.
  8. Sure, let me know tomorrow... I'm looking for a quick sale but I can wait one day
  9. No problem. I'll take your response as "no interest" in my particular book and move on. Good luck and cheers.
  10. Hi... I've got one. First print, blue label, 9.8... just arrived from CGC. $600 last sale okay... let me know if you're still interested. I've also got a couple of 9.6's as well ^_^
  11. I purchased a couple of books from Eric, but unfortunately, they arrived with cracked cases. However, I felt that the books were properly boxed up and padded with sufficient bubble wrap, which leads me to conclude that the package was excessively tossed around during commute. I sent some pics to Eric and described the damage and he was quick to reply with a resolution. We worked it out and he took action to conclude the matter for me immediately, which I appreciated. Professional and easy to deal with = Top score from me