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  1. Nope, the price includes entrance. All the rest depends on the artists.
  2. It is an incredibile experience - full stop. Despite the "high" price to get inside (around 150USD for a day, 250USD for two days and 500USD if you want to join the gala dinner on Friday), if you are an art lover and don't want to mess around with cosplayers or signature/sketch hunters, this con is the con for you. Villa Erba on Lake Como is a wonderful place and the situation is really calm and cosy. You have TIME to talk with the artists and to get a commission (if you haven't preordered anything before) and you have TIME to see them draw and have fun with fellow artists. Mignola, Hughes, Charest, KJones, Cho, Sienk, Guarnido etc.etc. all in the same room at the same time. Took me 3 minutes to talk to Mignola, 5 minutes to pick up my commission from KJones (and we spoke for at least 20 minutes), 30 seconds to see Sienk drawing and 0 to 1 second to talk to Gary Frank. Everybody doodled for free and sketches on books were often given for free as well. Signatures? Free too (I saw some people with 20 books). Prices for art were high, though. Not many many dealers from overseas (in 2018 we had Albert Moy), but a lot of collectors to network with. Reaching Como might not be easy, but it is worth the trip. Luca PS: on Sunday a German collector arrived at Sienk's table and opened his bag: he had the last page from Love and War! Sienk was shocked and he started to jump, then Guarnido ran fast towards his table and he started to jump together with Bill... They were shocked that the page had resurfaced from the middle of the heart. A crazy experience well worth to be seen (and I wasn't there, sigh sob)
  3. Hello folks, this is what I got during Lake Como Convention! I think everybody knows Kelley Jones and his work on Sandman, so you should be familiar with his talent KJ Sandman On the other hand I want to introduce you this "new" talent who hasn't been published yet (as far as I know): Felipe Echeverria! Look up for his pieces, they are wonderful (Marc Mokken sells some). Felipe Echevarria - Death Hope you like them enough to leave a comment! :-) Luca
  4. Last year I posted on this forum the infos about this wonderful convention that was being held in Como, in a wonderful villa by the lake; this year I forgot to post anything as I was extremely busy with family affairs, but I am pretty sure many of you were there as the attendees were from all over the world. Together with Mignola, Charest, Sienk, Cho, Kelley Jones, Adams, Hughes, Ramos, Mack, Serpieri, Loisel, Don Rosa, McKean and many many others, who was (and probably still is) there enjoying the art, the food, the views and the () wheater? Luca
  5. Hello everybody, I am actively looking for Sandman pages from the issues 1/75; presence of dream and/or death is mandatory. I have been monitoring CAF, auctions and comic art tracker but almost nothing came up in the last few months. Why is everybody keeping their Sandman art now that I need it? No TV shows or movies are in program :-)) Luca
  6. Hello everybody, I know my timing is terrible as the show is now on Netflix, but I am wondering if you can help me with my request: Gabriel Ba original art from the first UA miniseries! Payment is immediate! Ciao Luca
  7. English is not my first language, so maybe I didn't make myslef clear, but you wrote down what I meant... Personally I would buy a Genius or a Jolanda page only if I was a big Manara fan and wanted to have pieces throughout all his career, from the beginning to the start. If it was "one piece only" I would never get an early page by him.
  8. Ohhh well, not his teenage years, but that was at the beginning of his career, way before he was a professional artist; Genius and then Jolanda (1970, if my memory serves me) are not Manara. I am pretty sure that if you show a piece from one of those books to someone who is not a Manara expert he would have problems recognising who drew that page... My idea is that you need art from those early works only if you are a huge fan and want every Manara work in your collection or if you want to have his name in your collection but not his style. My 2 cents.
  9. Less than one year ago I posted a piece of enormous importance for me: a published Jamie Hewlett's Tank Girl pin up.... I had been looking for his art for such a looooong time that I couldn't believe I had been able to purchase such a wonderful example. Just a couple of months later I am able to add this incredible panel page to my collection. It was a complicated negotiation, but at the end all ended up well... Thank you my friend! Here is the link, in case you are curious and willing to leave a nice comment! Luca
  10. I am not a sketch guy, especially if you have to purchase them from someone who got them for free. Anyway prices are not crazy if compared to other masters, if you consider that in a few here Milo's pieces will be in museums; his illustrations are the most expensive, but panel pages/strips are still affordable. So go for published, if you have the funds. Urania you s organising a huge auction at the end of October and they might have some good stuff for sale.
  11. I don't think he does commissions anymore. You can be lucky and get a nice sketch or doodle during a con, but not a "real" piece; consider that every piece (unpublished illos) that he did in the last decade have been sold for 10K+ (sometimes even 40K) in public auctions. Please consider that there is a large part of his early works that you can buy cheap (a couple of hundreds) but you are just paying his name, as he was a teenager and those pieces are not worth the money (jolanda de almaviva et similar). If you have some other question, don't hesitate to ask.... I am Italian, by the way :-) Luca
  12. Only the 1/75 or are you looking for something else too?