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  1. If my memory serves me, Joseph, those should be the worst pages of your incredible sandman collection!
  2. Sandman pages for sale? Oh yeah, I need to buy that house in Capri that my wife loves...
  3. Hello folks, I am actively on the lookout for a nice Mignola piece (Big Red or Dracula) to improve my collection. I know it is not going to be easy or cheap, but considering you all are great collectors, maybe you can help me out. The piece has to be a great illustration/splash/cover, published and as early as possible. A page definitely in the A range. Cash is the best solution, but I might trade something from my collection as well Ciao Luca
  4. Man without fear 9K on Albert's website - summer break 2020 16K on Glenn Bruswick website today more or less +1k per month
  5. Do you know any Italian collector that might help you out?
  6. Let's roll and thanks all for reading and voting for me! :-) Sandman - Mark Hempel - The Wake Not a big fan of his work, but on this page D'Isreali is perfect and covers all Mark's flaws. Hob Gadling is a plus. Sandman - Shawn McManus - A Game of You Got this piece from a black hole collector. A very nice page, featuring Dream receiving the dying world after the Cuckoo has flown away/died (Gaiman loves this run even if it's the less preferred by readers. There is a run on Fables which is almost a perfect copy of this one, when Therese travles to th
  7. Sorry, but I don't agree with the final list. Ok for Bachalo's death in the 10/20k range, but the Vess Shakespeare (2 out of 3 stories by Vess) and Ramadan (only PCR) are over 20k. I know it for sure as I know what collectors paid. And I don't own any, so no personal interest.
  8. So basically we agree on everything apart from Bachalo's death. Happy to hear that as I own a great example (which I won't sell).
  9. If my memory serves, Russell drew only Ramadan and Vess only the tempest and midsummers dream (and maybe a third episode).
  10. I am very curious about the response from the community. But I stand with my values, as I know what some people paid and.others are ready to pay. And how many people would kill for a ramadan page.
  11. 1 - I totally agree 100% with you. I love dringenberg's death and I would love an example, but it is too dark and Siouxie (without the banshees). Bachalo is the definitive death artist. 2 - probably a small apartment. I know at least two collectors who owns excellent examples from that issue, but they would never sell. And I would do the same. 3 - we are talking about a seminal story and maybe less than 80 pages. If you don't count the pages without D, with D's back and with a lot of stats, maybe we have 30/40 pages.
  12. I totally understand your point. I would suggest considering splitting the 10/20k category in 10/15k and 15/20k. Probably it is more complicated, but my opinion is that between 10k and 20k the difference is bigger than between 20k and 30k. Hope this makes sense.