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  1. There is a 9.8 on the bay for a lazy $2499.99 USD.
  2. Love it when you put on a bid and no one else does.
  3. They are the worst company to deal with which is a real shame as they have some awesome covers. I order 4 comics from them and it was a nightmare. It took over a year to get them and I only got them when I put a claim against them through internet watch dogs "Better Business Bureau". I created a Facebook page "Comicxposure exposed" and had over 20 people join in a matter of a week or two. I haven't done anything with the page in a long time as I eventually got the comics but still get requests to join the page to this day. Comicxposure are crooks, not two ways about it. Put a claim through Paypal for your money back now and order through Drew Bizz from eBay. I have heard good things about him and he seems to get copies from them easily enough. That is the best advice I can give you when it comes to them.
  4. Depending on when I am purchasing, the Australian $ can be worth anywhere as low as 68 cents to the US $ or as high as on par but that was a long time ago and didn't last long. At the moment, the Australian $ is getting about 72 cents to the US $.
  5. I can remember ASM #300 being sold for as low as $300 only a few years ago. About 10x that now.
  6. With the new Venom movie being announced not to long ago, I think this series will be fairly hot. I know there has been a lot of Venom covers of late and some are over them but as a Venom and Symbiote fan, I can't get enough of them. The price of the first Venom appearance (ASM #300) have jumped up substantially in the last year or so. I am looking forward to the rest of this series and the variants that go alone with it.
  7. And a very close third and forth are
  8. Edge of Venomverse I have seen this comic being advertised (Pre-sale) for a while now and there seems to be some interest in it. It is due to be released in a little over a weeks time (28 June). I am probably a little bias as I am a symbiote fan in general but some of the variant covers (Pretty much all of them) have been awesome. Mattina has done a majority of them but other artists have jumped on board as well. My favorite so far has been Mattinas 1:50
  9. Hey Dre, I know this is really late but do you have any of the MegaCon Venom #150 left? I will take a raw/pre-screened set if you do.
  10. Prinmac, you have to purchase the other two variants (Reg and B&W) to be able to buy this one. Its a full set deal. Welcome to the boards.
  11. The 3 to 4 different variant covers is getting a bit old and expensive. Feels like a massive money grab/rip off if all that has changed is the coloring i.e. sketch, fade, copic, partial color/sketch, virgin cover. In saying that, there have been some really good ones of late.
  12. My grail was Carnage USA #1 Ramos variant in "9.8". I think the last time I checked there were 8 on the CGC registry in "9.8" and only one or two more in graded condition. I looked and looked for ages and could only ever find it raw and for $100 to $150 upwards. I eventually saw one (CGC 9.8) on eBay for auction and hardly anyone had bid on it. I though this will sell for a couple of hundred at least and put in a bid of $105 just for a laugh. A few days later turns out that I won the auction. I can't tell you how happy I was. Turns out though that it isn't really a grail comic for anyone else but me. Hahahahahaha. I'm OK with that though because I own what is a grail to me