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  1. Have these slabs been tampered with?

    I just looked at some of mine and they have those marks too. Must be from the manufacturing process.

    Hi, Could you please add to the Green Arrow (2011) set? Green Arrow #28 - 0247896004, #29 - 0247896005, #30 - 0247896006, #35 - 0247896008 Thanks Rich
  3. Impeding traffic

    I thought impeding traffic citations were for little old ladies going 35 on the beltway...
  4. Here's my 2 cents about the gorillas

    Anybody else?
  5. September 1958

    Picked this one up from another member and it just got here today! Single highest graded (as of 6/2017). A very nice upgrade for my set as the other one was a 5.5. Always liked the Joe Kubert covers too.
  6. Just came today!

    As of now it is the highest graded copy! 1961 grey tone Grandenetti & Adler cover. Oops! I just added the pic!
  7. 50 years ago this month

    Just picked this one up from an eBay auction last week for a good price!
  8. I always liked these covers!

    Correct, along with 25+ others
  9. How To Tell That You Married The Right Person

    Today is my thirtieth wedding anniversary. When my wife was out shopping my six foot tall First Order storm trooper arrived. Upon coming home, as she passed him in the hallway, excused herself and smiled.
  10. Not Always GI Combat!!

    I know I post mostly about the GI Combat comics but I do have other titles! Sadly I have neglected these while on a mission to build the GIC set.
  11. I always liked these covers!

    I have come to appreciate their use of red, yellow , orange and pink colors in the backgrounds of these Grandenetti and Kubert covers!
  12. Duplicates anyone?

    This has been a really great year for adding to and upgrading my GI Combat set. Possibly as many as 30 upgrades this year alone. The one pictured is the latest one. A really nice 1961 Kubert cover. The downside is that I have many very nice graded duplicates now and I'm really not sure what to do with them. Sure, I could sell them, but would much rather trade for someone else's extras. And I pretty much don't care what they are! As kids growing up in the 50s and 60s we read everything, but war comics were big. We read Superman, Batman and Hawkman too along with many others. Spidey came later. Can I be the only collector with duplicate graded copies? Here are some of my extras: Thanks for reading and looking! Rich
  13. Newest Addition

    Won this one at auction recently! 1958 Joe Kubert Cover
  14. 1957 Kubert cover!

    Just arrived yesterday! Picked this one up off of eBay. It replaces the 7.0 I had.
  15. 1969 Kubert cover

    I got this one as an upgrade to my set!