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    Hi Mollie, Could you please add G.I. Combat - 2012 2nd series? The full set consists of #0 - #7 with a single variant of #1 (I only have #1 - #4 now) thanks
  2. 1956 GI Combat 9.4 Quality Comics

    Single highest graded and one of the last couple before DC took over. Only 3 of this number have been graded so far. These are easily found in low grade, but high grades are very scarce. The black covers make it even tougher.
  3. Dover Delaware comic con

    Nope. You live near there?
  4. Dover Delaware comic con

    We drove to Dover this morning to attend the comic con, about an hour each way. I live in Milton Delaware where we don't even have a LCS. Lots of costumes, food but not a lot of comics. Most were priced at $1 - $3, with very few silvers or golds. Lots of artists though and plenty of novelties. Harry potter wand booth, toys everywhere, costume contest and all kinds of neat crafts. The stay puft marshmallow man (turns out to be a woman) looks a bit deflated and smaller than I remember. It was a fun time!
  5. The Haunted Tank!

    GI Combat 152,This arrived yesterday! An upgrade for my set. Highest grade, 1 of 3. Almost sounds like a Borg designation! Anyway picked this one up from eBay for a reasonable price. If anyone has something higher than what I have in my set, and you might consider selling it, let me know! Thanks!
  6. GI Combat 1979

    Just picked this one up from eBay last week. One of two in this grade and only seven graded in total.
  7. Have these slabs been tampered with?

    I just looked at some of mine and they have those marks too. Must be from the manufacturing process.

    Hi, Could you please add to the Green Arrow (2011) set? Green Arrow #28 - 0247896004, #29 - 0247896005, #30 - 0247896006, #35 - 0247896008 Thanks Rich
  9. Impeding traffic

    I thought impeding traffic citations were for little old ladies going 35 on the beltway...
  10. Here's my 2 cents about the gorillas

    Anybody else?
  11. September 1958

    Picked this one up from another member and it just got here today! Single highest graded (as of 6/2017). A very nice upgrade for my set as the other one was a 5.5. Always liked the Joe Kubert covers too.
  12. Just came today!

    As of now it is the highest graded copy! 1961 grey tone Grandenetti & Adler cover. Oops! I just added the pic!
  13. 50 years ago this month

    Just picked this one up from an eBay auction last week for a good price!
  14. I always liked these covers!

    Correct, along with 25+ others
  15. How To Tell That You Married The Right Person

    Today is my thirtieth wedding anniversary. When my wife was out shopping my six foot tall First Order storm trooper arrived. Upon coming home, as she passed him in the hallway, excused herself and smiled.