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  1. richard8158

    To Marvelous Marcus

    Hey, I got your message. Please go to your account, and then to email settings. Click on the tab that enables you to receive messages. Welcome to CGC
  2. Yes it was. Pooch was brown in his first two appearances on the cover (#s 59 and 62). He was white starting with issue 63, then issues 64, 67, and 71. He turned brown again for issue 72 for the last time and was white for the next 10 covers. Last time we saw pooch on the cover was #92. thanks Rich
  3. This one just came by UPS today. At this moment it is the single highest graded copy and the next closest grade is a 7.5. I bought it from eBay and I even thought the price was good. I have spent so much time on my GI Combat set, the Our Fighting Forces set (among others) has been neglected. September - October 1961, I'm happy to be able to add this one!
  4. Hi again Mollie, Could you please expand the 2011 Green Arrow series to include #51 variant? Romita cover. Thanks Rich
  5. Hi Mollie, Could you please expand the Green Arrow 2016 series to include all variant issues? There is a variant for every issue up through #36 (that's as far as I have gone). I have variants in CGC right now for 1, 2, 4, 6. 9, 11 - 28. Also please include in the expansion Annual #1 (1247215016). Thanks for all that you do! Rich
  6. richard8158

    New Rack

    I like it!
  7. I've seen that 8.5 #76 on eBay and CLink for the last couple of years, one of two in that grade. I would love to have it but just a bit pricey for what it is in my opinion. Looks like he declined an offer of $825 on CLink some time ago. I have a 7.5 and I guess it will have to do for now.
  8. Sad to hear about your loss. What a terrible spot to find yourselves in. Good luck.
  9. I had been eyeing some of these for a while so I finally put some of my extras on eBay to help fund the purchase. The first six were buys so I was able to negotiate a better price but the last two were auctions, so I paid dearly for them. There was someone who wanted them nearly as much as I did. All of them are the highest graded and five of them are the single highest graded. To view the set:
  10. I do something similar to you for my graded GI Combat set. My list is 6 1/2 pages long and has cert. numbers with date, grade and rank (in colors:-)) since I always seem to be upgrading. Forty years ago I probably wouldn't have needed to write any of this stuff down.....maybe just a little OCD too.
  11. Hi Mollie, Could you please add "Rebirth" Aquaman and Green Arrow 2016 sets? Thanks
  12. Hello Mollie, Could you please expand the 2011 Green Arrow set to include issue #47, the poly-bagged sketch edition (0289525013)? Thank you!
  13. richard8158

    Latest Upgrades!

    Both of these came through eBay! The 168 (1974) is an Adams cover and the 199 (1977) is Kubert. Both with white pages!