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  1. This has been a really great year for adding to and upgrading my GI Combat set. Possibly as many as 30 upgrades this year alone. The one pictured is the latest one. A really nice 1961 Kubert cover. The downside is that I have many very nice graded duplicates now and I'm really not sure what to do with them. Sure, I could sell them, but would much rather trade for someone else's extras. And I pretty much don't care what they are! As kids growing up in the 50s and 60s we read everything, but war comics were big. We read Superman, Batman and Hawkman too along with many others. Spidey came later. Can I be the only collector with duplicate graded copies? Here are some of my extras: Thanks for reading and looking! Rich
  2. Won this one at auction recently! 1958 Joe Kubert Cover
  3. Just arrived yesterday! Picked this one up off of eBay. It replaces the 7.0 I had.
  4. I got this one as an upgrade to my set!
  5. Did you get them back yet? Or at least see the grades?
  6. Thank you! I too am a big fan of the grey tone covers!
  7. If your shipment has been marked as "received", then it will just require patience. Sometimes orders will sit as received or verified for quite some time, but once they are marked scheduled for grading the process moves along pretty quickly. Depending on which tier you selected, it could take a few months.
  8. P.S. You probably don't want to talk about the competition much unless you have something negative to say about them.
  9. I sent in a dozen of other companies comics for grading by CGC. Not for any reason except that I started with CGC, like them and want all of my books graded by the same company. Seven of them graded higher with CGC, three stayed the same and two graded lower. The other three letter grading company fared the worst, not just lower but a lot lower on one. The one thing I did do was have them pressed after I removed them from their cases before sending them in. That could change the results a bit. Good luck!
  10. 1962 silver age. Was a really great copy with just a couple of small indents in the cover. I decided to have CCS press it before being graded. The cover was solidly attached when I sent it the time it got to CGC it was detached. Very sad. I know that CCS had a discussion with CGC regarding who was at fault. I believe that it would have graded an 8.5 and possibly a 9.0. Folks keep saying it must be a mistake but it was that nice.
  11. Hi Bob, the graders notes only listed detached staples, nothing else.
  12. And I still do not understand why some books get a green label and some blue for the same defect. On my 6.0, I would rather have had a green label with the higher grade.
  13. Last month I got a 6.0 blue label for a fully detached cover and no mention of the defect on the label. Was a high grade otherwise 8.0 - 8.5