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  1. It's strange that the inker took the time to redrawn Jack's work so well and then made the narrator completely a different character just by the tweaking of a few lines making him nearly a Professor X clone or a more sinister version. Thank you for posting.
  2. All I get is coal I must have been a BAD Crypt keeper. There's some nice items there.
  3. I bet you that he was only going through the motions and did not want to cause you any concern, he can go back to the office happy that he read you your rights as such of do's and don't. I don't believe you'll ever hear from them again, in Ireland we believe that if someone curses you, that the curse befalls the giver seven times worse.
  4. The first four Doctors Steve thanks for asking.
  5. Thank you Steve much appreciated, just as you posted I was showing my nephew your Dr Who drawings and he was blown away at your talent he even asked me do you do commissions?
  6. Batman's showing his age! In fact I turned 61 today myself so I got your reference..
  7. What was his name again? Oh that's right the well known teen singer Frankie Avalanche.
  8. Honey where's the children?
  9. Thank you Bill you will always be remembered while all those that stood against you will not. E.C RULES.
  10. M.U.S.T exercise my brain I need more muscle! Puny woman stop calling me Crusty!!!!!!!!
  11. The end of times! While I never agreed with the Doctor being made into a woman ( He is a male character) this is the last straw! If I were a black person this would insult me personally as only being used as the TOKEN black person, it's the same as a gay person what on Earth has their sexuallity got to do with getting a part? People should only be judged on their talent not what makes a person different. The great shame is that THEY have to make a point of highlighting that difference in the first place.
  12. I nearly ran out of likes, that's a nice run and they look near mint, well done Oak.
  13. We'd better call Blakey...Butler's up to his tricks again!
  14. Maybe they were Cy-BUS workers ending their shift.