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  1. Oh my goodness it's Clerk Cant in an apron,.maybe he's on his way to the Daily Planet.
  2. #Happy birthday Mr President# Now you know what all the big "S" logos stand for STUPIDITY!
  3. I've always noticed that any TOP video is only the items they have in their collections. Here is a video (in extreme close up) my top 10 Fungal infections!
  4. Ruff ruff ruff translated "Timmy has some comics".
  5. I see the T-Rex got the POINT straight to his snout. T-Rex "Aw for goodness sake I was only gonna bite his head off...Can't you take a joke!"
  6. It looks more like Gamera from the Godzilla series. .
  7. I'm only worried that you can't wipe yourself with digital comics!
  8. Oh Bruntus when you said you were going to give a RING I thought it was an engagement one.
  9. Good old Mike he is forever loyal to his beloved Creature. Have you seen the new horror flix playing cards there's a few Creature cards in the deck.
  10. That looks like Lurch at the top more than the monster.
  11. "Wait I've just had a thought! Let's have Jean go through the door first."