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  1. Let's just say I wouldn't be brave enough to wear it on the street even with Martians shooting laser beams at me.
  2. Glup glup! I would have taken them off you.without the lecture
  3. Just in case you thought we've forgot about Dell comics, it seems our friend Kona even had problems with gi-ants!
  4. It was such a nice day that I and a few friends decided to go for a picnic, however we had to leave early as the Ants came for our food.
  5. I'm lucky in that department as I have a King size coffin.
  6. Drat! I knew there was some lucky people in the World but to meet both Cushing and adjust Ms Leigh WOW.
  7. I'll probably get hate mail for this but I never warmed to Ms Munro's charms yes she is a beautiful woman but her acting left a lot to be desired. Even in so called provocative poses she just seemed lifeless I've seen paintings with more sex appeal? I wish no offence to Ms Munro maybe I'm just getting old, why only the other day a part of me dropped off and I've not been the same since.
  8. Yes they were trying to push for it to star Barbara Leigh and Peter Cushing as a wizard called Pendragon, Ms Leigh even had publicity photos shot as the character for Warren magazines own publication Vampirella.
  9. Gene Colan also used Palance for his Dracula, I just hope he does not see the NECK guy!
  10. Hey kiddies how about a trip down memory lane if you have the PROPS for it so to speak.