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  1. I see the buyer has a 4.0 maybe he sweetened the pot with a trade, however good luck to both. I'm of the opinion that if I were to come across an AF15, even though I don't have one that I would hold it for a day or two then sell. I know I'm probably in the minority but a comic is a COMIC.
  2. WOW and I thought that I was doing well with my ten or so copies!!!! That's a great set to own and as you mentioned not too many people or collectors are interested.
  3. Oops busy day, I've edited it to the right name. That's a great cover and one I'm on the look out for as I'm sure it will be telephone numbers in value.
  4. @Get Marwood & I No problem Steve on a side note I'm always interested in what you post as I love to read about things I never knew. I've recently been buying the Alan Class Marvel covers, yes they might be worthless but on the other hand I enjoy them immensely.
  5. WHAT'S THIS A PARTY! I'm always the last to know and Steve never even mentioned me? If you could see me now the tears are streaming down my cheeks (Face cheeks) I hope I'm still in time to wish all the forum members a most wonderful coming year.
  6. I recently watched a Youtube video were the guy would crack these cases open and showed you how. What shocked me was that CGC does not heat seal the comics anymore but just places mylites on the front and back, what gets me is will thee last as long?
  7. I'm collecting the Batman Golden age omnibus' and it would be nice to know when they end and the Silver age starts.
  8. I hated that character as well as the Puma and Alpha WHAT were you thinking Marvel?
  9. That was the only idea I liked from the latest Spidey run that the Hobgoblin was running an industry on Super costumes, it made so much sense as he was already involved in the fashion industry. However I do agree it does look like the stealth suit, at least until Spider-Man's new film. .
  10. Christmas and holiday greetings from the Crypt, I wish you all the very best at this time and hope that things will become a lot better for all of us.
  11. I've never seen these mini comics before can you tell me what they are also the copy of issue 300, thanks.
  12. His book did not raise in value until the Spiderverse movie so it is debatable if it will keep its value. I also agree about the Youtube videos and I do enjoy them.
  13. Steve that was a brilliant posting I really enjoyed reading it and agree fully. As for sharing your collection I've had the same problem that is unless my home needs work done by workmen! There has been a few times were the central heating needed repaired and as my collection is built onto my walls the radiator had to be removed. So the manager comes to my room to look at the radiator that needs replace on Monday morning, then on Tuesday four workmen turn up for one radiator? By Friday I got curious and asked one of them why they needed so many workers and his answer was "We all heard about so
  14. I have been wondering lately after watching numerous Youtube videos that the modern run of comics is worthless! Yes I can hear your shock but hear me out, unless a comic is limited in its run I believe that there would be thousands of 9.8's and to inflate certain prices is nonsense. Personally I would rather invest in an older first appearance than a modern for two reasons: One that there are fewer copies and two they are better comics in general both in art and story. Maybe I'm alone in this thought but it does make sense, now if you are only going to flip the moderns please feel free. Anoth