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  1. Over the Benny Hill and back again.
  2. Are you not going to admit that Doc Ock looks like Roy or at least a pretty woman?
  3. Everybody knows Doc Ock is based on Roy Orbison! I see that there is a page up for auction in three days time featuring Ross's art. Doc Ock as a Flasher... Aunt May: " Oh my giddy Aunt...When you said get a load of this!" " The least you could have done was FOUR warned me."
  4. It's funny but I just cannot see Lon Chaney in any of the Universal classics, okay maybe as a vampire hunter or fighting the Mummy but nothing else. As for Jack Pierce he was a very modest man and I would assume he would have admired his talent. Quote: The sole reason for any makeup, and particularly a character makeup, is not to proclaim the skill of the artist or the actor, but to help tell the story. Therefore, makeup must not be obviously 'makeuppy.' This in turn demands that it be supervised by a qualified artist, for the actor, no matter how skilled he may be in the technical detail of applying his makeup, rarely has the right perspective to judge the makeup without bias.
  5. After all it did have Nelson Eddy! I dislike this version however it's still better than all the other versions that came later except for Hammers attempt.
  6. HULK press for free...HULK hate puny comic.
  7. When I was a teenager many Moons ago, I was taught how to work a wax sealing machine, in this case it was a bread machine. First it would slice the loaf then wrap it in a wax paper cover before putting it on a trolley, my job at the time was a trainee machinist. I had to change the wax paper that was fed through the machine and I can tell you it was HOT! I've often wondered how these wax wrappers stay sealed especially the ones from the Sixties.
  8. I think that's a bit of a STRETCH and I'm not to sure it will STICK at that price, then again I don't want to GUM up the works.
  9. From the Nazca lines pedigree collection. Still a nice copy.