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  1. Cbcnow Feedback / Kudos Thread

    Awesome seller and great guy to deal with!
  2. Hey guys This came up in discussion the other day with my brother and although I know cgc will grade a book with brittle pages, will they grade a very brittle book if it may compromise the condition as they grade it? In other words can cgc choose to not grade a book because it's too brittle? I ask because I'm possibly buying a book where the covers have large sections or brittleness but I'd still want it graded due to how expensive and rare the book is. Thanks!
  3. Im looking for anything in the lower grade range. Restored, qualified or missing pages. Main thing is that the front page is present. Raw or graded ...don't matter. Hoping to spend $10-15k If anyone can help, It would be very appreciated please DM me Thanks for looking
  4. Looking for a coverless copy of exciting comics #9 or more specifically the center wrap. Please help!! Thanks for looking
  5. Looking for a tec 40 in any grade Prefer low grade complete or mid grade restored copy. $$ ready and lots of golden age keys to trade if needed Also looking for: Startling Comics 49, exciting comics 28, amazing man comics28 Low grade or restored
  6. WTB exciting comics 28 Looking for low grade, complete, raw or graded. Looking to spend up to $450

    2 awesome covers! I'm a big fan of biro Glwts
  8. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Thank you! And yes it has professional moderate restoration done.
  9. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Hers my one and only tec book but what a book it is