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  1. I was lucky enough to buy this from my brother who owned it for a few years.
  2. Thank you all for you comments and opinions! A genuine concern of mine was the overall state of the book overtime and some good points were made in regards to doing some restoration work later if need be and that's something that I may do. I agree with how the current condition gives the book some character and like many have pointed out a supes 1 is great to have in any shape. Most likely I'll be taking a trip down to Sarasota and do a walk-through and have the book reslabbed in one of those shiny new holders and that will suffice for now.
  3. This is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hey everyone! I just got this Superman 1 a few weeks back and I was trying to get some advice on what you guys think. Some people I know have told me I should get it restored while my own personal feeling is to leave it as is. Be aware I have nothing against restoration but I find this .5 complete copy more appealing then a restored copy given that there are only 52 unrestored copies in the cenus out of the 142 that are graded. "what would you do of it was yours"? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. rcouto

    Superman 1 Club

    Thanks guys!
  6. rcouto

    Superman 1 Club

    Just got this a few weeks back! Now I'm in this exclusive club .5 complete unrestored Superman 1
  7. rcouto

    Top 5 UNDERWATER GA Covers?

    My favorite underwater cover!!
  8. Looking to buy any of the 3 books in my title. Preferably low grade, restored, incomplete (with cover) whatever you have! I'm a serious buyer and will pay fair current market value. Thanks!