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  1. Looking for a tec 40 in any grade Prefer low grade complete or mid grade restored copy. $$ ready and lots of golden age keys to trade if needed Also looking for: Startling Comics 49, exciting comics 28, amazing man comics28 Low grade or restored
  2. WTB exciting comics 28 Looking for low grade, complete, raw or graded. Looking to spend up to $450

    2 awesome covers! I'm a big fan of biro Glwts
  4. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Thank you! And yes it has professional moderate restoration done.
  5. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Hers my one and only tec book but what a book it is

    ACTION 23
  7. Closed

    Great book!
  8. Lot 6. DC comics lot! Most of these are in 6.0+ condition. Lots of goodies here! (45 books) $360 + $60 shipping also included are a few marvel books such as iron Man #2 in excellent condition!
  9. Hey everyone! I bought a collection this weekend and it was filled with a lot of different books. I'm breaking up everything into lots. None of the books were in Mylars so grades vary from 1.0-7.0 ..I will provide Mylars for the DC comics lot only. The rest will be shipped in a box wrapped in plastic very tightly. Rules 1. No returns 2 PayPal only 3. Shipping will vary depending on the lot. I'm in Canada so please keep that in mind. $20-$65 4. Take it wins over DM negotiations Thanks for looking!! Lot 1. Archie lot (49 books) $50+ shipping $40 Lot 2. Charlton comics $150+ shipping $30 (32 books) some cool books in this lot. Awesome war comics! Lot 3. Dell comics lot! $200 + $30 shipping (33 books) Lots of Walt Disney, Hanna Barbara, Looney tunes and more! Lot 4. Gold key cartoon lot. $90+ shipping $50 (57 books) Lot 5. Gold key photo cover lot $150+ shipping$30 (15 books) w/ green hornet#1
  10. Closed - moving to ebay

    USA only