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  1. Amazing Spider-Man #57 5.0 minor moisture damage along the edge $35 $22 Amazing Spider-Man #60 4.5 moisture damage on this book $25 $16 Amazing Spider-Man #63 6.0 $45 $23 Amazing Spider-Man 92 6.5 tear in top back cover $45 $24 Amazing Spider-Man #104 7.5 $30 $22
  2. Hello I recommended Guy to come here. He asked me if I knew any CGC witnesses. He is opening a comic book store in Lindenhurst in the beginning of October. He has i believe Bob McLeod coming for a signing on 10/3 and wanted to have a witness there in case anyone wanted to get the sig verified and yellow labeled. Any more details you will need to ask him. Hope this helped
  3. Off topic but hoping someone knows someone. Ace Comic Con is next weekend in Long Island New York. I am bringing my brother-in-law on Friday because he wants to meet the wrestlers. My problem is the photo op for The Undertaker is sold out. Does anyone know anyone selling a Photo Op, Autograph or even a Undertaker VIP ticket? I really want him to meet him but missed by one day. Willing to pay premium. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Does he have a favorite issue or story arc? You can find the artist on that arc and see if you can have him/her draw you an original commission. Not all artists are accepting commissions but worth a try. You can also look for a page from a favorite issue. That can get expensive though really depends on what you are looking for
  5. Looking for low to mid grade keys. Mainly Amazing Spiderman, Vampirella #1 and House of Secrets 92 but let me know what else you have. Interested in graded or raw.