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  1. Some of the pulls from 50 cent long boxes.
  2. Here's another random Conan/Robert Howard fanzine from 1976. Ashcan size, mostly text lists inside.
  3. I got on the site's mailing list after seeing this thread. I also came to post the same link above about the 2nd print being available. Thanks for posting this!
  4. The Marvel Times are great. I think I bought 1 and 3 from the boards. I still need #2... What does the Marvel Handbook look like inside? I've never seen that before.
  5. I went to this annual book sale on Saturday. I get there at 6 AM and there was probably 1,000 people in front of me. I bought a ton of books. Here are some of the more interesting ones. The Ariel set was a great find, but they put price stickers on the books that don't always come off very easily. The pulps are neat, but not really in my wheelhouse. I just couldn't leave them behind.
  6. G.I. Joe Cobra Battle Game from 1982. Never saw this before and picked it up for a great price locally. Complete, except for the instructions, but it's easy to figure out. You pull back and set the targets (cardboard), load the missile launcher, and shoot the dart/missile. It's a bit clunky - some targets are very sensitive and some are difficult to trigger. All the parts are rubber band-activated, and it could just be the replacement bands are different. I played with my 6 year old and 3 year old, and they both loved it. They also both beat me somehow.
  7. Yes, I should have said that. It's from the Gargoyles cartoon (c) 1994.
  8. Picked this up from a local toy show. The directions are crazy complicated and they really should have made plastic figures instead of cardboard. But the tower is cool.
  9. I picked these up from my most recent family trip to Disney World - Star Wars Thermal Detonator-shaped Coke products. The TSA banned these for a short period of time...but continued to allow actual guns as long as they were not loaded. Galaxy's Edge was fun.
  10. I rearranged a couple of shelves to make room for some new stuff. I ended up...opening...two figures for the display (my daughter always asks me why I don't open and play with my toys). Matching up the figures with 90s standees and original sketches. I still need to pick up a Select Psylocke. Top shelf includes my new comic box, complete Nerds X-Men Series 1 puzzle, and random Classics Illustrated items I don't know what to do with yet. Eventually they'll go with my Classics Illustrated comic rack.
  11. I picked up the Battle Beasts Bandolier at a recent toy show. I'm displaying it on the top of my homemade Battle Beasts shelf. I just need a few more Battle Beasts to complete my set.
  12. Phoenix Fan Fusion, May 21-24, 2020 More guests coming. Announced so far: Scott Williams Scott Hanna Bob Wiacek Fabian Nicieza Jose Delbo Ron Lim Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) @stinkininkin are you taking commissions?
  13. Anyone ever play the old Star Wars roleplaying game? I never did, but I picked up a lot of 17 books. Some interesting reading and a complete Sabac game too!
  14. I think it's in my permanent collection. I remember seeing one here on the boards for the first time a while ago, so I recognized it immediately when I saw it. It's already on the shelf in my office.