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  1. I looked through all the exclusives posted on their site, but I didn't see any comics or action figures. Anyone know of any?
  2. Bargain digging at a LCS. The "Read" is from 1975 and has a story about Marvel comics. Last issue of FOOM. Age of X-Men Alpha 1:100 George Perez variant in the dollar box...makes me really wonder about modern print runs and "rarity" of modern variants. Really cool unused Fantastic Four fun with numbers book. Fantastic Four Marvel Comics Index (I'd be looking to trade for the Conan Marvel Comics Index if anyone is interested).
  3. I'm sure someone could help identify them if you post pictures of them.
  4. I also picked up a Jabba Sail Barge from a toy show. The game is complete. Also picked up Lord Helmet (I'm told it's a replica from the same mold as the toy from the movie; either way, it's a cheap and cool piece); 3 TMNT bootlegs; and a really cool Willow monster with a hairy back.
  5. Phoenix Fan Fusion, May 23-26, 2019 formerly Phoenix Comic Con formerly Phoenix Fan Fest Comic guests so far: Roy Thomas Wendy & Richard Pini Gerry Conway Denys Cowan Travis Hanson Wendy & Richard Pini The Janimal Shelbi Webb James C. Mulligan Jim Hanna Brianna Garcia Jeff Pina Monte Moore Dennis O’Neil Joe Staton Ken Lashley Howard Chaykin Neal Adams Norm Rapmund Dave Beaty Kevin Nowlan Tony Kordos Michael Golden Jacob Bear Jesse Heagy Tony Parker Joe Corroney Brian & Kristy Miller Jean Munson Adam Warren Gerry Conway Denys Cowan
  6. Some 50 center LCS long box diving.
  7. While the Frankenstein was the gem of my purchases, I did buy a lot of stuff at the used book sale. Here are some of the more unusual books.
  8. Picked up this beauty at a used book sale. Hardcover limited to 500 copies, signed by both Berni Wrightson and Stephen King. With slipcase.
  9. Reeses Pieces 1, 2, F/VF $ 1.00 Venom the Madness 1-3 NM Minus $ 6.00 Walking Dead # 1 (Aircel) VF $ 3.00 Winter World lot $ 1.00
  10. I'm finally getting to posting the contents of the Frazetta/Magazine mystery box from @wombat. I messaged him earlier, so stop judging me. An incredible selection of goodness. There's a stack of early Creepy and Eerie under the Blazing Combat. Box also included two novels, 2 full trading card sets, playing cards, and 3 Frazetta art books.