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  1. 38 comics so far this year. Wrapped up the main AoA storyline with X-Men Omega! We are going to go back and read some of the backup stories next X-Men Chronicles and X-Universe. I started reading the original Marvel Conan run...with a twist. I'm a big Conan fan, but I've never read any of the original Marvel Conan comics. I had the pleasure of meeting Roy Thomas ~2 years ago at a show, and he was selling his new book, "Barbarian Life: A Literary Biography of Conan the Barbarian." I got it signed with a Conan head sketch. After a few pages of intro about how the series ca
  2. Such a good story. Are you going to read the rest of the original run? If so, make sure you also read "Tick The Pseudo Edition #13," which closes out the series after many years of waiting.
  3. 34 comics for the year! Age of Apocalypse is almost complete. It's so funny to hear my daughter get so excited to read X-Men Omega and then go back and read the backup stories. She's very interested in how Scarlet Witch died - the reader knows early on that she's dead, so not really a spoiler. Not all the AoA books are great, but I still really enjoy the "what if" storyline. X-Calibre may be my least favorite. I also finished the second Hawkeye TPB. Still a fantastic series, and I've already purchased TPBs 3 and 4 so I can finish the run. I'm still very happy about my
  4. I couldn't tell you the last recent Marvel book I've read. There are clearly larger Marvel universe things that have happened, but it didn't bother me. I did look up one character on wikipedia. Oh, I read X-Men stuff, but it's completely unrelated. Go for it!
  5. I'm up to 25 for the year already. We're almost done with the main Age of Apocalypse storyline. I think just 3 more, then my daughter wants to go back and read the backup stories. Some stories are better than others, but I really enjoy the storyline. The Matt Fraction Hawkeye series was really hyped on the reading thread last year. And it lived up to the hype. I have no idea why a book about Hawkeye is go engaging and entertaining, but it really works. Great story, humor, fun characters and situations. I'm almost done with the second TPB and I've already ordered #3
  6. One last item for sale, a Darth Maul necktie. Yes, I used to wear this back in my younger days. Good shape, but it's been sitting a while and may want to have it dry cleaned. $20 + shipping
  7. I'm looking for 3-ring binders / trading card albums. I'm open to others, but these are the ones I'm most interested in. I am notinterested in home-made/custom binder inserts. I don't need the trading cards, just the binders. Marvel Series 3 Official Binder (1992) X-Men Series 1 (1992) X-Men Ultra '94 (1994) Nintendo or Mario Serenity/Firefly Robotech/Macross Buck Rogers D**k Tracy Boris Frazetta Hildebrandt Joseph Michael Linsner Ken Kelly Sliders (TV Series) Phantom (the superhero) D&D Gargoyles (Disney) Thanks for looking!