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  1. Is $42.50 a good price for one? Estate sale find today!
  2. I had a similar incident at a yard sale a couple of years ago. I ask how much the comics are, and the mom tells me they are her son's and she wants some $100s for the two short boxes of 90s stuff. I say no thanks and look around elsewhere. She comes back and says they are $1 each. I start to dig and pull. As I'm digging and pulling, she takes part of my pile and starts to look them up on eBay. She then says, this one is $5, this one is $10, on and on. So they are not, $1 each I ask? I take the stack back from her, including the ones she hadn't searched yet, randomly insert them back into the boxes - I don't work for free. I bought a Joe 155 and Spider-Man Obama cover at a reasonable price and left.
  3. All invoiced paid and all books shipped! I've moved the remaining sets and lots to another venue, but all other books are still available at 20% off or best offer. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks again to everyone for helping me clear out 3+ short boxes since the lockdown. I've added a lot back through the forums too, but that's how it works, I guess. I've pulled all the lots to try to sell elsewhere. Offers are still welcome on other items.
  5. Just wrapped up the Strain: the Fall, which is the 2nd of 3 series. Still a solid read, maybe 4/5 stars. The artwork continues to look rushed at times. Next up, the Silver Surfer GN from '91. All this talk about the Silver Surfer is getting me interested. I'm getting a lot of reading done, but my list continues to expand.
  6. I forget if we talked about the Larry Hama Kickstarter action figure from 3 YEARS AGO. This just arrived this week...FROM 3 YEARS AGO. There were lots of issues with the factory overseas. Anyone else get this? it comes with about 6 extra hands.
  7. The following are sold via PM: Wrestling Spotlight w/ posters (detached) Amazing Spider-Man Invasion of the Dragon Men Book and Record Fantasy Masterpiece #1 Real Heroes Pizza Hut Promo 1994 #1 Sensational Spider-Man TPB UFO Flying Saucers #4 reader
  8. Invoices are slowly starting to go out. No more further % discounts, but you're welcome to message me with offers. No local shows means I'm willing to negotiate and clear some space.
  9. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to look through my thread. I've posed a recap on page 1. Take 20% off everything that's left. Offers are always welcome. PM me if you'd like to see more pictures or get descriptions. Thanks again!
  10. I think that'll do it for this thread. 412 items total photographed and listed. I opened this thread a week ago, but it feels a lot longer. I do have more random stuff in my magazine box, but it's hard to gauge what will sell. I have a few low grade Savage Sword of Conan, some DragonCon program books, and a few low grade Eeries. Do you want better pictures or descriptions of anything? Just ask. Want to make an offer? Shoot 'em over! Thanks again to everyone for looking. I'll start sending out invoices on Friday.