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  1. Went to a yard sale that advertised comics. They did, but it was the second day and 1/2 the box was gone. I picked up a few books, but nothing post-worthy. However, I bundled the comics with this, which is really cool. I think this will clean up nice. It's not complete, but I think this will make a nice action figure display case. This is a chemistry set and mentions atomic energy, so I'm thinking about displaying sci-fi figures and items - Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers. I was looking for superheroes created by chemistry, and nothing jumped out at me. I'm not a Daredevil fan, Swamp Thing works better in a horror section, and I have other plans for TMNT displays. Suggestions are appreciated.
  2. FINAL PRICE DROP: $100 shipped in the United States for the entire lot. Offers welcome.
  3. Quickly got through the Star Wars: TIE Fighter mini series. Interesting premise - the entire story is from the point of view of a five pilot TIE Fighter squadron. The story takes place between ESB and ROTJ. There were some interesting nuggets, but the series was just too short. I didn't realize it was a companion story to the new Alphabet Squadron novel/trilogy, which is getting good reviews. Up next - Squadron Supreme TPB. I've finished the intros and the first issue. Review to come at the end.
  4. Bump for price drop: I'm asking $120 shipped in the United States for the entire lot. Offers welcome.
  5. Have you considered reading "Barbarian Life" along with the comics? It's commentary by Thomas about the comics (from Amazon): "In this first of two volumes, Roy Thomas explains the creative process behind the first 51 issues of Conan the Barbarian. You'll look over his shoulder as he plots and scripts each issue, devises new adventures for Conan that expand Howard's original stories into a world-spanning epic, and works with such Conan artists as Barry Smith, Gil Kane, and John Buscema." I picked this up from Amazon and had Thomas sign and do a head sketch in it last year. I want to read it alongside with the comics, when I get to them.
  6. I am not. I put my full opinion in the spoiler tag, but, in summary, I don't like the supernatural bend the comic takes. It's just not for me.
  7. This may be my only sketch cover this year with all the con cancellations. I like to come up with mashups of characters. I thought about a Star Wars Royal Guard fighting a G.I. Joe Royal Guard (the G.I. Joe movie was, and still is, awesome). This was done by Jason Sobol. I've had a few things done by him over the years, including my Mt. Cobramore (Mt. Rushmore parody with Cobra characters), which was one of my first sketches ever. I really like his G.I. Joe and other 80s characters. He's always great to work with and is reasonably priced. If you'd like to see his other work, you can reach him here:
  8. Red Sonja: Death in Scarlet One-Shot. I picked this up on the boards not too long ago. Very interesting introduction about the creation of Red Sonja and a nice, short story early in her career. My brother has read the old Red Sonja novels and says they are fantastic, but I haven't read them yet.
  9. I tested the vending mechanism and it still works. So now the fun begins. One lock was open and the other was not. No keys included. I just googled how to pick a vending machine lock and it was as simple as drilling a few holes. Took about 2 minutes. Then I took the machine apart and hosed it down, after taking out my 4 quarters, of course. Used a razor blade to remove tape and other junk. Used a wire brush to clean up the rust spots. About 20 minutes worth of cleaning. The red paint will arrive tomorrow. Still need to order keys and clean the chrome parts, like the quarter mechanism, then do some touchup around the pulls and make a new advertising sign.