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  1. I didn't realize at first that these were Canadian variants. The picture posted was so poor that I got a glimpse of the multi-pack, so I asked and it was confirmed. I collect multi-packs, but the Canadian variants are a nice bonus. I think those are my only ones, but I've never really paid attention to them or JC Penny variants. I know I've read half a dozen times how to spot them, but I keep forgetting. I also picked up a box of Disney Afternoon digests - price was right and I was there already. The lot includes the first issue, 2 copies of the TMNT issue, and a few other cool ones.
  2. I recently picked these up from a bulk purchase. Conditions vary, but most are in good shape. There are a few in lower grade. I have not examined them for inserts. I would be happy to provide more details on any specific issues upon request. Pricing is simple: Buy 1 - 4 issues: $6 each Buy 5 - 10 issues: $5.50 each Buy 11+ issues: $5 each Shipping is flat $6 in the US for media mail. I'll do 1st Class for the same $6 if the package is < 1 lb. Rules: US buyers only. Shipping is noted above. Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, and checks acce
  3. The Vengeance TPB came up on Amazon last year, I ordered it, and ~5 months later Amazon cancelled my order and said they couldn't fulfill it. Only time this has ever happened to me. I was able to finally pick up this HC for a great price, still in shrink wrap. Now to sell the floppies and put it towards my next purchase.
  4. One of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. It'll make a nice addition to my bootleg figure collection, next to "Porn-stash" Forge. This is the advertising piece from the Ultimate Fighters gumball machine toys. The little rubber guys are about the size of a quarter. The cheap quality printed photo is so bad, so I took a closeup. So little pride was put into this display that the Vega knockoff is packaged on this twice. Enjoy!