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  1. Yes - absolutely correct and my initial intentions to convey. I added clarification.
  2. You are entitled to your opinion. If you knew me personally - I am not a deceiver. I fixed to avoid any confusion for those that cannot get past the fact that I originally stated it is the oldest 10.0 titled “X-Men”...only “X-Men”. You have to go into the registry and search under “Uncanny X-Men” to find older mints (but the titles that are older and are also mints are under “Uncanny X-Men” and not “X-Men”). I can see your point and I corrected immediately.
  3. Changed to avoid confusion. I did originally state that this is the oldest 10.0 title”X-Men”...not “Uncanny X-Men”...but I see your point since Uncanny was a continuation of the original series. Thanks guys for your input. I do sincerely appreciate. Love this board!
  4. Yes, but I just stated oldest of any titled “X-Men” Uncanny starts in 1981 and yes there are a few that are mint as mentioned by some members in this thread. You have to search under “Uncanny X-Men” to find the mints. I understand their point though. I was simply stating oldest of any where you go into the CGC Census and search under the original or later series titled only “X-Men”. The Jim Lee covers are the best in my opinion.
  5. Had a 10.0 X-Men from 1991 for sale but I apparently didn’t word anything properly based on feedback of other board members. Made it sound like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is a garbage issue that nobody wants - so I’ll just burn it. ****soooooooo misleading I can’t imagine how I have such great feedback will all my other previous sales and purchases. Love how some continue to criticize after I made changes to clarify. I should have just brought rope and rocks for a public hanging. Jezzzz. Talk about beating a dead horse.
  6. Thanks - I’ll send you a PM. I will get these out Tuesday afternoon (so no rush - you can send money via PayPal before then).
  7. Thanks Chazgee! Nice pick up of the CGC 9.8 X-Men 11 in the Silver Ink Printing! Sent you a PM. Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day Weekend.
  8. First “I’ll take it” and indicates the numbered slab and description, takes it and is the winner. PayPal only - $11 flat rate shipping for up to 2 slabs and $22 for any number above 2 slab purchases. I will ship to the lower 48 states within the US only. Raising money for my metal workshop (finally pulled the trigger on building one). I package extremely well. A few of these may have the inner lining touching the comic causing a small area to appear rainbowed. The issues are still their indicated CGC grade. This typically happened in some older CGC sleeves. For the price - I am not discounting anything any further. PM me with any questions. Here we go: 1) SOLD to comicguy77002 Batman: Vengeance of Bane Special #1 CGC 9.0 - $ 55 2) SOLD to Chazgee X-Men #11 Second Printing Shipped with X-Men board game. Silver ink cover. Very Hard to Find! CGC 9.6 - $55 3) SOLD to comicguy77002 Wizard Ace Edition: Hulk #181 CGC 9.8 - $75 4) Wizard Ace Edition: Incredible Hulk #1. CGC 9.8 - $75 5) Wildcats #v4 #1. CGC Signature Series 9.8 Signed by Jim Lee and Grant Morrison - $95 6) Wildcats #v4 #1. CGC 9.8 Sketch Cover -$55 7) Jim Lee Sketchbook #nn. CGC 9.8 -$145 8) Batman Annual #1 CGC 9.8 - $60 9) SOLD to comicguy77002 Batman #612 CGC 9.6 - $30 10) Death Dealer #3 CGC 9.4 Frank Frazetta Cover - $40 11) Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer #1 CGC 9.6 Nat Jones Cover Art - $55 12) Superman 204 Retailer Incentive Sketch Edition. CGC 9.6 Jim Lee Cover Art - $165 13) Predator #1 CGC 9.6 (stunning cover)! - Darkhorse Presents #34 CGC 9.6 Alien Cover and Story - Darkhorse Presents #35 CGC 9.6 Predator Story - $160 for all 3 will not separate these 3 (they belong together).
  9. CGC 9.6 X-Men #11 Silver Ed. First I’ll take it - takes it. Free shipping within US only $265 firm
  10. I heard people should get their slabs re-slabbed every ten years or so. Plus want to give possible future buyer confidence it is still a 10.0 I’ve seen supposed high grade comics left in comic store windows and the ink was very faded and the pages got brittle. This has been stored well...but again, just for future resale and confidence for buyers.
  11. Thanks - I wasn’t sure - this has zero damage to the slab...I was always too scared to attempt a reslab of a 10.0 I may just take it to an event where a grader is present and get his best opinion on if the grading would change if reslabbed...if he says definitely not - I’m re-slabbing it when I can get to an event and either keeping it for a long time or selling it for more than what I’m asking for now. I am a fishing addict and want to buy a newer fish finder.
  12. Bump - no 10.0’s in the first X-Men series. This is the oldest and only one in this issue. If I take it to get it re-slabbed at an event next year...the price will go up dramatically. Could use the money now - but probably smarter for me to be patient and just get it looked at and re-slabbed. Looks like perfect corners still - perfect staples and great ink. Don’t see why it wouldn’t remain a 10.0
  13. PayPal only. Will ship within the United States only! First “I’ll take it” - takes it! PM me with any questions. No returns - all transactions are final.