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  1. I heard people should get their slabs re-slabbed every ten years or so. Plus want to give possible future buyer confidence it is still a 10.0 I’ve seen supposed high grade comics left in comic store windows and the ink was very faded and the pages got brittle. This has been stored well...but again, just for future resale and confidence for buyers.
  2. Thanks - I wasn’t sure - this has zero damage to the slab...I was always too scared to attempt a reslab of a 10.0 I may just take it to an event where a grader is present and get his best opinion on if the grading would change if reslabbed...if he says definitely not - I’m re-slabbing it when I can get to an event and either keeping it for a long time or selling it for more than what I’m asking for now. I am a fishing addict and want to buy a newer fish finder.
  3. Bump - no 10.0’s in the first X-Men series. This is the oldest and only one in this issue. If I take it to get it re-slabbed at an event next year...the price will go up dramatically. Could use the money now - but probably smarter for me to be patient and just get it looked at and re-slabbed. Looks like perfect corners still - perfect staples and great ink. Don’t see why it wouldn’t remain a 10.0
  4. PayPal only. Will ship within the United States only! First “I’ll take it” - takes it! PM me with any questions. No returns - all transactions are final.
  5. Cool - I’ll shoot you a PM with my PayPal and I’ll provide tracking when I get to the post office Monday of next week. Traveling with work. Thank you!
  6. PayPal only...no HOS...first “I’ll Take It” and also naming the issue name and issue # takes it. I will ship in a box within a box with plenty of cushioning to pack it tight and keep it safe. $15 shipping fee on top of sales price (no matter how many you buy). I will only ship within the United States! ***You can click and zoom in on pics with your fingers if using your phone to look at these. Here we go: $125 $85 $230 $55 $30 $190 $55 $90 $65 $65 $40 $55 $55 $40 $40 $40 $55 DeathDealer - sorry for the glare - I have this saved on my photo bucket and the scan was not that great did to the glare. Awesome cover art! $85 DeathDealer - cool sketch $95 $95
  7. $740 PayPal only. No returns at this price. I will package super safe and secure. I will ship USPS with tracking to anywhere in the United States only. FREE SHIPPING included!!!!! Just over 200 issues. I believe I counted 202. The first “I’ll take it” - takes it. There are many here that if they come back 9.8 in a CGC slab would be worth over $100. The Batman 612 and the 612 Sketch have a real chance and so do the 608’s along with Batman & Robin #1 just as examples. I cannot guarantee they would but there is low risk when you are paying less than $3.67 an issue and I don’t have many fillers here (most are sought after issues with varying degrees). Again - FREE shipping and shipping won’t be cheap on this. I would estimate about 150 issues are NM (Near Mint), 40 are VF (Very Fine) and the rest are F (Fine). I was going to slab all the X-Men 1991 series X-Men that I believe would come back 9.8 (I’d estimate at least 20+ conservatively), a few of the more desirable issues of the Batman series - around 6 I’d believe would have a chance at 9.8, I was going to slab most all the Predator issues since I love these issues and believe most all would be between 9.2-9.8, I also wanted to slab about 5 of the Transformer issues and feel they’d get between 9.4-9.8, I was going to slab at least 8 to 10 of the X-Men Forever Alpha and One Shots and would expect 9.2-9.8 on these. Lastly, I was going to slab about 8 of the more sought after Uncanny X-Men issues and would expect 8.5-9.4 on those. There are a few more I would have possibly slabbed like the Bane and Batman cover even though the spine is in bad shape. The New Mutants would be a good one to slab along with the Annuals of the UnCanny X-Men. Some pics are just to get close-ups, but I do have a lot of the 1991 X-Men (look at the biggest zoomed out shots to get an idea of how many are in the one picture).
  8. PayPal only. Will ship within the United States only. The first one to say “I’ll take it” and specifies which slab(s) they are claiming wins. Add $12 for flat rate shipping on any 1 or 2 slabs. If buy more than 2 slabs...I will pay shipping. I will package very securely with plenty of cushioning as well as PM the winning buyer with the tracking info. $75 Batman Annual #1 Night of the Owls CGC 9.6 $60 Superman #612 CGC 9.6 $175 Superman #204 Retailer Incentive Edition CGC 9.6 $60 Batman #1 The New 52 CGC 9.6 (cracked case - see pic)
  9. Not sure...it may be, but I have too much respect for this collection. I’d like to see these stay together and not get separated. I sound like child placement at an adoption center. Want these to go to a good home where they will be loved and cared for.
  10. I will still sell this for $3400 if buyer pays the PayPal fees and shipping costs. I have not raised this price upon the passing of our beloved Stan Lee - Rest In Peace. I am only keeping this up until the end of March or maybe less. If doesn’t sell quickly I will hold and sell for more on the 30th Anniv. come 2021. These have multiple signatures on most and priced way less than the average selling price on eBay. Many of these are going for much much higher than $200 an issue on eBay...some closer to $400 and even some higher than that. I will not break up this collection!
  11. Thanks Dave! The 2nd to last was so hard to obtain. I bought so many board games and submitted so many to CGC to finally get that elusive 9.8 for that board game Variant.