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  1. Thanks Dave! The 2nd to last was so hard to obtain. I bought so many board games and submitted so many to CGC to finally get that elusive 9.8 for that board game Variant.
  2. This set is available again! Any interest? If not, that is fine...I firmly believe this collection will go up in value from what I have it listed for. Could use funds to build a workshop now on my property, but I’m not hurting - so price is firm. It is more than fair. Thanks for looking! - TICTICBOOM
  3. This set is still available. Thanks for your interest. Let me know if you have any questions. Shoot me a PM if you want to call me or for me to call you. I can send you my number if you want to discuss over the phone...or leave me your contact info. and I will reach out.
  4. Bump - comes to $200 per slab for this 17 slab collection (all are 9.8 CGC and most all Signature Series...majority with multiple signatures).
  5. Paypal Only. No HOS members. Will ship within United States only. Shipping is included. I will pack with the utmost care and plenty of cushioning material within each box. The first takes it and is the Only selling this set as a set. Will not break up. Jim Lee rocks! ***notice that many of these have multiple signatures. TITICBOOM Kudos Thread - click here and check out my feedback!!!
  6. Re-opened...but not for long. If I can find another way to pay for my boat motor repairs, I will take this down. Put in a healthy discount if all 3 GEM MINTS are bought. Thanks for looking!
  7. $175 Shipped (rare Pressman Edition - very few in this high of grade)