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  1. I've seen these which look like cheaper options. Didn't know if anybody had any experience with them.
  2. It was an option that I've thought of. Just wanted to see if anybody used another option.
  3. I thought this might be the best place for this topic conversation. I have some blank comic books that I had sketches completed on them. For whatever reason, I did not get these sketches graded by CGC and currently sits in a plastic sleeve and board. For those that have ungraded sketch comics, do you use anything specific to showcase those sketches?
  4. Good afternoon everyone. The last 24 hours of a reply to buy. You'll see some graded X-Men, Spiderman and other stuff. There are two boxes of raw stuff as well. Enjoy! Comic Cabana Reply to Buy
  5. I went on Friday and had an enjoyable time. I did like the separate sections based upon what you are there for. Spent my time in artist ally. The bathroom situation was insane but after the first time just went outside the floor to other bathrooms. I saw two booths selling bootleg videos and don't know how they allowed that at the show. Only one artist that I approached didn't seemed interested in my business. It would have been nice if we got something from the show though instead of them trying to sell you it. Last year they gave a plastic bag to put some of your purchases in.
  6. Congrats to all winners. Thank you Doug for putting this together