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  1. Sorah Suhng sketch off of her Kickstarter campaign. Got this back from CGC after Baltimore Comic Con. Too big for my scanner and had to use my phone to take the photo.
  2. I opened my gift from @horsehater27 and for my first year participating was very appreciative of receiving the gift. Almost as fun as getting my Secret Santa gift. I removed the address label before opening. The sketch of Boba Fett says "You can run but you'll only die tired..."
  3. I received my package in the mail today. Left by the mailperson at the front door. Happy that it was delivered today instead of yesterday since the northeast had a ice storms on Tuesday. Don't need my present frozen. LOL. Thank you Secret Santa.
  4. Sent my package yesterday. This is the first year I participated in this and appreciate the tips (i.e. write on the box the packages are wrapped, add a card, etc.) Can't wait to receive my package and for my secret to receive theirs and open it. What a fun event.
  5. The Antman was $200 for a bust. It was done at a show. Stopped by his table on Friday and he asked when I'll be at the show. He took my cell phone and contacted me at the end of the day on Saturday.
  6. My loot from Terrificon Al Milgrom - Ant Man Jim Californe - Nocturne
  7. This was a lot of fun. Can't wait until next time.
  8. I've seen these which look like cheaper options. Didn't know if anybody had any experience with them.
  9. It was an option that I've thought of. Just wanted to see if anybody used another option.
  10. I thought this might be the best place for this topic conversation. I have some blank comic books that I had sketches completed on them. For whatever reason, I did not get these sketches graded by CGC and currently sits in a plastic sleeve and board. For those that have ungraded sketch comics, do you use anything specific to showcase those sketches?
  11. Good afternoon everyone. The last 24 hours of a reply to buy. You'll see some graded X-Men, Spiderman and other stuff. There are two boxes of raw stuff as well. Enjoy! Comic Cabana Reply to Buy