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  1. Civil War 1 Marvel VF/NM Variant Signed by Michael Turner No COA World War Hulk 1 Marvel NM Signed by Michael Turner and Jon Sibal No COA LTD 2500 HTF As per PM!
  2. If you like these - get the original Xenozoic Tales by Mark Schultz - some of the best stuff the medium has ever put out. My Topps favourite - Lone Ranger & Tonto by Joe Lansdale and Tim Truman. Not as far out as the Jonah Hex minis they were doing at DC (that started in the same time period iirc) but a lot of fun. Truman is always good. I've got about a dozen Topps books, give or take - never did by the X-Files but may grab them at some point. Good luck with your hunt man - always cool to collect an entire line of books and these will be more in the fun hunt category than the spend a pile category!
  3. The main story was just ok. The Lex Luthor back-up - easily an all-timer. "Metropolis - 900 Miles" - really made Luthor the master manipulator that the character now is. So many of Byrne's changes were incredible.
  4. Hey Kevin - do you know if Todd’s team is issuing tickets (like his last visit) or it just first come, first served line up? Many thanks sir!
  5. LOL - nice. Cutler had more talent than Joe Mad. Cannon arm. Mad couldn't draw bc his arm got so tired - Cutler could throw bombs more or less indefinitely...just never to his own team...
  6. are you at Niagara Falls this week-end Rich? I am not going this year - but if I was several beers would be taken care of. Have a good show man!
  7. @Kevin Boyd great list, as always! I’m trying to remember from past there usually another round of comic creators announced in early June? (Hey if I didn’t ask “any chance Paul Smith is coming?” it wouldn’t be Fan Expo time!) Looking forward to another fantastic show!
  8. And cost is, I believe $50 per sig, so $250 for your 5 books plus the CGC fees.
  9. Laughed out loud at this one. This joke never ever gets old. Ever!
  10. Untold Legend of the Batman - because it was the first one I remember reading and my dad actually brought the first two issues home from a business trip. DKR - still re-read it almost annually.
  11. Great topic. DD #219 - Frank Miller basically does Clint Eastwood’s “High Plains Drifter”. Batman #424 - “The Diplomat’s Son”. Scum bag with diplomatic immunity...and things go bad. One of the few good Jason Todd stories. X-Men #205 - All BWS Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike. Doctor Strange #55 - Michael Golden greatness. (And the comic that inspired Art Adams to start drawing!) wish I could think of more DC stories off the top of my head - anytime Alan Brennert wrote a DC book (saw Holy Terror listed above), it was great.
  12. There are artists, artists-artists, superstar artists...and then there is BWS. Class of his own. GLWTS!
  13. One of my sisters moved to the US ~15 years ago. Couple of summer's back, we went to the beer store to get a case for the cottage. She says "I'll buy it". We put the case on the counter, guy says "$36". My sister gasps, then laughs, and says "My God, I thought you said $36!" Guy: "I did." Me: "welcome home..." Every time we go to the US, I buy a case of beer and regardless of what State I'm in, the person says the price and I, by reflex say "...the land of the Free!"
  14. has done private signings with Austin in the past - reach out to them - good group of guys. I met Austin at a show, years ago - not sure that he does many anymore though.