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  1. Awesome. I wish election night graphics were this exciting! Really cool to see the shifts happen over time.
  2. This is just Gods. If only Joe Maneely had lived to the Silver Age - guy would have been a rock star level comic book artist. Wish I had the scratch handy for this one...someone will snatch and get a real gem.
  3. Also because of the situation, Bill's name was never on anything. At least for guys like say Alex Raymond, their artwork has the signature. I got Jerry Robinson to sign a Batman Archive...God...12? 13? years ago and we talked a lot about Bill Finger. When we discussed the creative credits I asked him he thought Bill was never recognized and his only answer was "...You'd have had to ask Bob that..." (Way off topic - but in that Batman and BIll documentary I always wondered how he found comic fans who didn't know Bill Finger? I only started reading comics in the early 1980s and I knew what Finger's role was for as long I can remember...every fan knew he was the guy who'd been cheated...)
  4. Given how well run they've always been I'm sure someone will still be accepting consignment boxes (even if it's Buddy and Conan doing it!) Them closing is tough news - I buy (and do a bit of selling) with them constantly. This damn virus.
  5. There's probably a ton of them. Two quick census searches: X-Men 94 (only missing the 9.9 and 10.0) -> Hulk 181 (only missing the 10.0) -> If you search for any big name book, chances are good you'll hit paydirt (I only did these 2 - but I'm sure there are dozens of other popular titles who fit the criteria.
  6. $60 - Wolverine #1 (Fluorescent) 15 11 Copies Available 2684
  7. What The--?! 10 "I'll be Doom For Christmas" by John Byrne, in which Santa is injured when he lands on Castle Doom and triggers the defence grid. Realizing Christmas must continue, only one man can take the place of Claus...DOOM!!!!
  8. Awesome post. It's funny all the things that have changed since that era. From a CDN perspective, the average mortgage rate in that 1980-82 window was ~20%. (Can you imagine how the world would look today if that was still true globally?!?). If one had bought nothing but strips bonds - literally take all available funds and bought strips - you'd have been retired 20 years ago. I think we all go through those moments - selling the Hulk #181 would cover really nice trip to Europe...but if I hold on to it for 5 more years...maybe it's a really nice trip to Australia. I always bought the stuff for fun - the fact that some of it is worth money now is just a nice perk. (bc yeah, the Dow has certainly done much better over time and none of my art sends me a quarterly dividend cheque!) The other thing likely not considered at that time - how the royalty contracts from those X-Men books made insane money for the creators. I know Claremont at one point owned a plane; Byrne - who would've been in royalty gold for all X-Men, all the FF, and (even though DC's deals weren't as good) Superman - lives like Howard Hughes today - the cooky recluse in his mansion LOL. Have to assume Austin reaped some nice benefits as well. Today's comics don't sell enough copies to make it worthwhile for the big name creators of yesteryear and you know those guys did that book like a regular job - never dreaming they'd create the lightning in a bottle they did. All 3 did good work before and did, in many cases, great work after, their X-Men run. But it was the greatest synergy of 3 guys ever. It got better - every month. They got better - every month. Still beautiful to re-read from start to finish today. And I should've been clearer in my first post - I do wish Terry shared that art with IDW - I'd buy that book in a heartbeat Would love an original but I know I'll never spend the money on it - made the same choice around getting a Neal Adams cover about a decade ago - could do, but won't. Not envious of the folks that make that choice - heck, pleased they do! But I won't.
  9. I hear you. Maybe he doesn't need the money yet!
  10. Terry Austin - unless something has changed - still has ALL (or nearly all) his allocation of X-Men pages and covers. I met him at a con...10 or 12 years ago...and a then-recent issue of Back Issue Magazine had scans of 3 or 4 covers - really small scans mind you - all listed "from the collection of Terry Austin" so I he and I talked at length about them. His best line - was that sitting a con with Byrne in the early 1980s, John selling covers for $200, he said "Jesus you really need that $200?" Austin commented that his pages would comfortably cover retirement - and at today's prices, he's not wrong. The other interesting thing - Austin has declined to submit any of his pages for IDW's Artist Editions - his view being that those high quality reproductions reduce the value of the originals. (It's his art, so his right - though at this point I'd think there's actually a better chance that it might raise the prices even more!)
  11. As a guy who's cracked 2 9.8 Batman #423's for Todd to sign...and had both come back 9.6 - no. LOL - everything gets re-graded, so cracking a current Blue 9.8 is a risky proposition. That said, I've also cracked 2 or 3 9.6 books for SS and had them come back 9.8 - so it's a dice roll regardless.
  12. Felix still has some great pages from Five Ghosts in stock - any of those strike your fancy?