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  1. roach04

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    Same. I love the SS program. If Byrne consents to be part of it, I'll upload a dozen of those "take my money" memes. Much is said about John - but I hope he realizes - for a great, great many of us - he is THE guy THE name for a 15-year period of our comic reading careers. He was so prolific and so consistently great.
  2. roach04

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    Sadly I have seen this. On multiple occasions. I've seen creators who will sign piles of books for free, but won't sign multiple copies of the same book and have fans argue "that's for my kid/cousin/wife/grandmother who loves your work just as much as I do." I've seen fans with full short boxes, just drop it down and when the creator say "Hey man - it's a pretty big line - can you limit it to 10 books so I can get to everybody" - said fans get irate - the "how dare you" approach. That's not a fan - it's a jerk. My personal favourite story - Peter David - this guy had a stack that was miles high - probably 75 books, including all of David's first X-Factor (this was before he did a 2nd X-Factor LOL). PAD was signing like crazy, he gets to X-Factor #90, puts it aside, keeps signing. Guy says " missed one..." PAD: "I only sign books I worked on - I didn't do that one." Guy: "...but I want to get Peter David's whole X-Factor run signed - if you don't sign that I won't get them all signed" PAD: "I didn't write that one." Guy: "...but I want to get Peter David's whole X-Factor run signed - if you don't sign that I won't get them all signed" PAD: "I am Peter David...with what I've signed, you have my whole run." Guy: "...but you need to sign that one too..." At that point about 5 of us told the guy to keep moving. He was visibly upset and in my biased opinion - clearly a combination of insufficiently_thoughtful_person and illiterate. If he was a fan...couldn't he have read the book, including the credits? All that said - your point is well taken. None of us can determine what drives someone else's fandom. For Byrne, I would love to get a single book from every major run he did - but I recognize some folks would rather just get every X-Men signed. In this case, like you said from NYCC, we're all probably going to get a Star Trek or two and then have to look through our piles of his industry-defining work from Marvel & DC...and pick one book.
  3. roach04

    eBay $15.00 off on purchases of $75+

    Worked...saved $11.72 USD lol.
  4. roach04

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    Someone who was there would know better but iirc NYCC he was signing 3 books - 2 of them had to be IDW and the 3rd could be anything else. Whatever he decides, I’m good with - it’s Byrne!
  5. roach04

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    I don't know Byrne's policies at all - but wouldn't surprise me if he's one of those guys that does something like "first 3 are free, then $X thereafter" in a general line. But I guess we'll see. Full transparency - I'll pay whatever he asks for. And given that it sounds like it'll be a Byrne/Shatner combo, I can't see Byrne charging more than Bill Shatner does!
  6. roach04

    Fan Expo Canada August 30-September 2, 2018

    The Legend. This will be insane. I can already picture the line-up for Byrne - from the convention centre on Front St. to...Bloor? St. Clair? Eglinton??? Kevin you'll want to tell the Toronto Police to assume this is like planning for one of the marathons - streets will need to be closed off, etc. (Some people may think I'm joking - I'm not - it's John Byrne fer chrissakes - and every single comic fan that can't get to Boston, will be at Toronto -- LEGEND)
  7. roach04

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    I actually don't care if he allows CGC or not - be awesome to meet the legend in person. I do hope that he'll sign Marvel, DC, Dark Horse work. And if he does, that it's a big limit (like 20 books! LOL). If it's 2-3 books (the more likely scenario) this will be the toughest selection of books in my con history. I've got 500+ comics that have some kind of Byrne work in them. Trying to limit to 2-3 will be nearly impossible. I am stoked for this - Byrne is literally that last of my "legends" that I've never met.
  8. I'll also grab: 94-96 $10 93 $5 And thanks!
  9. Take: G.I. Joe 149- 151 $60 153 $40 Special 1 $85 And when I get to my PC I may grab a few more. YO JOE!
  10. roach04

    Free Comic Book Day May 5th

    Yes! I don't buy regular books anymore but both my kids are always happy to hit Free Comic Book Day. The shop closest to me does it up really well - popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, tents with folks painting faces. Last year they had a couple of really wicked Cosplay folks as Darth Vader and some Stormtroopers and another awesome Dalek so my kids got pictures with them. And they put out 40 or so long boxes of dollar comics and 50-75% off a subset of TPBs so it's not uncommon to see kids leave with piles of stuff for under $20. They've really turned it into an event. Heck, you have to park a distance away and walk to the store it's so damn busy on FCBD. The actual Free Comics? Eh - I'm with everybody else. Most years I grab stuff I otherwise wouldn't look at and try something new. The Marvel/DC fare I've passed on.
  11. roach04

    40 years ago,,, the one that got me started

    Totally true. And a big part of the beauty of the hobby - you meet someone at a con that's 10 years older or younger and get a whole different perspective. Fantastic.
  12. roach04

    Fan Expo Canada August 30-September 2, 2018

    My theory - Kevin is so insanely excited that Paul Smith is coming that he can't get the announcements out. Man...Paul Smith. That's gonna be awesome!
  13. I've had a real mixed bag with cracking copper and modern 9.8s for signatures. Had at least 7 or 8 come back at 9.6 so I've literally stopped cracking. I have cracked 5 9.6s that have all come back 9.8s after SS though. That's a much cheaper option LOL.
  14. roach04

    Comic book spinner racks - who's got one?

    I hear you. With 28 days to think about it...ah who am I kidding, I'm getting one. His video is dead on - I've only come across a couple and they were either badly beat up or the person selling it wanted ludicrous money. I've spent $300 on far worse things than this!
  15. roach04

    Marvel's Conan the Barbarian

    I just hope they take another crack at reprinting the BWS run. Dark Horse tried - but that recolouring killed it for me. I've still got the Marvel Essentials Conan in glorious B&W but would love to see a colour BWS that doesn't destroy the artwork!