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  1. As per PM! Many thanks sir!
  2. Rich's 2 for 1 Signature Series sale

    A Kelley Jones sketch?!? Yep - Pls Rich! (How did you get this??)
  3. Al Milgrom

    Good luck with your hunt man! I think Milgrom is one of those guys that doesn't do a ton of shows. Google did give me this -> -- so you just missed him! (Not sure if any of the board's regular facilitators were at that show though...) You could email the guys who run that con (looks like a Sheldron Drum show) and just ask them to pass a message to Al about when his next appearance is. One of those - can't hurt to ask things! Again - good lucK! Milgrom is an all-time classic - piles of great books to get him to sign.
  4. MCS Grading and My Experiences

    And that needed a whole new thread? You're clearly very important. Both options you raise are better than whining on a messageboard. Good luck with your future purchases.
  5. MCS Grading and My Experiences

    So wait - you're raising issues on a messageboard but didn't go to the vendor? What prompts one to do that? Seriously man - that's a little nuts to me. If I have a problem with a vendor, I go them, give them a chance to resolve. They likely sell hundreds of thousands of books a month - mistakes happen.
  6. Is a year to long for my book to be delivered?

    LMAO. The US' month-day-year format I believe is only used in the US.
  7. Recommended Online Stores?

    In addition to what's already been said: Both are active boardies and I've bought from their sales threads here and their websites. Top notch.
  8. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    @Kwan Chang - oh yeah, the finished sketch is a thing of beauty. Should tell folks that Kwan was a special guest at the discussion - he was going to take the books to CGC. Should probably not say...nobody sent any books for CGC LOL.
  9. MCS Grading and My Experiences

    I can totally see that happening at all kinds of shops. Not that it should be done - and I wonder if that's part of the disconnect between a lot of really decent sounding people across both the currently active MCS threads. To me (just me!) a modern book I really don't if the grade is off a few points bc I buy those (when I buy them) to read, enjoy, and then, at some point, give away. But I realize there are lots of modern collectors looking for the pristine NM bc that's what they collect - totally get it and totally understand why they'd be irritated. @ygogolak - when you sent the pics of your Zombie Tramps to Lone Star, what was their response? I'm a huge supporter partially because when I've had issues (with anything) they've handled 110x better than I'd have expected so keen to hear how they handled your issue.
  10. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    Toronto was actually a full body sketch and not a head shot (as the Dallas one states) but yeah, on art board. Mine's like the standard 9x12. IIRC Toronto was $1000 though so that accounts for the difference in the cost. I believe Toronto had 10 signatures? I didn't get anything CGC'd so can't help you there. For the Kubert one (I did it too - last year) - it was Adam mind you - I asked for the sketch on blank but got one on bristol. I personally didn't care but if you do maybe ask some questions as to whether that's legitimately an option. Adam had done all of his before the show and they were on branded sketch boards (branded with Jason's Essential Sequential and Doug's ComicSketchArt logos).
  11. Fan Expo Dallas 2018, April 6-8, Dallas TX

    I know all convention goers have different budgets - but I did the Quesada package in Toronto 2 (3?) years ago and man it was worth every penny. Great sketch and, yeah, better stories from Joe on his role, the business, everything. (Also @Kevin Boyd if this is in anyway a preview for Toronto that's a good thing! Although lack of Paul Smith thus far is a concern - just an FYI.)
  12. Mine was not a consignment purchase. It was actually before they offered consignments - about 10 years ago iirc.
  13. Nice! I actually have a Batman #234 that they'd graded a 7.0 - came back an 8.5 from CGC!