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  1. There are artists, artists-artists, superstar artists...and then there is BWS. Class of his own. GLWTS!
  2. One of my sisters moved to the US ~15 years ago. Couple of summer's back, we went to the beer store to get a case for the cottage. She says "I'll buy it". We put the case on the counter, guy says "$36". My sister gasps, then laughs, and says "My God, I thought you said $36!" Guy: "I did." Me: "welcome home..." Every time we go to the US, I buy a case of beer and regardless of what State I'm in, the person says the price and I, by reflex say "...the land of the Free!"
  3. has done private signings with Austin in the past - reach out to them - good group of guys. I met Austin at a show, years ago - not sure that he does many anymore though.
  4. When stuff starts to move, I'll post some more. Thanks for looking - any questions, feel free to PM me.
  5. Marshal Law #1-6 - Epic violence! FREE to the first person who buys something else.
  6. Grant Morrison's Invisibles - Vol 1 (#1-25), Vol 2 (#1-22), Vol 3 (#1-12) - $75
  7. Billy Tucci's Shi, Way of the Warrior #1-12 (issue #6 is the Tomoe variant). - $15 Actually a pretty good read!
  8. Jack Kirby's Fourth World by John Byrne. Issues #1-20 - $25. (two copies of #1 - great Simonson covers)
  9. Donny Cates Dr. Strange, #381-390 + Damnation #1-4 - $20
  10. Hi folks, Doing some digging out and hence, series of runs for sale. All are complete All grade in the VF/NM range. There are probably no 9.8s but there are also no 6.0s. Payment via PayPal only Returns - if you're not happy, PM me - we'll figure something out! Shipping - I'm keen to move these - flat fee of $10, no matter how much you buy. Everything will be CHEAP. And some good reads here. Up first (while I take pics of everything else)... Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts, issues #110-121 - $15