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  1. Man anytime I've seen anything I'd be interested in it's "sold last week for $2000; make an offer starting at $8000" (exaggerating, but it doesn't feel far off) so I've never even bothered. Good to see some other insights on the process.
  2. The GN view is bang on - I've taken my kids (12 and 10) to a comic store - their eyes glaze over. When I was that age, the comic store was the greatest place - like a weekly Christmas. But when we go to the actual book store, we rarely leave without something from the graphic novel section. My daughter loved those DC Superhero Girls collections and my son bought 2 volumes of "Spide-Verse" (which I didn't know but man it was good!) the last time we went. And price point has always been a concern. When I was a kid and comics went from $0.50 to $0.75 in a couple of years I remember my dad losing his marbles. Now, at $4 or $5 - my kids can get iPhone games for free! Comics can't compete with that. And that "other options" is part of the challenge. In the late 70s/early 80s, I got cartoons from 4-5pm and Saturday morning for 3hrs. Now you can get cartoons 24/7. Movies - when we left Superman I harassed my father mercilessly "can we go again?!?" Now, you can watch every movie ever - whenever you want. Heck, my kids have zero interest in my comics - none. That saddens me - as my old man would always bring back a comic or two when he went away on business trips and when he knew I'd bought comics after school he'd poke his head into my room and say "...where's the Avengers/G.I. Joe/X-Men - I want to find out what happens..."
  3. Yeah, well said. Stewart sure sounds like a creep but but being a creep and a womanizer isn't illegal. All this stuff is upsetting to see - but if recent Canadian law shows anything (the Jian Ghomeshi trial) - being a creep and a womanizer is really not illegal in Toronto. I know there are some good legal minds on this board - at what point do the accusations (on Twitter, and messageboards and comic book news sites, etc) against the Cameron Stewart's and Warren Ellis' cross the line into libel (or whatever the term is?)? Stewart will never work again in mainstream comics. Ellis has a bigger star and significantly deeper pockets but if some website costs one their livelihood - could one of these accused creators take legal action?
  4. Help, thoughts, all appreciated. It's a pretty sweet book!
  5. This was me! I didn't see this thread 2 year ago and had 2 (possibly 3...) orders ship just fine. Then I had 2 in that "Paid - Unfulfilled" category. Email and phone were dead-ends. I finally got them on Facebook. Both orders were immediately marked as "Shipped" and one arrived a few days later. The other - still marked as shipped - never arrived. The USPS tracking still has the "electronic info submitted by shipper" tag so it's pretty clear they never did a thing. I called the credit card company and got the money back. This was over a year ago. These guys have been awful for a long time - just wish I'd known earlier as I'd have spent that money at a more deserving shop.
  6. Ah geez. I am upset I asked (at myself.) Thanks.
  7. And I'm old and going to check the urban dictionary site - but didn't "grooming" used to be akin to mentoring or coaching? When I read the headline I was a bit baffled that he was accused of grooming? I am embarrassed but honestly asking - what does it mean now?
  8. Got 10% on a nice copy of Strange Tales #159 (as the wheel said "10% - not bad!"). The prices on Bob's site are always bang on so discounts are a nice bonus and since he's sending me this book anyway I sent in offer on a few others - might as well fill the box! There is one other book I'm tempted to spin the wheel on...but I'm gonna see how much else I owe before I take the gamble!
  9. I believe Mazz still has most of this art in his possession. I'd recommend an email to Spencer Beck - never hurts to ask.
  10. I'm more than a bit confused too. I have heard how awful Diamond is from every LCS owner for literally decades. Somewhat off topic but when I asked a few months back if my shop would get the books from Bad Idea (new publisher who said they would go direct to retailers), my guy said "if it's not from Diamond it's too expensive for us to make it work." And I get the anger at having to pay your competitors for product - DCBS is massive and offers just stunning direct-to-consumer discounts. Certainly a crazy situation. I am inclined to your belief - that physical monthly's are not in DC's long term plans. From the publishing perspective DC and Marvel are insignificant dollars to their parent companies. And the Covid shutdown may have been a big part of DC's decisions - mgmt would have said "wait...we couldn't sell anything for 3 months...and we only lost $X? For that money, why are we even doing this?"
  11. This is a brilliant idea. I am upset I didn't think of it!!
  12. Got a survey this AM asking for opinions on this year's con. Good choice by the team ( @Kevin Boyd !) Had questions on timing (keep as is, move to fall, move to 2021) and some good asks on making masks mandatory, implementing social distancing, etc. Kevin, I know you'll share the second you know anything and I'm thinking even if the city/province/country gives the "all-clear" having guests fly in (from anywhere, really...) may be a tall ask this year. Stay well sir - and keep us posted!
  13. Eastman - does a ton of shows (assuming shows come back post-Covid!) and even a couple of signings a year so he's one you can land for sure! Laird - is a tougher get. I don't know that he does conventions at all anymore and while I know I've seen SS with Pete's signature, I think most of them are 10+ years old. There are experts (like @seanfingh ) who can likely give you the Laird situation much better than I can.