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  1. Super Friends #47 VF 8.0 Origin of Fire + Green Fury Small piece missing lower left back cover, edges, spine tics, corners OW $12
  2. Super Friends #1 Fine 6.0 Crease upper right front cover goes in 12 pages, corners, 10 pages missing small corner piece, spine tics, edges OW $25
  3. Superboy Annual #1 VG 4.0 Marks bc corners, small piece missing bottom spine, spine tics, edges, crease URFC goes more than 2/3 of the way in, some pages missing small corner piece C/OW $40
  4. Superboy #194 Fine 6.0 Crease lower left front cover goes all way thru, edges, spine tics, something on top front cover, corners OW $9
  5. Superboy #187 Fine 6.0 Miswrapped, edges, corners, spine tics, creases top back cover + lower left back cover, dent back cover, corners OW $9
  6. Superboy #179 Fine 6.0 This book was pressed Creases inside + few pages missing small corner piece, edges, creases lower left back cover, spine tics, corners OW $9
  7. Superboy #169 Gd/VG 3.0 Almost all pages missing small corner piece, corners, travelled cover, spine tics, marks lower left back cover, edges, creases front cover OW $5
  8. Superboy #141 Gd 2.0 Crease URFC goes all way thru, edges, rip left edge back cover, spine tics, stains bottom left back cover, corners, creases front cover OW $5
  9. Superboy #127 Gd/VG 3.0 Crease LRFC goes all way thru, corners, creases right edge fc, spine tics, rip right edge fc edges, 1 inch bottom spine split, marks back cover C/OW $11