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  1. Picked up a PCH collection of about 100 books and this is one of them. I have it in the PGM section, if someone wants to give an opinion on grade. Also, keep a look out in the FS section for the rest of the collection. Thank and come again.
  2. I've done a few onsite grading, the times that I called them leading up to the show for info,they basically say, it's not set in stone when they stop taking submissions for you to get them at the end of the show, I guess it depends on how many submissions they get. It's always the sooner you get there,the better chance. I feel if your there relatively early Saturday, you should be ok. I guess worse case scenario is they get mailed later.
  3. No problemo, Congrats on the great thread. For years I thought the Vampis were great but just didn't collect mags. After watching the thread and seeing the covers again, I guess now I collect mags. And congrats on the pickups, JUSTJIMN.
  4. I was at a 7.0,but 6.5 with the stain and bottom right crease. Thing about this book ,very nicely centered. Nice book.... good luck.
  5. I think these guys are right on the money. 3.5 was the first thing I thought.
  6. No, not yet. I bought a PCH collection and wanted to put them in FS forum , but wanted to get feedback on this one before I put them on. I do appreciate all the feedback.
  7. Thanks for the input. That's about was I was thinking. Would go 3.0 because of tanning. More input anyone??
  8. Wanted to list some PCH on here, but this one is a little difficult to grade. Tanning on inside covers and a weird production cut(?) on back cover. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I'm at 7.0 like it would definitely help,but can't see it going above 8.0 with the tear at the top staple and the foxing. Still, a beauty of a book with nice colors.
  10. I think Gator will be there. I will be there to do some buying/trading. Looking forward to it. Hope this show gets traction, Atlanta needs a really good comic show.