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  1. If this were lower, I wouldn't bump it but I'm going to. This is such a cool and undervalued book. I don't collect ECs but I have a copy in the Ol collection. GL with the search.
  2. Or you can post more books here, in a single thread. Isn't that what we are supposed to do?
  3. I must say, I'm disappointed. This nomination is no where near as exciting as that last nomination.
  4. If they are hoarding, that's the problem you're having.
  5. I posted a snide remark but it was insulting the term "dibs" only.
  6. Who is "smashing" the seller? Where is the "character assassination"? And you say " mob mentality" only because most people see this as PL worthy and you don't. You yourself said he was in the wrong. That's not character assassination,that's just what happened. I don't see anyone ,or at least remember seeing anyone (this is a long thread,though) who is attacking him personally. And being on the boards for 20 years or 20 days, doesn't make it right.
  7. Seller: I have a book to sell,$1900 Buyer: "I'll take it" Seller: Well,I decided to keep it ,but I'll give you dibs on it if I decide to sell. Dibs?? What are we,in 5th grade? Wait.. there's more Buyer: This disappointes me!! Seller: It's my book. Go suck it. Wanna play hide n seek?? In all seriousness,I think it's PL worthy.
  8. Hi, WTB X-Men#50 (60s) and will offer over GPA for the right copy. Also, I have trade material. If your like me, I may not want to sell a book but if someone has what I want, then it's break up time. Criteria: -White Pages -Must be centered with no white showing from back cover -Nice colors This is a book I've been wanted a high grade copy for a while. I owned the Curator copy a while back a regretted selling it but I thought I would come across the right copy. I would consider 9.6 and raw copies. PM with any info you want. Thanks
  9. I too would be all over this if it was less than a 2 day drive for me, LOL Hopefully it's a good turn out and people have a great time.
  10. Nice pick up. I figured this would be gone as I scrolled down. Would've looked great next to my OAAW #168. Maybe jbpez will list it in a future sales thread.
  11. ST #110 sold via pm. So they are broken up. Sad story.
  12. Amazing Spider-Man#3 and #13 now sold via PM. Let's try this, the both Doctors for $5000. That's ST #110 and FF #5. Would be kinda cool to keep them together anyway. If these sell, I will list a bunch of affordable PCH.
  13. Amazing Spider-Man#13..*SOLD* Presents great for grade
  14. Price drops of FF#5,ST #110 and AS #3.
  15. Yes indeed, thank u for your support.