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  1. Great, will try and attend. Anybody got info on what dealers may be there? I downloaded the app but isn't giving me anything.
  2. Bought some nice PCH from me. Great transaction ,polite and quick to respond. Hopefully will do more deals.
  3. Numbers are padded. Heck, I will say I`ve died from COVID-19 if someone gives me $10,000 and Im not even dead yet.
  4. Chamber of Chills #12 CGC APP. 9.0 (OW/W pages)"small amount of color touch on cover" Sticker residue on back of CGC case.......$400 20% off
  5. Weird Tales of the Future #4 CGC 3.0 (C-OW pages)"Tape on interior cover and interior "..*SOLD* 20% off
  6. X-MEN #106 CGC 9.8 WHITE..................$450 (ugly comiclink sticker is free w/ purchase)