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  1. CCComics

    Newton Rings

    You shouldn't apologize for what you like, I don't think anyone asked you to. Also, I know there are alot of people that do not like Newton rings of any degree and expect CGC to fix it. I get that part. I only meant that I don't see the wide spread opinion that BOOKS are undesirable in a HOLDER with Newton rings. Hopefully CGC will ultimately come up with the perfect solution so everyone is pleased. Happy Collecting
  2. CCComics

    Newton Rings

    I really don't see this whole meltdown (or as a previous post has it at critical mass) that a book in a holder that has Newton rings is sooooo undesirable, that no one wants them. Or that people selling their books on eBay now have to put disclaimers in their listings about the rings. It looks more like they are having problems in general about people wanting refunds for any reason they come up with. And I haven't noticed any Auction houses or other dealers feeling heat and having to put a "no returns" just because of the rings, that's just a policy alot of people have on graded books. Maybe I'm overlooking it or just haven't noticed. I've never not bought a book because of any degree of Newton rings. If there would be any issues in selling your books for any reason, it would probably be the books themselves rather than a few Newton rings.
  3. CCComics

    new batch of CGC books - no inner well :(

    Ive gotten these "lid to lid" inner holders before in addition to the "inner well" holders many times, for years. Ive called and asked if I can get all my comics with the lid to lid holders, as I like the comic doesnt contact the edges, like they do with the inner well sometimes. They told me it depends on the comic being graded. The inner well does keep the comic more secure but Ive had some of my books get a little damage if they bump against the edge of the inner well. Would be great to get the best of both worlds.
  4. I've had a store since 1992 and my competition just got heavy into gaming. I do sell statues and figures but comic books will always be the main thing I do here. If it ever comes to having to be much more than a comic shop, I will close down and find a cheap 300 SF hole in the wall and deal only in old comics, which is what I love anyway.
  5. CCComics

    Newton Rings

    Yeah, I think CGC should totally redesign the depth of the tray of the holder so they won't play havoc while scanning books. Didn't they know that at least one person will be using a HP 8300 Scanjet? And that the wider rim will refract more light and wash out the image while scanning? How dare you CGC??
  6. I have this if interested. Thanks
  7. CCComics

    Newton Rings

    Just my 2 cents, I would much rather have the new holders than the old holders, even with a bad case of Newton Ringitis. I actually really like the new holders but I guess the rings don't bother me as much. The rings used to be on the old Comic Fortresses I used back in the day, too.
  8. CCComics

    X-men #1 CGC 4.0 OW/W <Closed>

    Book is on hold
  9. Hello, **Book is sold ** X-men #1 CGC 4.0 OW/W, asking $5000, but will consider trade/cash deals (I'm looking for a handful of specific books). - No one on probation list please. - Shipping included to U.S., Canada exact shipping. - Paypal - No returns, I can send more pics by request. - Questions, comments, funny jokes are welcome. -First claim here or PM gets it, if I'm in the middle of a trade deal that looks promising, I will put the book on hold temporarily. Thanks fer looking, Rob
  10. CCComics

    WTB Avengers 8

    I'm betting it does mean Avengers #8. What else could it be?
  11. ASM #135 Take it Thank you sir.