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  1. I would definitely get it graded.
  2. Thanks for the input. That's kinda what I was thinking. I agree,both the color and PQ are very nice for a 1942 book. I think it just has the centerfold missing. I did some research and they have 64 pages. This has 15 pages on each side of the staples which equate to 60 pages and the centerfold would add the other 4.
  3. Some of the Archie story.
  4. Hi, bought a collection last night, all 80s and up, except for this. Thought it was a reprint at first glance. Never really looked at the old Pep books, but thumbing through this, it's pretty awesome. Archie in shower panels,Whaaat? Your input would be greatly appreciated. Things to consider: Missing some pages in the middle, not sure exactly how many, it's goes from page 6 of one story to page 4 of the next, anyone have a Pep #24 to check? Cover is detached
  5. CCComics

    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    I love reading these, but rarely chime in, but I will this time. If I get a message from a buyer to wait on shipping an item, chances are I wouldn't respond and just figure the buyer wouldn't worry about that being a problem. If he was so worried ,why didn't he follow it up a couple days later and ask, "hey just making sure it's ok to send after Jan.,1st." Then ,if I were the seller, I would realize, this guy is one of those guys that need alot communication and confirmation. But, he sends a message on the 31st saying to go ahead with the shipping, that he made it home a little early. That make me think he wasn't worried about the seller getting the message to ship the book later and wouldn't be a problem doing so. People's communication before, during and after holiday's often are off their normal schedule. In this case, I feel the OP acted in haste. Besides the OP, I'm not sure why anyone would even consider this a PL nomination.
  6. CCComics

    Avengers #4 and Captain America #100

    Kudos to the specific details. Great WTB post.
  7. I think they are Newton Rings.
  8. I would go 5.0 on it. Just alot of wear that would keep it from the Fine category. If he thinks that's an 8.5, tell him you have some books to sell him at a great deal.
  9. CCComics

    Eternals #1 stated it is a 9.2

    The little piece missing out of one of the pages is very common. I think you did pretty good, looks nice.
  10. CCComics

    PGM FF #13

    I think you are being too harsh, not sure why this book wouldn't be 7.0/7.5 maybe higher. Unless I'm missing something,looks like a nice book to me.