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  1. You must like Silver Surfer #4 or something.
  2. CCComics

    HEROES CON 2018 June 15th-17th

    This year was great, found 3 books very high on my want list. Will go next year, already looking forward to it.
  3. CCComics

    WTB ASM 134 CGC 9.4 blue label

    You actually shouldn't look there, I think it's restored , qualified and has a coffee cup stain on it.
  4. as I scrolled down, this is what I didnt want to see.
  5. +1 Bright white and nice colors, well presenting 3.5. GLWTS
  6. These were pretty decent, considering they weren't sent bagged and boarded like the 1:100,1:200 etc.but like you said,out of the 1000 plus combined copies I got, most if not all had some degree of bindery defect.
  7. That's what I heard Will do,thanks
  8. CCComics

    PGM Daredevil #17

    I think 4.0 is a bit harsh. If b/c has no problems, I would go 5.0/5.5
  9. *Price drop* on the 12 issue variant sets to just $60 each shipped. I`m going to keep these up until Thursday. If there`s any left , then on to Feebay they go. *Sets moved to Ebay*
  10. thanks Will do, thanks
  11. Amazing Spider-man #800 Dell Otto 1:200 Virgin Variant. This is my only one left,its nice but a bend in the middle that barely breaks color. I would call it a 9.2. $135
  12. Amazing Spider-man Moebius 1:100 Virgin Variant. Again, light bindery defect but also has a couple stress marks in the middle. I would call it at least VF/NM. These were shipped bagged and boarded yet still had this. I have 8 copies, if this one sells I will post these seperate. $30 each *sold* but will post another
  13. Will do, thank you for first blood.