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  1. Just a suggestion, could you put pics of the covers of these books, so that someone would be sure they got the right book your looking for?
  2. CGC grades magazines and I'm pretty sure they grade TV guides but not sure what a Premiere is, so don't know about that. Also, CGC should be there with witnesses so you can go to their booth to get a witness but definitely do that prior to getting the autograph. And I do believe there is a charge per autograph.
  3. Just 1 book for now. Out of the Shadows #8 CGC Qualified 7.5 (Cover Married,Staples replaced), OW pages $1400 shipped -No HOSer or PL -Paypal or check,paid within 3 days -First take it here ,gets it. -No returns If you would like more pics, will be happy to oblige. Any questions or comments, speak now. Thanks,Rob
  4. They actuallly have a few different stories, but I don't see story titles in these 2. The others had story titles, which is how I was able to find #s.
  5. Very cool,thanks. I was able to find the numbers of the other issues because the stories had titles. I found that I had USA Comics#2 and 3 and Young Allies #3 with a cool centerfold. Hopefully o can find these last 2
  6. I bought a few coverless GA books a while back and have been able to identify all but 2. Anyone know what #s these are? I know they are Feature Comics and All American Comics.
  7. Adventures into Terror #17...$150 rust and rust migration centerfold detached at bottom staple 4 pages have 1/2" tears 2.5
  8. Adventures into Terror #16....$150 Little bit of staple pulling but cover is securely attached at both staples 3.5
  9. Adventures into the Unknown #20....$50 centerfold loose at bottom staple, chip out of spine , spine roll 3.0
  10. Adventures into the unknown #7.....$50 Front pretty descent but back cover had piece taped back on I'd give it a 3.0