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  1. yep. got me too. My current post was pulled and I was like WTF??
  2. You dang right it's in my favor Jimbo. And right again about chasing those buggers. Why you think I brought Mama in?!!
  3. Fantastic Four #52 9.0 White pages $6500 UNAVAILABE
  4. Jimbo, I'm getting the truck gassed up. I'll bring the book, please have those chickens ready. Chickens is good bidness. We in the money now mama!!!!
  5. Heck yeah they did Jimbo, and they are all very cool!! thanks for the compliments on the book, brother! cheers, TW
  6. FANTASTIC FOUR #3 8.0 $4500 SOLD via PM FANTASTIC FOUR #52 9.0 $6500 UNAVAILABLE Tec #71 5.5 $7100 $6600 Thank you for taking the time to look, please feel free to ask any questions. cheers, TW REFERENCES My Kudos Page ACCEPTED PAYMENT Check, or MO. Zelle, wire, bank to bank transfer (Wells Fargo). AND PAYPAL!!!! WITH NO EXTRA SURCHARGE!!!!!!! TERMS OF SALE First unconditional in either the thread or PM wins, by time stamp. No returns on CGC books. Shipping is including in the price, in CONUS ONLY. USPS 2-3 day priority express with tracking and signature confirmation.
  7. Hey Sha! Hope you are well. Sadly I can't make it to this year, WW Chic-Town is normally a lock for me (maybe C2E2 next year). But it's a big deal for me, so if you could throw out an old beat up LG copy of Tec 27 that you may have laying around to get rid of then I sure would appreciate it. kthxbye.
  8. IM 55 looks GREAT for a 9.0. NICE!!!
  9. TeeDub

    Tomb of Dracula 10 CGC 7.0 for sale

    great pickup! This looks like one of those 7.0s that got sent in and the submitter was thinking, "man, I hope this can crack a 9.0!!" ...and then 3 to 16 weeks later... WTF? 7.0 Seriously? HAHA!! At least it has happened to me multiple times,