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  1. Thanks, Robot. They are ok but the house suffered severe flooding in the basement. I helped board up windows and tried to secure everything I could. That's my first experience up close and personal and could only imagine what a stronger storm could have done.
  2. Hey guys. I am sorry for the delay in shipping these books out. I just got back from New Bern from my grandparents home which was hit from the hurricane. It's been quite a mes and lots of damage. Your books will be going out shortly! Tons of apologies to those waiting for thier books.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, guys! Most proceeds will be going to medical costs for my son so it's all a win, win. Appreciate it and always enjoy doing threads for you guys
  4. And that's a wrap folks! Will clean this up and post a recap of the few remaining shortly. Thanks so much everyone!
  5. Last book for this time around Shock Detective Cases #20 Good Spine tear going through. Some staining. Spine roll. Some creases. $50 Sold!
  6. Witches Tales #4 Would be a decent reader if not for multiple tears and a chunk missing off front cover $20 Sold!
  7. Uncanny Tales#14 Free very poor reader to anyone who has made a purchase
  8. Young King Cole vol. 3 #8 Cool cover. Has some stains on all page edges. Edge chipping. $35 Sold!
  9. Witches Tales #17 Decent reader with some old tape on staples. Few chips off off back cover edge $25 sold!
  10. Freckles and Friends #12 Spine roll with small split at bottom and chipping. $25 Sold!
  11. Witches Tales #28 Good $25 Sold! Decent reader. Some chipping on back cover which has a some staining. Corner scruff on bottom front cover
  12. Witches Tales #14 Fair- $15 Front cover barely hanging on. Back cover is detached and missing about a 2in strip at bottom
  13. Web of Evil #9 Top staple popped but still holding. Chips along edges. Small triangular piece off back cover which is a little crinkled $25 Sold!
  14. Will wrap up the thread tomorrow around noon with more quality books. Stay tuned
  15. Looks like Robot yaked it first! There is one on MCS that's incomplete as well but may have a centerfold