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  1. Why do birds suddenly appear Every time you are near! Just like me, they long to be Close to you...
  2. His comment was part of the discussion. But again, this isn't Facebook. The land of endless "OMG look at the price this seller is asking what a silly person I'd never buy this at the price they are asking how crazy now everyone comment to validate my opinion!" posts. Just don't buy the dang book. Easy game, easy life!
  3. I don't need my opinion to be duly noted by anyone. But hopefully you've seen, via the valuable wisdom so many others have shared (I kept reading some) why your initial thoughts on this topic just don't work, and your suggestions are unnecessary. What prompted this anyway? I don't see many examples of what I'd consider egregiously priced books on the forums here, and the ones that do get posted generally are ignored and get quickly buried by new sale threads. It just isn't a problem that needs addressing here, IMO.
  4. 17 pages of replies to a new person on the boards who seems to think everyone should just agree with them (i come to this conclusion after reading the first five or so replies in which OP immediately dismissed the first response that didn't agree with him, I haven't bothered reading past that) If you don't like the price of the item being offered for sale, don't buy it and move along. I don't feel any more discussion is necessary. This isn't facebook.
  5. This is a great thread. Wish I could take part, but GLWTS! The war genre has so many gems.