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  1. Vampires, along with any of the other classical horror monsters, will come back around again. Zombies have dominated horror for quite long enough now, thanks. I think a marvel Dracula film of some sort could be interesting. Not in a big super hero film, obviously. But yeah gimme that Marvel horror big screen candy baby!
  2. Snagged this On eBay for less than $9 shipped. Not a magazine, but close enough and can’t wait to read it!
  3. Thanks! Might try to upgrade one day, but these are pretty nice for my first set.
  4. A few new shinies I've picked up over the last few weeks. Who doesn't love 40 year old price stickers?
  5. The only Thor's I SHOULD be buying are the seven issues I need to complete my #126 to 256 run. But I digress, and don't wanna thread . Bring on the books @fastballspecial !
  6. It's ok. I don't NEED to be buying more books...