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  1. speedcake

    New York City Comics

    Just be aware that he sells stuff that comes in as fast as it does, but he does have back issues. There is a bit of Silver and Bronze at Alex's Cards and Comics on the upper east side. Neither of these are big shops, but good bets to find something nice.
  2. speedcake

    The ARTGERM Thread

    Is there a more updated list of Artgerm covers? This one appears to have not been updated for some time. https://comicbookinvest.com/2015/02/06/artgerm-cover-checklist/
  3. speedcake

    X-Men Gold #30 (and polybagged books)

    I'm a sucker and grabbed two copies of the polybagged variant. One to open, one to keep forever entombed in its worthless polybag
  4. speedcake

    The ARTGERM Thread

    I've been picking up his stuff frequently lately, as well. I kind of agree on the similarity issues between female characters, but that hasn't stopped the art from being amazing. He along with Parrillo are two that I just grab as often as I can. Also, can we make it a thing that when examples of work are posted we also post the title and issue number just in case it's not obvious?