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  1. nice! Been stalking ebay for a VF or so copy and they are not easy to come by. Great pick up!
  2. I don't see the need to try and ruin and derail a fun thread with subjective nit-pickiness over what is or isn't a key.
  3. Good times! Grats to the winner! I’m sorry I almost forgot and barely got my grades in. But four bullseyes, a couple pretty close and mostly in the ballpark for the rest is an “I’ll take it.”
  4. Some of them were pretty dang nice copies of what I assume are tough books. Cool stuff to see
  5. Probably start with the ones you like most, then grab the tougher issues, then finally fill in the run? Who the heck can stop? It's not a huge run, you can do it!
  6. heck ya, you can score pretty big with lots like these. Sometimes not of course, but I never mind gambling here.