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  1. Adampasz's Kudos Dungeon

    Quick payment , easy transaction, thanks again!
  2. Revat's Feedback Thread

    Bought more books from Revat, and yet again was a flawless transaction. Fantastic books, as advertised and packed very well. thanks again!
  3. Paperheart's Pathetic Stroke My Ego Thread

    Great books, packaged very well, came nicer than advertised. Thanks again!
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #797 Mike Mayhew Variant

    Yeeepppp should have grabbed two of these right away. 0h well
  5. ChiSoxFan's Kudos Thread

    Great books, better than advertised, great packing. fantastic deal, thanks!
  6. This week in your collection?

    If it's vf/nm or better and you wanna make a quick profit on it, pm me.
  7. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    I finally got paid for my book. And now I have a deadbeat buyer on a pricey g1 transformers set. eBay is fun!
  8. The death of the run collector? I'm not so sure...

    Run collector here. Confirmed not ded
  9. This week in your collection?

    Yep. I'm on the parrillo train ha. Ill give those accounts a follow. i wonder what condition that #14 is in and if it is for sale...
  10. This week in your collection?

    That Warlord #14 for a buck, you say... I cry
  11. This week in your collection?

    I need a real camera...
  12. I don't care if the bags aren't new unless they are so deteriorated that i can't see the book, or they are falling apart, or sticking badly etc. I do care of the books aren't at least bagged. I like digging through boxes, but usually skip anything that isn't at least bagged. I have my own new bags and boards at home to re-bag/board with.
  13. Just Another X-Men Full Run Dream

    dang, slabbed 8.5? that's sweet! I'd love to have one slabbed, but I'm going to look out for a raw copy I think. We'll see.