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  1. Just like the title says, looking to pick up a Strange Tales 169 Voodoo in 8.5-9.0 no cream pages please. Thanks in advance
  2. Looking for an X-men 101 9.2-9.4 with a decent wrap (I know) looking to pay gpa90 but aware it’s on its way up. Just lmk what you have. Also looking for Iron Fist 14 9.6 white at around 90day which is 1200, but let me know Thanks
  3. Good luck on the search, I bought my MCP 72 BWS Signed 9.8 a few years ago, maybe my second or third cgc book, had no idea how rare they were, just saw it and really wanted it. Mines signed in pen right on the tittle, can’t even see the sig really haha. But truly a wolvie grail, I hope you can track one.
  4. Looking to buy the following just giving gpa90 averages for each as an ideal price I’d like to pay. Please no cream pages. X-men 58 9.0 blue 300-400 64 9.2 blue 300 107 9.4 400 Again these are just avg prices. I’m willing to pay for the right book. Appreciate any help thanks