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  1. Good luck On the Sale Ryan and Thanks to Brian's Mention, Mine just sold.
  2. Oh, he grabbed my guide so fast I thought the book was going to fly off.
  3. Tri-ColorBrian keeps trying to Pry this from my grasp. I said no but would keep him A breast.
  4. Do you have a photo of Startling 48? Please and thank you.
  5. Good to see another Bottom feeder. Here are a few of my wounded warriors that need CFs.
  6. Good God Man. Nice Run. I am to ashamed to even post anymore.
  7. Gorsh, that Buster is high on my want list. Very Nice.
  8. My first Superhero book was purchased by my mom at Piggly Wiggly, TOS 98. Most of my purchases were off the rack. The 70s were a great time for collecting. I bought many a slurpy Marvel cup. Then walked across the street to Highland Pharmacy, the only place in the neighborhood that carried Marvel Mags. My favorite was Monsters Unleashed. A used book store called Books Unlimited opened up close to My Grandmas House. This is where I bought my first Back Issue X men 35 for a whopping $3.00 I will regal more about these good times and stories of my hard core obsession and making a living selling comics starting in 1984 till this day, at a later time.