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  1. You might find this thread interesting. It has a discussion of some pressing results and damage caused by pressing.
  2. Love the Bo Diddley version too but he was before my time
  3. Quicksilver Messenger Service
  4. Swamp Thing #1-10 sold as a set. $300 Issue 1 FN 6.0 2 - FN/VF CGC 7.0 3 - VF- 7.5 4 - VF- 7.5 5 - VF 8.0 6 - FN/VF 7.0 7 - FN 6.0 8 - FN 6.0 9 - FN 6.0 10 FN- 5.5
  5. These have been in my possession for over 40 years. Never been pressed or restored. Going to offer as a set first. If I get no takers I will sell individually. Shipping for the 10 issues will be $20 by priority mail. Free priority mail I will take returns within 7 days of when you receive the package if you mail back using the same service as I used and give me a tracking number within the 7 days. I will take PayPal, checks, or Money orders. No list people please. First 'take it' in the thread or PM gets the book. If you have questions or would like more pictures just PM me. See my kudos thread: 
  6. Nice copy. Small crease and spine tick lower left corner
  7. Please give me your opinions on this comic. The obvious concerns are around the top staple and the upper right corner.
  8. ASM 148, FF 107 and Invaders 3 Sold to Oceanmills!
  9. Eternals 2,14 and 17 SOLD to Oceanmills. Thanks!
  10. Now 50% off! Practically giving these away!