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  1. My bad. "Do creators charge too much for signatures?" No but I hate the CGC/grading tax. Now I had to waste another comment on this previously never discussed topic by all of you fine folks with 5k plus comments over the past decade or so.
  2. Popped in for the roast of Eugene, Oregon but stuck around for the roast of Bitcoinswami. Either way congrats on the book bitcoin, glad you got the 9.8 you were looking for.
  3. I don't hate moderns but I hate the variant game. Now mind you I don't mind variants if they were actually different. Creating a regular Cover A then a Variant cover B, taking said variant cover B and removing the color to make a variant C, taking the Variant C and adding Copic colors to make a Variant D and then taking the Cover B and removing any logos to make a virgin variant E is ridiculous and lazy. If a regular cover A is made and then another artist does a cover B variant and a different artist does a cover C Ok, fine. Currently it's just make one variant and lets see how we can twist it to make 13 slightly different variants. I have no issues with characters like Thor becoming a woman. Why? The character Thor has so many stories written about him what could writers do with him now? It opens the character up to new stories. They never ultimately stay that way and it may open up possible stories for Thor in the future as the characters always revert back at some point. The publishers are damned if they do damned if they don't. If a story they write using the regular Thor isn't mind-blowing and new they get called hacks. If they change a character they get called soy milk drinking, SJW, snowflakes from some far off crazy echo chamber. People were mad with the Superior Spider-Man arc and that was fresh and a nice take on Spider-Man much the same way that many like The Batman Who Laughs currently. Many probably do not like the fact that a Batman was corrupted by Joker and became, no that is not the correct word, embraced all of the attributes of the Joker. Love or hate that story it opens up Batman to different stories in the future. Superman has had every aspect of his life covered in comic format from flying backwards to time travel to how does he get a haircut. What new stories can be written about him that hasn't been done? Heck his powers have been messed with 3 or 4 times. Some writers have to take some risks with the characters and not everyone is going to like it and that is nothing new. I to agree that creating new superhero characters would be great but what are you going to do when every animal and adjective has been placed in front of man/woman?
  4. His lines were always one of the longest at whatever Con he was at which shows the admiration comic fans had for him. You would get a ticket so you could leave the line and come back later. I met him once and got a few books signed but I just came away a bigger fan seeing how much he loved meeting/interacting with fans. I wish him the best in his retirement. A true class act.
  5. Didn’t Cyclops already rock this look?
  6. Yes. Because in your scenario the book ceases being a PGX book and becomes a CGC book at that point. I trust the professionals at CGC far more than I trust the folks at PGX. To my knowledge though CGC graders aren't just sitting at a booth at Cons/events to just take books for comprehensive restoration reviews free of charge.
  7. I would be interested in submitting books for Welker, Cullen and Berger. Wish I could attend as it looks like a fun show.
  8. Big shout out to @Rich_Henn for getting these signed for me at Baltimore ComicCon this year...
  9. I don't regret getting any books slabbed. I do regret not getting some pressed in my first few submission.
  10. I saw Aquaman last night and liked it. Plan to see it a second time sometime this weekend.
  11. I always liked this one. It's simple, funny and made me want to buy it and read it to see what happened. Not iconic or anything I just always thought it was cool.....
  12. I thought maybe that too @ygogolak and maybe that's it and I just missed it in the story.