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  1. Will you consider the books in the older holders at all?
  2. 1 regular copy (1st print) in brand new slab remaining $2200 Land Variant SOLD!! $300 for each Regular copy 2/3 SOLD!!!! (shipped prices for CONUS listed)
  3. PM me what copies you are looking for still
  4. I have high grades of issues 3-18
  5. Looking for any and all Steven Universe zines that are given out at sdcc. PM me if you have any and we'll go from there
  6. I'll take Saga #2 (first print) Saga # 12 and the ghost variant for #7
  7. I belive you bought them from me on ebay sorry for the delay in shipping man my new job and finals were killing me. Sent you an freebie I think you'll really like to thank you for your patience
  8. I'm looking for a 9.8 saga #2 and a 9.8 saga #12 For SS copies of 2 and 12 I can go for a 9.6 or a 9.8
  9. that one might be tough, I own 4 raw copies but don't think their 9.8 worthy. There's only 1 slabbed through CGC (and it's a 9.8)