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  1. I take over. While you can get a McSpidey piece here and there, it's not often a prime piece hits the market. And this is a prime piece. Like with all other OA, image is key. The 311 that sold a year ago had a distorted spidey image. Excellent for its artistic merit and worth every penny and more but not a cover known for its 'spidey-ness'. This one however has that and could draw some serious interest.
  2. I think anyone really looking for great McSpidey pieces knows how hard it is to find them. Yes they are around but you tend to have to pay a heavy premium to shake them loose.
  3. As the previous poster requested... anybody attending today please take great high res pics so we unlucky folks who cant attend can see all the goodies and their prices. We thank you photographers in advance and await your pics with great anticipation.
  4. Hey folks, I am looking for the post with pics of OA dealer booths from late 2018. Specifically New Jersey and New York art cons. If anyone can point me to that post I would be grateful! Thanks!
  5. Hi folks. Taking cash/trade offers on this. Larsen ASM pre-fire art is very rare. The title is hand drawn. PM or email me.
  6. This is a really good Comiclink auction. I am excited to see where some of the pieces land. I have my eye on a few but expect bidding to fast and furious as hammer-time approaches. Especially since this thread has been quiet...too quiet.
  7. Hey Group! I recently saw a piece of art again that I had seen just a couple weeks before. It looked yellower than I remember. It hadn't been in the sun, It had only been shipped from the US to Canada. The owner wasn't looking to sell it nor were they complaining but I hadn't heard of this before. Is this something that any of you have encountered? PS. I cant share a pic of the art as its not mine. Thanks!
  8. Just bought the attached and was offered a grail piece. So this and maybe other pieces on my CAF are expendable. I'd like to get what I paid for it at the last HA auction but I know I may need to take a bit of a loss. I'm negotiable at 6k. And here's my CAF. Thanks.
  9. Ya I'm the consignor. And I miss it very much. I might have made a mistake... Hopefully I can get it back one day.
  10. BTW the Romita Sr ASM 1 cover was mine. I had to consign it to help pay for a Jim Lee Hush grail I'd had the Romita custom framed so if any of you win it and want a frame, I'm happy to give it to you free. Just cover shipping. Connect with me over CAF. Romita ASM cover My CAF
  11. There are some nice pieces flying under the radar in this auction. I have my eye on one Spidey piece in particular that would look pretty swell framed!
  12. Sorry...didnt realize that including price was a guideline. First time user. Thanks for the polite heads up. 12k and would consider trades too.