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  1. Just bought the attached and was offered a grail piece. So this and maybe other pieces on my CAF are expendable. I'd like to get what I paid for it at the last HA auction but I know I may need to take a bit of a loss. I'm negotiable at 6k. And here's my CAF. Thanks.
  2. Stan Singh

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    Ya I'm the consignor. And I miss it very much. I might have made a mistake... Hopefully I can get it back one day.
  3. Stan Singh

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    BTW the Romita Sr ASM 1 cover was mine. I had to consign it to help pay for a Jim Lee Hush grail I'd had the Romita custom framed so if any of you win it and want a frame, I'm happy to give it to you free. Just cover shipping. Connect with me over CAF. Romita ASM cover My CAF
  4. Stan Singh

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    There are some nice pieces flying under the radar in this auction. I have my eye on one Spidey piece in particular that would look pretty swell framed!
  5. Heya... 12k or part trade is cool too.
  6. Sorry...didnt realize that including price was a guideline. First time user. Thanks for the polite heads up. 12k and would consider trades too.
  7. Sorry for the delay 12k is my asking price
  8. Hello all, Same old story... I have been offered something beautiful but pricey so something has to go. So I am putting my Dark Knight cover on the block at the price I paid (or even a bit lower). Email me if you're interested and we can talk dollars. Here it is:
  9. Stan Singh

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    My Bill Sienkiewicz Dark Knight master race cover! Hope you like it (and comment on it so that I can feel better about how much it cost me ) Stan
  10. Stan Singh

    Carnage and Venom. Show me the goods..

    Just a commission but I like it. Larsen and Emberlin.
  11. Just saw this tweet by Jock. Holy moly! Check out @Jock4twenty’s Tweet:
  12. Stan Singh

    New York Comicon Newbie

    I will definitely see you there! Will you have a table? I would love to meet in person!
  13. Stan Singh

    New York Comicon Newbie

    I have been to New York plenty of times but going to NYC Comicon for the first time. I will be there Thursday! Any suggestions for must sees at the show? Also....staying in Coney Island for the first time. Suggestions for things to do there are super appreciated too! Thanks in advance!
  14. Anyone know where this? SSM #200. I have always loved this cover and would equally love to see the art for it! Thanks detectives!