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  1. Hey folks. A fellow collector is looking for a nice Dell'Otto Spidey piece for his collection. Preferably published but very tight commissions possibly considered. Shoot me what you have and what you want for it. Thanks!
  2. Hey folks. Has anyone won an HA auction then paid by consigning a piece of similar value to a later auction? Is that allowed? Any pitfalls to avoid? Thanks! Ps. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  3. Impressions of the auction in general? High, low vs. expectations? Any surprises?
  4. Bumping this up since CL auction is ending just after the long weekend... and folks will probably forget.
  5. I moved this over from the other thread. Asking price is 11.5k but its negotiable.
  6. He indeed said it perfectly. And that only makes me want one more
  7. T'is all truth my friend. And yet he does some studio works that he certifies and sells. I would like to one day find one.
  8. I know it's off topic somewhat but I figure some collectors have broader tastes than just comic art. I'm looking for some advice. Thanks!
  9. Great point about creating new markets. Marvel is building for its Asia market already. Shang Chi movie in the works.
  10. Thanks for the kind words Peter! I won't let it bother me.
  11. Yep. I have contributed to the threads. I put the survey out to hopefully contribute some data to the conversation.
  12. The survey is officially closed. I think we got a nice turn out with a good mix of thoughtful and funny comments. I'm thinking of doing another one for age and location demographics or something. I think itd be neat to compare findings over time so we can see how healthy our hobby is. Aaaanyway. Here are the results:
  13. I think we have to be cautious of putting a whole generation into one spending bucket. Sure millennials overall seem to have less wealth now but some factors to consider are that these same millenials will inherit great wealth from their parents and that's a huge reason they are ok earning less now. Additionally this millennial generation while they are overall less wealthy than some gens, also are comprised of more high earners, millionaires and 1%ers than any other. And they love to spend it on experiences and nostalgia more so than on homes and cars. So if Avengers end game = star wars for them, which seems very plausible, I can see them spending money on collectibles that connect them to that experience.
  14. I'll happily do more. It's cool to see how many responses it's gotten. 65 so far. We tend to base a lot of our discussions on opinions and I guess a little more data is never a bad thing.