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  1. Are you getting the two Rick Grimes 15th anniversary action figure box sets?
  2. Dre, please put me down for X1 each of the WD 181 and Redneck 13 variants CGC 9.8 Fast Track.
  3. Hello Mollie! Please add the following. Set: Redneck Book: Redneck 6 Pink Lorenzo Signature Variant Certification #: 1244636004 Thank you!
  4. USPS is the worst for me. Mangled packages, lost packages, signature confirmation packages left on my porch without a signature, soaking wet packages that were left out in the rain, etc. Once when trying to locate a signature confirmation package they lost at the local USPS station, the manager told me that it wasn't his job to place the package in my hands. I told him that signature confirmation means exactly that. I sign for the package in your presence and then you place it in my hands.
  5. I agree. Foreign language reprints do not belong in the Walking Dead Complete set. They should be in a custom set or a separate competitive set of their own.
  6. They are simply the worst in the business. You cannot reach anyone at the company via phone or email. I had to open a dispute with PayPal to get my money back from them. If they're the only company offering an exclusive variant that I want, I'll just go without it.
  7. CGC will allow you to ship UPS using your own insurance coverage. I've never had to make a claim, but I'm sure they would go by the dollar amount you listed on the CGC invoice. I have regular collector's insurance and not the dealer/vendor variety. There are three categories of shipping coverage, and you have to use different carriers for each. UPS is good for up to $2500 with signature confirmation.
  8. I have a collector's insurance policy from CIS, and they cover the insurance on packages I ship or receive. You have to use signature confirmation, and different services have to be used depending on the value of the package. I use UPS for all my my CGC packages. They get to me in two days, and I have them routed to the local UPS store. I get an email when package arrives, and I pick it up after work. Easy. UPS is a lot cheaper than registered mail and without all of the headaches. I've had registered mail get lost inside the destination post office, and I've had it take almost three weeks to get to me. I hate using it. If you ship or receive a lot, you may save enough on shipping insurance and/or registered mail to offset the cost of a policy.
  9. This is a very hard-to-find book and harder to find in high grade. There are currently only three 9.8's in the CGC census. http://www.mycomicshop.com/search?ItemID=44612164
  10. 52. My mom bought me comics before I was able to read because I liked the pictures. Been hooked ever since.
  11. I appreciate the compliment on the Preacher set. I had no idea it was even being considered for the best modern age category. So, no one was more surprised than I was.
  12. I'm looking for the non-virgin version of this variant with the Preacher logo and all associated text on the front cover. See the picture below for an example in CGC 9.6. Paying GPA of $135 for a blue label. I will pay more for a yellow label depending on the signature. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks.
  13. Hello Mollie. Can you please create a set for Redneck by Image/Skybound? The following issues have been graded so far: Ashcan #1 #1 #1 Convention Edition #1 Gold Foil Edition #1 Silver Foil Edition #1 2nd Print (*) #2 #3 (*) #3 Convention Edition #3 Variant Cover (*) (*) These issues have been graded, but have not made it into the census yet. And, #1 3rd print and #2 2nd print may be graded by the time you get to this. Thanks!