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  1. I think the ultimate high grade books-- those 9.6 and above become extremely hard to grade, maybe even 9.4 and up-- you're talking slight flaws, extremely minor printing errors and factors like the day the grader is having, workload, etc. I'd be curious if you kept cracking the same three 9.4 - 9.6 and 9.8 books and sending them back in if you'd get the exact same result every time. If you're buying off the rack, definitely don't take the first copy that everyone handles, and maybe take out your phone and shine a light on it to look for any minor flaws. I don't care about this myself, but I respect a fellow collector who does. As for the idea that no modern comics are any good-- you have to look harder-- that's a pretty lousy blanket statement, and disrespectful to creators who are out there trying to do their best. I'm amazed by 40-50 year olds who still only read superhero comics. Take a chance on what else is out there.
  2. 1- Ditko is the King of Spider-Man artists. 2- Ross Andru (that's who I grew up with) 3- John Romita Sr 4- Gil Kane
  3. Yeah we've been guests of Chicago Wizard, C2E2, San Diego Comic Con, Rose City, Heroes, Jet City, Ace and a whole bunch of others-- I wasn't lamenting the fact that you have a focus on celebrities but just that it's moved so far away from the original intention. I appreciate and understand that the most successful shows bring in celebrities. ACE in Chicago was a lot of fun, but the draws were the A-List movie stars of the Marvel films. Fewer and fewer shows are just comic focused. Appreciate the invitation, no slight intended, just observation.
  4. I remember when Boston Comic Con started out-- the promoters were HUGE on it being a comics only show. Now the big attraction are some hobbits. How long before there are no comics at some of these shows? Thank god for Heroes, Emerald City and Baltimore.
  5. I really appreciate it-- that was fun and if we could keep it pulpy I'd be all in.
  6. Hard to tell from a single photo but it looks legit to me.
  7. Thanks-- nope quite the contrary-- they liked it and wanted to see if I could work it into a book-- maybe down the road, right now I'm busy with work at Dark Horse and with Archie Comics.
  8. Canada is a factor-- unfortunately. It's universally known that people don't like to pay for shipping. Sites like Amazon ruin it for everyone else. Personally I'd rather pay a little bit more for safe and fast shipping than saving $4 and getting something in a month.
  9. I've been on eBay since the beginning-- what I've found is the only really bad times to end an auction (besides first thing in the morning or the middle of the night) is Friday or Saturday nights. Sunday is still the best return between 9-11pm EST-- make sure you're not ending on a Holiday. Over the years I've tried putting things up at a low but reasonable starting bid (say 70% of FMV) with absolutely crickets for response-- that same item if I start it at $9.99 with NO reserve will often sell for many times over FMV -- I've seen this over and over again. As long as you're not ending it on Superbowl Sunday or when another auction site has a big comics related auction you'll get what you're looking for easily. It's the nature of an auction. A few years ago I was at a live auction where a Batman #11 came up-- I sized up the room and thought there were few if any comic collectors there (this was a mostly antique auction) and the opening bid comes on at $500-- nothing-- $400 -- nothing-- down and down it goes, now I was hoping to pay $500 for this book, it was about a 4.0 (and a few years ago) but I got greedy and thought maybe I get a steal-- opening bid goes all the way down to $50 and then it starts-- and before long I'm locked in a bidding war with another guy in the room-- final bid $775-- and I often wonder if I'd just jumped in at that $500 would I have gotten it because the emotion is out of it. I would have bid up to about $1200 for it during the heat of it because I was determined this guy wasn't going to beat me. Same thing with eBay-- you often pass on something worth $200 with an opening bid of $150 because you just don't feel the deal, but then you start dreaming of getting that same item for $50 or so once the bidding has started and pretty soon you're stubbornly bidding above $150 because now you're invested emotionally. My advice is the market is determined by what buyers are willing to pay. Start it low and watch it go.
  10. Yup if the back cover is the same way then when this printed the Yellow and or Red plate dropped out-- if the back cover is normal color then the book sat in a window for a little while. The Fantastic Four #110 Green Error is an example of the wrong plate being used. In yours, if it's not sun faded then the plate was skipped or the ink ran out.
  11. There's another post in boardland where an eBay buyer gets a book and then returns it because it's not the condition he expected, trouble is it's slabbed so that's the end of the story, or at least it should be. CGC is made up of people who do the grading, maybe the book comes in on a Friday and people want to go home, maybe it comes in on a Monday and everyone had a great weekend so it grades up a notch-- but it should not be debatable if a book isn't the grade it appears to be 'cause the grade is right there. We've all bought slabbed books and cracked them because we were certain they graded too low, those same humans can make a mistake the other direction too. 9 times out of 10 those cracked books DO come back higher. Back to the subject at hand, if this were a raw book I would have come in at a 9.2 but it's near impossible to tell from a scan of a slab so I'd be hesitant to make a judgement. The grade is whatever CGC says it is, until someone cracks it open. I'd also second or third MyComicShop as good upstanding people. I would buy from them without hesitation. But there are a million of these 90s books out there, and I don't think it'd be hard to track down another 9.8 you like better. Miraclemet's comment made me laugh out loud. If you think that's being harsh you don't post on here enough.
  12. It's too bad you had to deal with it but thanks for outing him so we can all block him. We don't need these kinds of bidders. About last summer I was running an auction and I got an email from a prospective bidder who said "Just want you to know, I tried to bid on your item but you blocked me so you missed out!" My reply was no I didn't miss out on anything, I saved myself some aggravation. I don't remember when or why I blocked him but if I did it was because he was a lunkhead in some other deal. You can block up to 5000 bidders, that covers about 1/4th of the insufficiently_thoughtful_persons on eBay.
  13. Brilliant idea and wonderfully executed-- and the pages rock too.