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  1. I've worked larger and it's actually easier and faster then working small-- counterintuitive but that's what I found. Hardest thing would be getting a scan, but digital camera's and even phones now have a pretty amazing capability to capture detail. The biggest hassle would be storage of originals.
  2. JazzMan love your avatar-- Frank Robbins was a genius. Great books, Ted, Joe, Adam, Jose and Lisa!
  3. Yup, that’s why I mentioned room size. Sounds like you’re good!
  4. Depending on the size of the room a dehumidifier might not be a bad idea.
  5. Buyer is a insufficiently_thoughtful_person Newness is no excuse.
  6. We met Peach some years ago and got her to do the BLACKWOOD Variant-- she is such a sweet person. Both she and her manager are. We had a nice time with them. Glad she's getting the recognition she deserves.
  7. Yup I'm with AOK on this one-- it's not a splash page, it's got no big characters-- it's a great page with some really great art-- Bill Wray is a terrific inker-- I'd say the $200 range if you're not in a hurry to move it.
  8. How many booths will Period Panties have? If you want a real Rosemont Show they have to be at least 10% of the show floor.
  9. Yup cancelled. Reed Pop is going to do a virtual event. I think the SDCC Virtual event was kind of a bust, but maybe some enjoyed it.
  10. As a kid my friends loved Jack Kirby, specifically his 70s stuff— and I just couldn’t see it— the blocky figures and the square fingers bugged me. Now I’m the biggest Kirby fan in the world. Same thing with Frank Robbins— I hated his work as a kid— I’d literally groan if I saw he was drawing the inside of a book— but now? He’s probably my favorite artist of all time— I love his loose inky style. So much energy.
  11. Wizard Chicago cancelled. Can't imagine New York will go on.
  12. Officially cancelled and postponed to June of next year. WIZARD WORLD ROSEMONT Real shame, I always look forward to this show.
  13. I’m a huge Frank Robbins fan, looking for original art or strip reprint books. thanks