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  1. Another high grade GA collection of 5000 books sounds great to me , if I was lucky enough to bid high enough to get 2 or 3 there would be another thousand collectors just like me doing the same . The collection would vanish quickly with many not seeing the light of day for years to come . The market is big enough to handle such a group . Another comment just in reference to the “Indian ” find by Gary Carter that was referenced earlier is definitely not a urban legend . Gary may not remember but at one San Diego comic convention we started talking about the quality of the Mile High collectio
  2. captain America 391 fine, wolverine 39 fair due to water, caps America 324 fn minus , caps America 296 vg/vg plush about 3.00 for all
  3. the uncanny x men 278g better but slight moisture top , 1991 wolverine 42 fair water , marvel comics presents 63 cool wolverine cover nice vg , marvel comics present 50 wolverine and spider looks better but some water to book with discoloration mostly top and bottom near spine so maybe good how about 3.50 for all
  4. the defenders 64 good, Mark hazard MERC 9 vg/fn, nightcrawler 4 vg/fn the inhuman king size special 1 1990 fair due to water still glossy ,cloak and dagger 5march 1986 near fine how about 4.00 for all
  5. X-men 268 nice glossy vg/vg+ could use a press wolverine /capt America and wolverine on cover I like it , 264 vg could use press , 236 good water mark top back cover still glossy , x men adventures 8 June 1993 cable on cover near fine how about 8.00 for all
  6. SkOw wins Incredible Hulk 260,263,264 396 group and the Spiderman group thank you very much !
  7. X-men 109 1.8-2.0 first Vindicator, x men 1991 series # 9 Wolverine versus ghost rider nice vg cover bright , Uncanny x men 294 11/1992 has been moist vertical creasing to front and back cover and x men adventures 402/1993 nice looking vg how about 7.00 dollars for all plus shipping of course
  8. Our Army at War 90 Jan 1960 Kubert cover art "How Rock got his stripes " a pretty "good" or good plus complete just general wear name "tom "written above "M" in army slight scuff below "A" in Army pages are nice this goes 75.00 in good in guide how about 50.00
  9. Challengers of the Unknown 10 g- a lot less water mark 25.00 in good , 14 a beautiful good water bottom cover brings it down has origin of Multi-man (Villian ) 17.00 in good and 15 glossy good would grade much higher but water bottom edge brings grade down 17.00 in good how about 25.00 for all three
  10. Challengers of the Unknown 5 solid g+ wear to spine /subscription crease center complete and solid good is 43.00 in guide , 7 fair complete water damaged in past rusty staples complete also 43.00 in good , 10 fair in good 25.00 how about 30.00 for all three