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  1. Yes, I have had this happened to me twice. The first time because the box was damaged by USPS during delivery. After being refused by CGC it did arrive back and because of my packing and it being double boxed the books were not damaged. The second time was because I was sending the books out to CGC on a Saturday and it was getting close to closing time for the post office and in my rush I forgot to pack the invoice. I re-opened the box, added the invoice in and resealed it. When it arrived CGC refused it because it had looked like someone might have done what I in fact did do. Those books ultimately got back to me as well. Good luck with everything!
  2. the time to get the books entered into the system is artificially keeping TAT's down right now as it's about a week currently
  3. I think the pre-screening has skewed the results you are seeing to some degree. In my situation I sent in 4 silver age CBCS books to consider for cross-over. The graders looked at them and with three of the four they felt would see drops of between 2-4 grades and on one they felt would grade the same. I had them return to me the 3 books that they felt would drop without having them crossed over and the one book I did cross over received a bump from 4.0 to 4.5. So to really get a feel for how the grading's compare I think you need to see the screened grading ranges on the books that ultimately weren't crossed over. My particular situation played out like this... Amazing Spider-Man 41 CBCS 7.0 estimated grade from screening 6.0 (not crossed over) Sub-Mariner 19 CBCS 9.6 estimated grade from screening 9.0 - 9.2 (not crossed over) Fantastic Four 36 CBCS 7.5 estimated grade from screening 6.0 - 6.5 (not crossed over) Detective Comics 359 4.0 estimated grade from screening 4.0 and ultimately graded 4.5 by CGC
  4. i will take the pair, thanks
  5. I feel that Flash 112 is an underrated book. Here are my two copies...
  6. it's worth a shot but I believe when it applies to the eBay bucks promotions the winning bid and payment must have fallen within acceptance and the end of the promotion. Regardless, I would try it.
  7. not as good as a percent dollar off coupon but a 10% back in ebay bucks on $50 + when using the app (or 8% back when not using the app) just popped
  8. thank you, appreciate it. Just checked and they went to verified this morning. I used the online form and they were received on Friday according to tracking and went to verified today.
  9. The ever so rare triple crown of posting. Brilliant, Hysterical, and Original dont see that every day
  10. How many days after delivery are the books being logged into the system?
  11. +1 I have been using Gixen for several years and never had a single problem
  12. Use code PICKUPTEN by 8am ET tomorrow for the discount up to $100