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  1. Custom labels are just another way to maximize profits....Some individuals will resubmit their slabs for these "cool labels" just to grace the walls of a man cave with a more decorative display... The same as with the new holders...this disease some of us share... OCD completionist will resubmit some slabs just because of the change in design....Now with even more reason to do so.
  2. That's great!!! Are you willing to part w/it? How does this's usually work? Do you give me a price and we haggle back and forth to a happy medium...I'm strictly a collector and do not usually buy or sell....been collecting these for a while now soooo....As these are the only 2 comics in my collection that are lacking. I'm also a completionist...(pseudonym for insufficiently_thoughtful_person...lol) Just having a hard time with the prices...I know WD is in a bubble...Do you have a bottom dollar price? Fill me in on the local customs here....lol I would also like to start a discussion on this board (obviously not here ) on what other collectors thoughts are on TWD values now and for the future. (Speculation) ...Lastly do you collect TWD? Jim
  3. I would guess at around $10,000? Anyone know ? I have a complete set of Walking Dead including the variants...I didn't keep up on 2016's Wizard World as I was not fond of the cover art. I have all the Sketch's, Diamond Retailer variants and such. I have only graded 1-20 all 9.8's all key issues 9.8. I am missing the blank Hero initiative cover and the error....but everything else is there and NM... I also have everything in triplicate from around 127 and up all unread in 4mil Mylar fullbacks.... Good time to sell but I'm in it for the long haul...It'll be worth a fortune or great reading material for when I'm on the crapper...
  4. In answer to your question Bomber. I went on several sites looking at actual (SOLD) prices.... they indicated a 9.8 could be had from $250 on up to $375.00 You'll notice my use of the following symbol (+) after the price....Which would indicate to most individuals (and up). Now being new and not wanting tick anyone off, I actually read the guidelines for posting....below is the excerpt that I read...and followed to the letter. Please read it and comprehend what I was instructed to do.... fully before responding please. "Please make an effort to give some indication of the RANGE and GRADE that you WILL buy in. This helps everyone understand whether it's worth their time to help you out. This may not be your top dollar offer, but it should be a number that indicates your seriousness. If you post $1 for $200 comic, then I would expect a pretty weak response. If you post "in the range of guide" or whatever, then you'll probably do better." This forum is for CGC and/or raw books only. These guidelines may be amended or altered from time to time. We do NOT monitor transactions or take any responsibility for them, so please make every effort of due diligence in your purchasing and selling. Edited January 4, 2012 by Architecht 1) I specifically posted a Range and a Grade that I would buy in. Which was a Walking Dead # 4 Cgc 9.8 and was expecting to pay $250.00 and up... 2) The 3rd sentence I read in The WTB Guidelines is....This may not be your top dollar offer, but it should be a number that indicates your seriousness. 3) So as I understood. It was not to be my top dollar offer......Nor did I indicate I wanted a Walking Dead # 4 for $1.00 which would be rediculous. 3) I'm sure that if I put $375.00 down ....every comic you would try to sell me would be that price or more. 4) I'm not here to be taken advantage of...... Now after following the posted guidelines and it being my very first post. I'm snidely chastised with your remark... "Just curious, did someone tell you this is a good place to pick up books on the cheap ?" Please then either read the guide yourself and leave me alone... or have someone change it so I don't post something, and have someone like yourself make me feel uncomfortable for posting to the letter of the guidelines. I'm curious to know now if you have a comic for sale, and what your asking price would be. Or are you trying to razz the newbie? Now if I'm mistaken about this I apologize, but I have no patience for people who in their own self importance like to put people down.... Jim
  5. WTB Walking Dead 4-5 Cgc 9.8 only Looking to buy Cgc 9.8 or higher of The Walking Dead #4 $300 (range +) And/Or #5 $280 (range+) I am also open to trades my copies #4 Cgc 9.4 and #5 Cgc 9.6 Thank you, Jim