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  1. No it is not undervalued. It is a very slow grower.
  2. 2nd highest graded by CGC with only 1 graded higher!! Some awesome TEC books in this auction.
  3. What a beautiful copy of a very in demand early Batman cover!!
  4. Have no idea but most likely a whole lot of money it is the highest graded I doubt there will ever be another 9.6 that will be graded by CGC.
  5. What a gorgeous beauty!!
  6. I doubt there are that many of each that exist. I would say 100 to 150 AC 1 and probably the same for TEC 27.
  7. Agreed this is a very rare book plus it is not restored.
  8. Thanks for pointing this out. I have cut two pieces of cardboard and placed them on either side of the CGC slab and paper taped them together. Pertinent info is written on each side of cardboard. The box fits 10 this way. I'm hoping the cardboard will help protect slabs in the event of a natural catastrophe or the weight problem. Is 10 slabs really to0 heavy? I think it is much safer to have CGC Pro slabs for each book. I would only put these in a safe on your list: Daredevil #168 (newstand) 9.6 (I would have CGC grade it 1st) Star Wars #1 9.6 Strange Tales #110 3.5 X-Men #94 9.4 Giant Size X-Men #1 9.2 House of Secrets #92 8.0
  9. Boxes are about 40$ to 60$ a year depending on the size.
  10. You do not seem to take into account just placing them one over each other will end up cracking multiple CGC cases with the pressure (I know I have done this myself in the past). I only do so now if the comic has a CGC Pro slab to protect each book. That will cut the amount of books yo ucan place in one single safe but at least your CGC cases will not be damaged.
  11. I love any movie with Batman in it.....he is by far my favorite superhero of all time!! Glad to see I'm not the only one that got enjoyment out of it. It seems like the expectations are a bit high for what makes a fun superhero movie. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, a movie like this would have been really, really special. Especially compared to the 1990 Captain America movie! Low bar, I know, but this wasn't really that bad, IMHO. movie will make everyone happy.