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  1. There's one on ebay right now right in the grade you want, make him a offer off ebay there fees are killer for us Canadians might get close to what you want to pay. Plus no customs, duty or taxes, you'll save enough from not paying those to up your price point a fair amount. TOS 39
  2. One final bump Going to close this off tomorrow night and move the remaining books elsewhere.
  3. Closing and moving books elsewhere tonight. Feel free to make reasonable offers.
  4. What grade are you giving the Iron man #1? Hard to judge with it in plastic.
  5. Tales of Suspense #39 Q 2.0 $3100 Married Cover (Cover detached) Off White to white pages, the coverless comic that the cover is married to used to be CGC graded that's why the page quality.
  6. Tales To Astonish #44 7.0 $1900 this has one tiny pinhole on the side spine or it would be higher IMO
  7. Price drops on the 3 remaining books. Will be posting a few more tonight.
  8. Take 8% off all books other than the CGC 9.0 TMNT #1 Will be listing more books in the next few days
  9. And since I've been asked by a few people. Here is the page quality on the FF #48 and the inside spine to show no resto as far as I can see. Also not really interested in offers at this point, I think the listed price is fair or better then. Last 1.8 sale was for $600 90 Average 2.0 $690
  10. Will be posting a few more in the next few days. Hulk #102 3.5 due to the tape pulls. SOLD
  11. Planet Comics #59 4.5 Has tape running down the spine for no reason, as well as a very light sub crease $320 $275