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  1. Ah i see nice man i'm all digital myself lately anyway
  2. Just curious you still do all Digital ?
  3. Hi Just curious if you feel the same way nowadays in 2019 as you did then ? Since prices go up quickly nowadays on some modern books .
  4. There is or was i believe it was in the settings option
  5. Hi on PC it's below the comment box should be there for ya i assume
  6. What new color scheme????? it's grey on white in the beta or just all white nothing new i see ????????
  7. If your using Firefox try the ad on called color that site works pretty good
  8. Wow that's terrible about what happened you are a awesome friend though to do what you did man props to ya.
  9. It looks good on my phone just was a pain logging in ugh
  10. Not me i found a way around it ehh there choice iv'e tried helping a few people though